Bring Home the Digital Collections of the APRL!

Have time to do some research or just read an issue or two of the Collector’s Club Philatelist or the Postal History Journal? Now’s your chance! While we’re all at home social distancing there’s no need to feel remote from the APRL! Until May 31 APRL Digital, the library’s digital collections database, will be open to both members and non-members. As we transition the database from its present home to a new responsive platform, be one of the first to experience the digital library’s new responsive address.

New APRL Digital Platform Log In Page (hamburger red arrowed)

Either go to the library’s website and scroll down the right hand column to the APRL Digital logo and follow the instructions there or simply go to the new responsive address for APRL Digital and click on the hamburger  in the upper right corner of the landing page. In the menu that opens, click on the Log in link and enter APRLDigitalUser as the user name and temp2020 as the password to begin exploring all the same resources and functionality of the previous version of APRL Digital, this time on its new responsive platform. There for FREE you’ll find until May 31 full-text journals you can search, download and print as well as maps, books and even a movie or two. Whether you are a member or not, now’s your chance to see all that APRL Digital has to offer for FREE!

Landing Page of New Responsive Platform for APRL Digital Listing Resources Available

If philatelic exhibits are more to your interest, you can view the APRL’s digital collection of exhibits without logging into the APS website by just following this link for Online Exhibits. You can view, print or download any of the APRL’s growing collection of digital exhibits. After viewing some of these exhibits you may want to learn more about competitive exhibiting and judging exhibits by viewing the APS Exhibiting Manual also available for FREE on the APS website.

APS Philatelic Exhibits Webpage Listing the Growing Number of APRL Exhibits

Want more? Also until May 31 you can now read six issues of the Philatelic Literature Review, the quarterly journal of the APRL, online for FREE. Normally a benefit for library subscribers only, again just go to the library webpage on the APS website and scroll to the bottom of the page and in the display window there view all four 2019 issues and the third and fourth quarter issues of 2018.

Still not enough? How about taking a look through the impressive collection of the Articles of Distinction which brings together in one place an illustrious group of over 75 research articles from APS Chapters and Affiliates who have honored authors in their groups by hosting an annual “best article” competition and then submitting the winning article for all to enjoy. View, print or download these exceptional articles here.

APS Articles of Distinction Webpage with over 75 Articles from Chapters and Affiliates

With all of these APRL resources just a click away there’s no need to feel remote. Come and enjoy some of the digital resources the APRL has to  offer from wherever you are TODAY!

3 thoughts on “Bring Home the Digital Collections of the APRL!”

  1. Worked well for me accessing the new site using Windows 10 and Edge browser. There are still some hiccups there. Sorting search results by date doesn’t seem to work well. Some pages can’t be viewed in full screen; I just get a blank black window.

  2. Search needs work. I searched for “album pages” (without quotes) and specified exact phrase. I got results for album and pages separately as well as a few where the two terms were together. Also, some of the AP issues in the results were listed as restricted.

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