New Resources at the APRL, February 2020

The British Library Reference Division Philatelic collections (London: The British Library Reference Division, 1986). [HE6207 .B79p]

British Philatelic Trust; Association of British Philatelic Societies. General and special regulations and guidelines for the evaluation of exhibits of postal stationery at F.I.P. exhibitions:  (GREV/SREVs and guidelines) (London: British Philatelic Trust, 1999). [HE6215 .B777g 1999]

Deutsche Bundespost, Herausgegeber Ministerium fur Post- und Fernmeldewesen. Postleitzahlen-verzeichnis ; Abc-Folge (Berlin:  Ministerium fur Post- und Fernmeldewesen ; Deutsche Bundespost Postdienst Generaldirektion Bonn ; bearbeitet von Zentrales Post- und Fernmeldeverkehrsamt Berlin und Posttechnisches Zentralamt Darmstadt, 1990). [GOV-DOC Germany]

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Resource of the Month – Handbook and Manual for Exhibiting

For anyone, beginner or advanced collector, who has had the opportunity to attend either a local stamp show or one of the larger WSP shows, one of the experiences not to be missed at the show is visiting and viewing the philatelic exhibits on display. Whether competitive or non-competitive, exhibits provide an incredible insight into the hobby showing attendees what others collect and the possibilities available for their own collecting. Exhibits tell a story using stamps, covers and other philatelic material as the medium.

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New Resources at the APRL, January 2020

Andriesen, Jurgen. Handbuch, Dienstsiegelverwendung im Bezirk der RPD Dortmund und in den anderen RPD-Bezirken der Brit. Besatzungs-zone nach dem 8. Mai 1945 (Karlsruhe [Germany]: Eigenverlag der Arge Loknot e.V., 1977). [IP72277]

Apelt, Hans. Die Barfreimachung durch Kreis- und Ellipsen-Nebenstempel mit dem Freivermerk “Gebuhr bezahlt” und “Bezahlt” als Behelf in Deutschland nach 1945 (Kronberg (Taunus) [Germany]:  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Gebühr bezahlt Stempel nach 1945 in der Poststempelgilde Rhein-Donau e.V., [1972]). [IP72217]

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Resource of the Month – New Issues for a New Year

May 1952 Netherlands New Issues

For those that frequent the American Philatelic Society web page one of the most popular destinations on the website is the page that lists the new U.S. stamp issues. Collectors are eager to find out what the latest issues are and when they are due to be issued. Similarly here in the library, one of the lesser known items that are regularly received and added to the American Philatelic Research Library collection on a daily basis are what are known as New Issues announcements and forms. These often pamphlet-shaped materials are received in the library from numerous worldwide national stamp issuing agencies as a form of announcing their newest issues and providing ordering information.

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New Resources at the APRL, December 2019

Adler, Stephen  & Grunwald, Lisa. Letters of the century: America, 1900-1999 (New York: Dial Press, 1999). [IP72118]

American Philosophical Society. Center for Digital Scholarship. Franklin’s Philadelphia post office ledgers [electronic resource]: a glimpse into colonial correspondence networks (American Philosophical Society’s Center for Digital Scholarship, 2019). [Online]

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APRL Volunteer Opportunity – Indexing Journal Articles

As has been written about in previous library blogs as well as in the Philatelic Literature Review and the American Philatelist, one of the most important and vital resources we have here at the APRL are our volunteers. Our volunteers regularly perform a number of useful and necessary tasks. Among the tasks that assist in the day-to-day operations of the APRL are the mending and repair of used materials in the collection, the processing of incoming donations for inclusion in the collection or for resale, the shelving of journals and auction catalogs that come to the library via subscriptions or donations as well as any number of other tasks as they arise in the library.

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Resource of the Month – Christmas Card and Postcard Books

British Christmas cards from the 1850’s

In this digital age when tweets, direct messaging and emails are a more convenient manner of communication, during this wintry season the mailed Christmas card and postcard has endured as a heartfelt and personal way of sending best wishes across the miles to family and friends. As one might expect philatelists as well share in this sending, collecting and researching of these special paper missives. This month’s highlighted resources detail the history, variety and color of Christmas cards and postcards, specializing in the earliest renderings of these yuletide philatelic treasures.

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New Resources at the APRL, November 2019

Crown, Francis J., Jr. The 3c Nashville provisional adhesive: a study in postal history research (Confederate Stamp Alliance, 2018). [IP71945; IP71946 c.2]

Deutsche Briefmarken-Zeitung (DBZ). Katalog Philatelistische Bibliothek Munchen (Bad Ems: Deutsche Zeitung für Briefmarkenkunde, DBZ-Verlag, 1983). [IP71992]

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New Resources at the APRL, October 2019

Allen, Thomas F. Civil War POW Mail [exhibit] : to, from, and between northern prisons ([No location]: Exhibition Photocopy Committee of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, 1992). [Kaufmann Room]

American Helvetia Philatelic Society. American Helvetia Philatelic Society membership directory ([No location]: American Helvetia Philatelic Society, March 1975). [MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORIES]

Amrein, Rene. Automatenmarken Katalog (Küsnacht ZH [Switzerland]: René Amrein, [1982]). [IP71809]

Auckland, R.G. Aerial propaganda leaflets produced by the United Nations Joint Forces for Operation ‘Desert Storm’ Persian Gulf 1991: fully illustrated with translations, also leaflets prepared by Iraq for use against the U.N. Joint Forces (Leeds, GB: The Psywar Society, 1992). [IP71725]

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Resource of the Month – American Bank Note Company Archive Files

ABNC Files in Archival Document Boxes

At the American Philatelic Research Library (APRL) we are truly fortunate in not only the number but also the type of philatelic literature donations that are received for inclusion into the research collection. One of the truly remarkable donations to the APRL special collections was given by donor Arthur Morowitz in the form of several hundred archival, mostly correspondence, files. Housed on the second floor of the library, partly in the public space in a series of two three-drawer lateral file cabinets and also in the non-public archives area in over eighty archival document boxes resides a significant collection of donated files from the American Bank Note Company Archives.

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