New Resources at the APRL, September 2019

Albuquerque Philatelic Society. The hinge remnant ([Albuquerque]: Albuquerque Philatelic Society, [2014-]). [JOURNAL Hinge Remnant]

Gorley, Marvin. Postmarked Paris, Texas (Paris, Texas: Harrison, Walker & Harper, 2018). [G4034 .P4 G67p 2018 NEW]

Hobbs, John E.O. Postal service of the British Forces in Egypt, 1932-1940 (Worthing, Sussex [England]: John E.O. Hobbs, 1984). [G5741 .M642 H682p 1984]

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Resource of the Month – USPS Stamp Posters

As has been mentioned in previous blog posts and library columns, the collections of the American Philatelic Research Library truly span a wide variety of topics as well as formats. This diversity is a testament to the varied collecting interests of our members and of philatelists in general. This month’s highlighted resource is an example of such diversity. Back in the summer during Volunteer Work Week here at the APRL, there were two volunteers who spent their time during the week sorting and inventorying this month’s special resource, stamp posters. On the second floor of the library in the Archives area is a significant collection of promotional stamp announcement posters. In the collection we have two different types of these posters.

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Resource of the Month – Billig’s Philatelic Handbooks

One of the earliest and most detailed handbooks to explore various aspects of philately are what are commonly known today as the Billig’s Philatelic Handbooks. The 44 volumes that comprise the Philatelic Handbooks series are the product of Viennese philatelist, author, editor, auctioneer and stamp dealer Fritz F. Billig. Billig was born in 1902 in the Austrian capital and immigrated to the United States in 1938 where he took up residence in Jamaica, New York.

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New Resources at the APRL, August 2019

Adams, Fran. The Hague Peace Conference of 1899: postcards of the conference (San Diego, California, USA: Fran Adams, c2019). [IP71491; IP71492 c.2]

Aitchison, Jon. Stamps and postal history of Lundy Island: an illustrated, specialised, priced guide and handbook (Start Hill, Near Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, Great Britain: Tithehall Publishing, 2019). [G5752 .L86 N555s 2019]

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Resource of the Month – ATA Handbooks and Checklists

Now just after returning from a very successful American Philatelic Society (APS) and American Topical Association (ATA) joint StampShow in Omaha, Nebraska, the show brought to mind one of  the more burgeoning and popular avenues for collectors, either for those new to the hobby or those wanting to expand their current hobby interests, that being topical collecting. Topical collecting, or collecting stamps by ideas or themes, has quickly become one of the most inclusive and growing sectors of the philatelic hobby as collectors search worldwide issues to find what stamp or stamps they can include within their particular topical interest.

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New Resources at the APRL, July 2019

Amos Media. Linn’s stamp news dealer guide 2015 (Sidney, OH: Amos Media, 2015).  [IP71376; IP71377 c.2]

Andres, F.X.; Emmenegger, Hans. Grosses Handbuch der Abstemplungen auf Schweizer Marken, 1843-1882 (Luzern: Verband Schweizerischer Philatelisten-Vereine (Druck von C.J. Bucher AG), [1931]). [G6041 .P857 A561g 1931b CLOSED STACKS 1]

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baltikum e.V. Baltikum: Zeitschrift für Philatelie und Postgeschichte (Holzappel: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baltikum e.V. (Baunatal : Baunataler Diakonie Kassel e.V.), [2017-]). [JOURNAL Baltikum]

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New Resources at the APRL, June 2019

Aeronautica & Air Label Collectors Club. Aeronautica & Air Label Collectors Club [papers] ([No publisher] [CS2 File Room]

Alamo City Philatelic Society. Constitution of the Alamo City Philatelic Society: Organized April 30, 1891 ([No location]: Alamo City Philatelic Society, 1892). [Constitutions, By-laws, etc. CS2]

Allen, Jim. Display exhibit ideas and the critical role of research: “Rise and fall of the Grand Trunk Railway” exhibit (in progress) : case study for developing a display exhibit, BALPEX 2016 ([No location]: [Jim Allen], [2016]). [IP71255 c.1; IP71256 c.2]

American Stamp Dealers’ Association. ASDA National Postage Stamp Show (New York City: American Stamp Dealers’ Association, 1949-). [US SHOW ASDA]

American Topical Association. Topex ([Location varies]: American Topical Association, 1952-). [US SHOW TOPEX]

Anderson, Ian G.; Quirk, Philip G. Ghana postal markings from 1957 (Edinburgh, United Kingdom: West Africa Study Circle, 2019). [G8851 .P857 A55g 2019 & disk NEW]

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Resource of the Month – Post Dates

In a hobby that at its core is dependent upon and intricately tied to history, specific dates become intrinsically of interest to the general hobbyist and the experienced philatelist alike. There are many dates known by most stamp collectors as a matter of course which are of great interest to the collector (May 6, 1840 for example), while other dates of relevance to the hobby are not as readily known. The hobby by its very nature is a chronological testament to many aspects of an issuing nation’s history, geography, politics, art, economics, and society. Regarding those dates of importance most stamp collectors when consulting a stamp catalog for the first time are primarily interested in a particular stamp’s date of issue for example, while the philatelic researcher may focus on a stamp’s date of design or production.

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Resource of the Month – Show Programs

Program for first Westpex Show (1960)

With the close of the most recent international show Stockholmia and with the APS StampShow in Omaha on the horizon, it brings to mind an often underused resource in our collection here at the American Philatelic Research Library. Stamp shows, whether local or national, domestic or foreign, provide a welcome resource documenting the hobby’s past through the shows presented by its clubs, societies and organizations. Often stamp shows are the first instance a beginner collector is introduced to the scope and grandeur of collecting, while even the most experienced philatelist waits with anticipation for all that that next philatelic show has to offer.

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