New Resources at the APRL, December 2020

Chafetz, Donald A. Donald A. Chafetz research papers (1971-2001). [CS2 R9 P1 S4 Chafetz]

Chandak, Kishor S.; Bhargave, P.G. Encyclopaedia of early Indian cancellations and postmarks – 1852-1900. (Solapur, India: Kishor S. Chandak, 2019). [G7651 .P857 C454e 2019]

Johns’ Western Gallery. Wells Fargo Express & successors from the collection of Harold E. Allen with additions & Western Americana including books, ephemera, and photography related to U.S. military, Civil War, firearms, railroads, and mining.: July 20, 2007 (San Francisco, CA: Johns’ Western Gallery, 2007). [NS Allen, Harold E.]

Karniaoutakis, Nikos. Large Hermes heads of Greece observations on identifying and classifying the easier to follow values (Mytilene, Greece: Philatelic Society of Lesvos,  2019). [G6811 .C614 K186h 2019]

Kroft, Ed. The Doar Ivri First Issue of Israel: Postal and commercial usages of the three high value stamps (Bellefonte, PA: Society of Israel Philatelists, 2020). [G7501 .F528 K932d 2020]

Precancel Stamp Society. Catalog of national and service inscribed precancels: A supplement to the sixth edition of the Precancel Stamp Society catalog of United States bureau precancels. (Precancel Stamp Society, 2020). [G3701 .P923 P923n 2020]

Rodriguez, Pio S. Philippine Japanese occupation: the varieties and errors of the ten (10) most important issues. (Manila, Philippines: Mateo’s Stamp Album, [1999]). [G8061 .P856 R696p]

Schwartz, Peter. The Civil War cigar stamps: A philatelic detective story, a treasure trove of new discoveries  (Los Angeles: Peter Schwartz,  2020). [G3701 .R451 S399c 2020]

Scott Publishing Co. Scott 2017 U.S. pocket stamp catalogue (Sidney, Ohio: Amos Media, 2017, c2016).  [G3700 .A1 S431p 2017]

Wolinetz, Harvey D. Synagogue stamps, an international postage tour of synagogues: The comprehensive synagogue stamp digest including postmarks and mailed envelopes  (Israel: Wolinetz Family Foundation,  2020). [HE6184 .J59 W861s 2020]