Adopt-A-Book to Support APRL’s Digital Collections

The American Philatelic Research Library has one of the world’s largest and most accessible collections of philatelic literature. With nearly four miles of materials that comprise over 90,000 items including 23,000 book titles and 5,700 journal titles, the need to provide worldwide access to these materials has never been greater. In keeping with this, in 2017 the APRL created its digital collections database, APRL Digital, and began digitizing journals, books, maps, exhibits and photos from its collection. Currently the database has over 500,000 pages of material which includes complete journal runs of the American Philatelist, the Philatelic Literature Review, Postal History Journal, Collectors Club Philatelist and the American Philatelic Congress Books to name a few as well as digitized books, maps, exhibits, photos and even a  movie or two.

AD landing page-2
Landing Page on new responsive platform for APRL’S digital collections database, APRL Digital

As members and non-members enjoy free access to APRL Digital until May 31, 2020, the library aims to provide worldwide access to even greater number of its books, journals and other philatelic literature. In order to continue this mission of digitization and access we have initiated the Adopt-A-Book campaign in order to assist with funding for the further growth and development of the digital collections database.

Do you have a favorite philatelic book? One that you consider a philatelic treasure? Is there a special resource that is close to your heart? One that you would like to highlight and share with others though your donation?  By contributing to the Adopt-A-Book campaign you can support the library’s digitization efforts by selecting and “adopting” a favorite book or resource from the APRL collection. With your donation to the Adopt-A-Book campaign your selected book or resource will receive a bookplate in your honor recognizing your contribution in support of the library as well as receiving a letter of acknowledging the donation to use for tax purposes. All donations to the Adopt-A-Book campaign will directly support the library’s continuing efforts to digitize the APRL collection in order to provide worldwide access to its vast and unique resources.

Adopt-A-Book landing-1
Home Page for the Adopt-A-Book Campaign in Support of the APRL’s Digitization Projects

Donors can select any book or resource in the APRL collection from a variety of funding levels. For a $50 contribution donors can “adopt” a book or resource from the General Collections of the library which includes any of the public space materials in the regular book, children’s book, name sales or exhibit collections. When adopting an item from the $100 Closed Stacks collection donors can select their book for adoption from the library’s Closed Stacks collections which includes many special and limited edition publications.

Adopt-A-Book levels
Variety of Funding Levels and Donation Options for Contributing to the APRL’s Adopt-A-Book Campaign

For $150 donors can choose a resource to “adopt” from the Specialized Resources level which includes any of the APRL’s worldwide stamp catalogs (Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Michel, Zumstein, Maury-Ceres-Dallay, etc.), journals by title (American Philatelist, Collectors Club Philatelist, Postal History Journal, Topical Time, etc.), auction house catalogs by auction house (Cherrystone, H.R. Harmer, etc.) and government documents (U.S. Postmaster General Reports, U.S. Postal Bulletins, Domestic Mail Manual, etc.). Finally, at the $250 Archives & Rare Books level contributors can select from items in the Archives and Rare Books collection which includes many specialized research collections and unique archival items from the library’s collection.   

Donors can find their book or resource for adoption as part of the Adopt-A-Book campaign by either searching for the item in the library’s online catalog or consulting with the library at to determine their funding level. Can’t decide on just one favorite book or resource? Donors can always adopt more than one book or resource to support the library’s ongoing digitization projects. Before donors complete their Adopt-A-Book contribution, be sure to include and share the story the story behind the selected book or resource. 

 Help us share the digital resources of the APRL around the world through your support of and contribution to the Adopt-A-Book campaign TODAY!