Explore the APRL’s New Online Catalog February 1!


Since October 1992 when the APRL transitioned from a card catalog and in-house database system to an online union catalog, the cataloging of the APRL collection has grown exponentially along with the collection. In 1992 the first records were input into the library’s new online catalog platform, GeniePlus, and with this the David Straight Memorial Philatelic Union Catalog (DSM-PUC) was born.

old puc

Advanced Search Page in Current David Straight Philatelic Union Catalog

In the almost 30 years since, the online catalog has grown to include not only the records of the APRL’s library holdings, but also those of 12 other partnering philatelic libraries. From the first records entered back then, the catalog has grown to include over 387,000 bibliographic records for the APRL and its partnering philatelic libraries. Today among the records that the catalog includes are those for books (over 125,000), journals (over 16,000), auction catalogs (over 3,100), exhibits (over 1,700) as well as records for government documents, show programs, name sales, stamp albums, and archival materials. The catalog also includes a journal article index that comprises over 222,000 entries.

new puc

Home Page in New David Straight Memorial Philatelic Union Catalog

With the ever growing size of the catalog an upgrade of its platform was necessary and beginning in December 2019 the APRL began the task of searching for a new software to host the DSM-PUC. After evaluating a number of products the APRL selected the GeniePlus platform from Lucidea for its flexibility, robust infrastructure and functionally for both our library patrons and the library staff.

Even though 2020 had its challenges, with the APRL staff at times working remotely, the year was spent designing, implementing and populating the new platform for use as the new home of the DSM-PUC. Throughout the year Marian Mills, Technical Services Coordinator, spearheaded the transition to the new GeniePlus platform culminating in this year’s roll out of the new catalog set for Monday February 1.

advance search

Advanced Search Page in New David Straight Memorial Philatelic Union Catalog

To introduce our members and library patrons to the new catalog, the APRL in the days ahead will present a series of videos and news items, available here on the APS website. The videos and news items will begin with an introduction of the new catalog and proceed with tutorials explaining the basics of searching the new catalog as well as how patrons can send in their library requests from the catalog. In the future we will continue to present further videos, tutorials and “how to’s” on various aspects and functions now available in the new DSM-PUC. CLICK HERE to view the first video introducing the catalog.

As we grow the services of the APRL we hope you explore and enjoy the new platform for the DSM-PUC Monday February 1. For any comments or questions about the new catalog feel free to contact the library at library@stamps.org or stiffney@stamps.org.