2020 Postal History Symposium Goes Virtual

Given the health and safety concerns during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the APS, APRL, the National Postal Museum and the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society have decided to move forward with the 2020 Postal History Symposium as a virtual symposium. The biennial event, jointly hosted by the American Philatelic Research Library and the National Postal Museum, was initially scheduled for October 30-31, 2020, at the American Philatelic Center in Bellefonte, PA.

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New Resources at the APRL, May 2020

Akan, Mehmet; Kuran, Timur. Turkiye’de Postanin Mikrotarihi = Microhistory of the Turkish Posts 1920-2015: CILT = VOLUME I: 1920-1950 (Istanbul: Turkiye iş Bankasi Kultur Yayinlari, 2019). [G7431 .P860 A313t 2019]

Carraro, Gianni. Sassone catalogo delle specializzazioni, varieta e storia postale della Repubblica Italiana e Trieste / (Roma: “Sassone Editrice” S.r.l.,, [1994]). [G6710 .A1 S252sp [date]

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New Resources at the APRL, April 2020

Apollonio, Fulvio. Enciclopedia dei francobolli (Florence: Sadea/Sansoni, c1968.). [HE6196 .A644e 1968 OVERSIZE]

Carraro, Gianni. Sassone catalogo delle specializzazioni, varieta e storia postale della Repubblica Italiana e Trieste / (Roma: “Sassone Editrice” S.r.l.,, [1994]). [G6710 .A1 S252sp [date]

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APRL Adopt-A-Book: A “How To”

As introduced earlier the APRL has begun a funding campaign titled “Adopt-A-Book.” The idea for the Adopt-A-Book campaign is to afford members the opportunity to “adopt” a book from the APRL collection and then donate in its honor much needed funds to assist the library with its ongoing digitization projects. At this early stage, the idea of the campaign is not to select a specific book or resource for adoption to then have that book or resource digitized, but instead  to assist the library in general funding with digitization projects going forward. Donors will be recognized for their donation to the Adopt-A-Book campaign with a special bookplate in the book or resource of their choosing from the APRL collection which will name the donor and acknowledge their support.

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Adopt-A-Book to Support APRL’s Digital Collections

The American Philatelic Research Library has one of the world’s largest and most accessible collections of philatelic literature. With nearly four miles of materials that comprise over 90,000 items including 23,000 book titles and 5,700 journal titles, the need to provide worldwide access to these materials has never been greater. In keeping with this, in 2017 the APRL created its digital collections database, APRL Digital, and began digitizing journals, books, maps, exhibits and photos from its collection. Currently the database has over 500,000 pages of material which includes complete journal runs of the American Philatelist, the Philatelic Literature Review, Postal History Journal, Collectors Club Philatelist and the American Philatelic Congress Books to name a few as well as digitized books, maps, exhibits, photos and even a  movie or two.

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A Very Different National Library Week for 2020

Today begins a very special and, given the current times, very different week here at the American Philatelic Research Library. First observed in 1958 and sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA), today marks the beginning of the 61st anniversary of National Library Week (April 19-25), a week commemorating libraries and librarians. All across the country the annual event recognizes the important contributions that libraries have within the fabric of society and the role that librarians play as the organizers and facilitators of knowledge, resources and research.

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Resource of the Month – Scott’s Classic Specialized Catalogue

Truly these are very unique times for all of us as stamp collectors and as a community of hobbyists. In the world of social distancing, shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders the role that philately can play to ease the boredom and isolation we now sometimes feel has never been greater. As we wait patiently for this time to pass, we can reinvigorate our love of the hobby through our collections and get back to some of the basic reasons why we enjoy stamp and cover collecting. The current time affords us the opportunity to re-affirm our passion for what we collect and to rediscover some of the basic philatelic resources we use to investigate and explore our collections further.

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Bring Home the Digital Collections of the APRL!

Have time to do some research or just read an issue or two of the Collector’s Club Philatelist or the Postal History Journal? Now’s your chance! While we’re all at home social distancing there’s no need to feel remote from the APRL! Until May 31 APRL Digital, the library’s digital collections database, will be open to both members and non-members. As we transition the database from its present home to a new responsive platform, be one of the first to experience the digital library’s new responsive address.

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New Resources at the APRL, March 2020

Bobo, John S. United States Revenue Stamps (Chicago: , 1948). [PRICE LIST Bobo, John S.]

Carrigan, Jay. U.S. Occupation of Germany, Courier permit mail in Northern Bavaria [exhibit]: So called “Certified” mail ([No location]: [Jay Carrigan?], [No date]). [G6421 .O15 C316u EXHIBIT]

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions. Stockholmia 2019: Wednesday, May 29 – Sunday, June 2, 2019. (Danbury, CT: , 2019). [PRICE LIST Kelleher]

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Resource of the Month – American Air Mail Catalogue

First edition of the AAMC in 1940

Of all the specialized collecting interests that philately affords one of the more popular areas of the hobby that combines both the intrigue of stamp and cover collecting with the thrill of flight is aerophilately. Aerophilatelists, as they are known, specialize in the study of all aspects of airmail. Through the collection and examination of philatelic material collectors of airmail document and study the development of mail transported by air from the very beginning of airmail service to the present day. Many countries have philatelic societies and organizations devoted to the study of airmail. Here in the United States the American Air Mail Society, founded in 1923, is one of the oldest American specialized philatelic societies and the longest continuing organization devoted to aerophilately in the country.

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