New Resources at the APRL, September 2020

American Topical Association. Topical Adventures: A guide to Topical and Thematic Stamp Collecting edited by Jack R. Congrove, Dawn R. Hamman & Martin Kent Miller (American Topical Association, 2020). [HE6183 .A1 A512a no.168]

Bansal, S.P. Postal service envelopes and picture postcards of India Post (Firozabad, India: S.P. Bansal, 2020). [G7651 .C873 B219p 2020]

Chinese Taipei Philatelic Society. Chinese Taipei Philatelic Magazine  (Chinese Taipei Philatelic Society, [2014]). [JOURNAL Chinese Taipei Philatelic Magazine]

Christie, Manson & Woods, Ltd. Catalogue of the auction sale of postage stamps in aid of the Duke of Gloucester’s Fund for the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.: April 30 and May 1, 1941  (London: Christie, Manson & Woods, Ltd., 1941). [NS Duke of Gloucester]

Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society. The Christmas Seal Catalog of U.S. National Christmas Seals ([Granville, OH]: The Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society, 2006). [HE6184 .C555 C555c 2006]

Durst, Heiner; Eich, Gerd. Die Deutschen post – und Absender-Freistempel:  Band 2 Die deutschen Absenferfreistempel der Nachkriegszeit ab 1946 ohne Kennung, Handbuch und Katalog. ([no Location]:  Forschungsgemeinschaft Post- und Absenderfreistempel, [1999]). [G6081 .M589 D793d 1999 Bd.2]

Harmers of London. Rare stamps of the world ; [exhibition] 29th, 30th, 31st July 1999, Claridge’s London (London: Harmers, 1999). [HE6184 .R221 H287r [1999]

Kitching, Cy. Pitcairn Island postal markings, 1883-1991 ([Greenville, ME]: Pitcairn Islands Study Group, 1992). [G9661 .P857 K62p 1992]

Mahler, Michael. Stamp Taxes in Nevada: I. Silver Fever! Nevada Territory Stock Certificates, 1863-4 (Santa Monica: Michael Mahler, 2020). [G4351 .R451 M214s 2020 v.1]

Mahler, Michael. Stamp Taxes in Nevada: II. Adhesive Revenue Stamps of Nevada, 1865-1873. (Santa Monica: Michael Mahler, 2020). [G4351 .R451 M214s 2020 v.2]

Maitland, Barry. The Chalon heads (New York: Felony & Mayhem Press, 2010, c1999.). [HE6184 .L776 M232 2010]

Makihara, Koji. 1871-1937 Japan definitive stamps  ([not identified]:  Stampedia,  2015). [G7961 .D313 M235j 2015 EXHIBIT]

Modry, Fritz; Rehfeld, Martin.  Bezirksstempelaufdruckmarken. 4. Nachtrag 1998: SBZ 24. Juni – 10. Juli 1948 (Berlin [Germany]: Modry, Fritz; Rehfeld, Martin, 1998). [G6081 .O15 M692b 1998]

Morison, Gordon C. Washington 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition: Final Report Handbook (, 2006). [R9 P4 S1 CLOSED STACKS 2]

O’Connor, William. William O’Connor collection on philatelic organizations  (1890-1975, 2003). [CS2 R10 P4 S1]

Olenkiewicz, John S. British Packet Sailings: Falmouth – North America : 1755-1826 (, January 25, 2013). [HE6233 .O456bf 2013]

Palmer, T.S. (Theodore Sherman), 1868-1955. Hunting licenses: their history, objects and limitations (Washington: Government Printing Offices, 1904). [Online]

Parmenter, John; Smith, Ken. Post office numbers [electronic resource]:  numerals used in post offices in England, Wales and used abroad 1844 to 1969 and the status of offices with numeral cancellations 1844 to 1906 (London:  John Parmenter, 2003). [USB London Postal History Group REFERENCE 2]

Parmenter, John. London late fee and too late mail 1840-1930 [electronic resource] (London: Stuart Rossiter Trust / British Philatelic Trust, c2002). [USB London Postal History Group REFERENCE 2]

Parmenter, John; Shine, Antony. London Postal History Group Publications [electronic resource) (, [2015]). [USB London Postal History Group REFERENCE 2]

Quine, Willard Van. Orchard Stamp Company and O.K. Stamp News Records  (Akron, Ohio: , 1922-1927). [R15 P4 S2 Quine CLOSED STACKS 2]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries. United States Postal History, the William H. Gross collection:  October 29-30, 2019 (New York, New York:  Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries,  2019). [NS Gross, William H.]

Rossica Society of Russian Philately. Rossica (Philadelphia, Pa. ; New York NY: Rossica Society of Russian Philately, 1954-). [JOURNAL Rossica; JOURNAL Rossica Russian Philately]  [Bound: No. 45 (1955) – no. 145 (2005) ; no. 146 (2006) – no. 161 (Fall 2013)(spiral or comb bound)]

Smith, David W. Catalog of perfined precancels of the United States (Perfin Stamp Society & the Precancel Stamp Society, 2020). [G3701 .P438 S642c 2020]

Sotheby, Parke, Bernet & Co. Catalogue of Postage Stamps of Great Britain and British Empire, the Cramer Collection.: November 23-24, 1978 (London:  Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co., 1978). [NS Cramer, S.D.]

Tamaki, Jun-ichi. Postal History of the Japanese Military Mail 1894-1921 (Tokyo: Japan Philatelic Society, 2014). [G7961 .M644 T153p 2014 EXHIBIT]

Tanner, Hans. Tanner Spezial-Katalog Schweiz : PTT Sammelblatter, PTT Faltblatter, Bundesfeier-Karten, Pro Juventute-Karten, Pro Juventute und Patria mit bedrucktem Bandstuck. (Berne:  Tanner, 1980). [G6040 .A1 T166ts 1980]

Van der Molen, Peter. Swaziland philately to 1968 [E-Resource]: a handbook detailing the postage stamps and their forgeries, the postmarks, the postal stationery, the postal history and the revenues of Swaziland. (London, UK: This E-book version facilitated by David Wigston for the Philatelic Federation of South Africa.;  Originally published in 2013 by the Royal Philatelic Society London ; with support from the Philatelic Federation of South Africa and the East Rand Philatelic Society, South Africa, 2015). [CD van der Molen, Peter]

Walton, Frank. The sub-office postmarks of Sheffield ([n.l.]: The Stuart Rossiter Trust, 2018). [IP70077]

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