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Welcome to Philatelic Literature & Research, the blog of the American Philatelic Research Library. This blog supplements the library’s quarterly journal, the Philatelic Literature Review, bringing you the latest news about philatelic literature and research, as well as brief items of interest from the APRL.

The current PLR bloggers are:

Scott Tiffney, Librarian/Director of Information Resources, American Philatelic Research Library

Marian Mills, Reference Assistant, American Philatelic Research Library

5 thoughts on “About the PLR blog”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam at Stamp library, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi just launched Stamp and Coins honouring Shrimad Rajchandraji – a profound spiritual luminary and spiritual guide of Mahatma Gandhi. The launch happened on June 29, 2017 in Ahmedabad, India and I would like to share more about this Historic event with you, for you to share on your esteemed website/newsletter. Could you please share your email ID so I may share with the Media Release?

  2. Is the description of the blog going to be updated? David Straight died some time ago, and
    Tamara Murray left the APRL, or is she still contributing?

  3. 1839 baseball centennial 1939 Cooperstown, new york envelope with picture Alexander Joy Cartwright jr
    can you give me any info on this issue from the baseball hall f fame ?

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