APRL Volunteer Opportunity – Indexing Journal Articles

As has been written about in previous library blogs as well as in the Philatelic Literature Review and the American Philatelist, one of the most important and vital resources we have here at the APRL are our volunteers. Our volunteers regularly perform a number of useful and necessary tasks. Among the tasks that assist in the day-to-day operations of the APRL are the mending and repair of used materials in the collection, the processing of incoming donations for inclusion in the collection or for resale, the shelving of journals and auction catalogs that come to the library via subscriptions or donations as well as any number of other tasks as they arise in the library.

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Book Restoration Fund and a Matching Challenge

Returned Catalog in Need of Repair

As mentioned in previous issues of the Philatelic Literature Review and this library blog, we are very fortunate here at the American Philatelic Research Library to have regular volunteers that assist us with the repair and restoration of our books and other materials. As is the case with any well-used research collection, materials that are used in the library or are sent through the mail to be borrowed by our members often sustain some wear and tear that in turn can lead to the natural deterioration of those materials.

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New Volunteers Assist the APRL

Here in Central Pennsylvania we are fortunate to have such an active and enthusiastic community of students groups and organizations that express an interest in volunteering in the local region and more recently at the APS and the APRL. One of these student groups was here this weekend volunteering at the APS for the first time, the Penn State Hillel BKind student organization.

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Student Volunteers Visit the APRL

Today was another day for volunteering at the APRL! A student group from the Penn State Circle K Club,  a collegiate service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International, spent part of their weekend with us here in the library.

Penn State Circle K Volunteers at Work

Eight volunteers, two of whom had volunteered at the APRL in the past, spent several hours at the Match Factory. The students spent their time packaging stamps for use in the Education Department and the Gift Shop. One group of four students packaged mint stamps for use by the Gift Shop as courtesy items, while another group of four packaged used issues that will be part of our educational programs directed at outreach.

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