New Resources at the APRL, July 2019

Amos Media. Linn’s stamp news dealer guide 2015 (Sidney, OH: Amos Media, 2015).  [IP71376; IP71377 c.2]

Andres, F.X.; Emmenegger, Hans. Grosses Handbuch der Abstemplungen auf Schweizer Marken, 1843-1882 (Luzern: Verband Schweizerischer Philatelisten-Vereine (Druck von C.J. Bucher AG), [1931]). [G6041 .P857 A561g 1931b CLOSED STACKS 1]

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baltikum e.V. Baltikum: Zeitschrift für Philatelie und Postgeschichte (Holzappel: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baltikum e.V. (Baunatal : Baunataler Diakonie Kassel e.V.), [2017-]). [JOURNAL Baltikum]

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Baker, Vernon E. The professional rare stamp hunter’s guide book: an encyclopedia of the rare stamps of the world (Elyria, Ohio: Vernon E. Baker, [No date]). [IP71408]

Baptista, Antonio Alcada. Um passeio por Lisboa = A walk in Lisbon ([Lisbon]: Correios e Telecomunicacoes de Portugal, c1989).  [IP71353]

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Cherrelyn Stamp Club. Cherrelyn Stamps Club presents their […] banquet (Englewood, Colorada: Cherrelyn Stamp Club, 1979). [US SHOW Cherrelyn]

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Cross, John K. Companhia de Mocambique: 1934-39 2c postal tax stamp: characterizations of the primary dies of the lithographic transfer stone and preliminary endeavors at plate reconstruction ([No location]: John K. Cross, 2019). [G8451 .R451 C951c 2019 NEW]

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Gartner, Christoph. C.G. Collectors world: philately, numismatics, banknotes & collectibles(Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany:  Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co., [2019]). [IP71459]

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Gleason, Peter G. Estonia, a glimpse from Tartu ([No location]: [No publisher], [No date]). [G7034 .T4 G554e EXHIBIT]

Gleason, Peter G. Private perforations, 10 & 20 marka: some are more private than others ([No location]: [No publisher], [No date]).  [IP91363]

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Gundel, Alex. The U.S. American story of aerograms ([No location]:  Self-published through Amazon, 2019). [HE6238 .G975u 2019 NEW]

Gundel, Alex. New York foreign mail from 1870 to 1879: a research project ([No location]: Self-published through Amazon, 2019). [G3804 .N48 G975n 2019]

Hamburg Post. Die Briefmarke, Geschichte, Geshichten, & Wissenswertes (Hamburg: Post, 1986).  [IP71374]

H.R. Harmer. The Argent collection of 1875-1901 mint United States stamps: October 20, 2018, East Rutherford, New Jersey (Tustin, CA: H.R. Harmer, 2018). [NS Argent]

H.R. Harmer. The Bert Boonstra collection of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition: October 26, 2018, Costa Mesa, California (Tustin, CA: H.R. Harmer, 2018). [NS Boonstra, Bert]

Hoyte, Hal. North of the Zambesi: the postmarks and postal history of Northern Rhodesia and Zambia (Great Britain: Rhodesian Study Circle, 1983). [G8571 .P857 H971n 1983]

Iberphil. Iberphil – International Auction [auction house] (Madrid: Iberphil, [2015-2019]). [AUCTION Iberphil – International Auction]

Ithell, G.E.R. (George E.R.). A story of the Ballymaclinton village 1908-1910: postal history’s new chapter (Ashford, Middlesex, UK: Published by the Author, c1982). [G5741 .P839 I89s 1982]

Jorgensen, Carl E. Om at Samle Christian X i to farver ([No location]:  Danske Filatelisters Fællesfond (Fredericia : Tryk, Damgaard Jensen A/S), 2001). [G6921 .D313 J826o 2001]

Jorgensen, Carl E. Om Christian X i to farver, takker og tryk (Fredericia:  Danske Filatelisters Fællesfond (Fredericia : Tryk, PR Offset), 2005). [G6921 .D313 J826oc 2005]

Juul, Knud. De klassiske marginalnumre: Handbog over danske frimaerkefabrikationer 1910-1933([No location]: Okonomi Danske Filatelisters Faellesfond (Brabrand Bogtryk), 1987). [IP71365]

K. & F. Ltd. Irish Republic place names: Alphabetical list of (Irish Republic) post town and county names in Gaelic showing the English form of address ([No location]: K. & F. Ltd, [1979]). [G5781 .A881 I682 1979]

Knell, Thomas. German colonies and post offices abroad, catalogue of the postmarks (Berlin: CB-Verlag Carl Boldt, 2019). [G6071 .P857 S824g 2019 NEW]

Largentiere Company. How to operate a mail order stamp business (New York: The Largentiere Company, 1947). [HE6184 .D279 L322h 1947]

Mahler, Michael. New York stamp taxes on bonds, 1910-1920:  mortgage endorsement, secured debt and tax on investments stamps, their purpose explained and illustrated — discovery of a spectacular philatelic subfield hidden for a century (Santa Monica, CA: Paper Trail Publications, c2019). [G3801 .R451 M214n 2019 NEW]

Marinescu, Calin. Istoricul postei militare romane 1859-2000 (Bucuresti [Romania]: Tipar S.C. Medro, 2001). [G6881 .M644 M339p v.2]

Marinescu, Calin. Posta militara romana 1859-1995 si corespondenta prizonierilor de razboi (Bucuresti [Romania]: Rodan Impex Company,  1998). [G6881 .M644 M339p v.1]

Marshall Islands Postal Service. Republic of the Marshall Islands postage stamps 1997 year set ([No location]: Marshall Islands Postal Service, c1997). [G9460 .A1 M369p 1997]

Martyn, Leo. Survey of early classic Nepal forgeries ([No location]: [No publisher], [2019?]). [IP71300 CD]

Mashonaland Philatelic Society Study Group. A guide to the postage stamps of the Rhodesias & Nyasaland ([Harare, Zimbabwe]: Derrick Pollard, 1987). [G8551 .A1 M397g no.1-5 1987]

Meier zu Eissen, Hans. Die Deutsche Telegraphie, Stationen zur Geschichte (Munster, Westf.: Elisabeth Meier zu Eissen, c1984).  [G6081 .T267 M511dts]

Mobile Post Office Society. Railway Mail Service. Schedule of mail trains Seventh Division, January 20, 1888 ([Chicago]: Mobile Post Office Society, 1979). [VF Mobile Post Office Society]

Napier, Don; Winchester, Ronnie;  Burke, Sean. Rhodesia 1910-1913 double heads on cover, the 2d value and above ([Melbourne]: Rhodesian Study Circle, 2013). [G8551 .C873 N196r 2013 NEW]

National Archives and Records Administration. List of record groups of the National Archives and Records Administration (Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1985).  [IP71397]

Pratt, Arthur; Harrop, Keith. Airmails and first flight covers of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland 1911-2000 ([United Kingdom]: Rhodesian Study Circle, [2013]). [HE6238 .P913a 2013 NEW]

Roles, John; Shorrock, Norman. Jules Verne 1828-1905 (Waterloo, Liverpool: John Roles ; Hr. Bebinton, Wirral/Cheshire : Norman Shorrock, 1955). [HE6183 .W956 S559j 1955 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Sagar, Michael. Money order office number (MOON) cancellations British Columbia (1950-1973) (Vancouver, BC, Canada: Michael Sagar, c2019). [G3511 .P857 S129m 2019]

Sapira, Marcel. Emisiunile de marci postale din transilvania de nord: 20 noiembrie 1944 – 26 martie 1945 (Bucuresti: Editura “Sigma”, 1993). [G6882 .T7 S241e 1993]

Springfield Stamp Club. [Springpex 2009 records] (Springfield VA: Springfield Stamp Club, 2009).  [CS2 R9 P1 S4]

Stamp Club of Grand Junction. Granjex (Grand Junction, Colorado:  Stamp Club of Grand Junction,  [1979]). [US SHOW Granjex]

Stark, Dick. Germany 1870-1954: the Richard J. Stark collection (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler Auktionshaus GmbH & Co. KG, [2019?]). [IP71323]

Stevenson, Phil (Philip); Hoffman, Colin. A guide to Rhodesian philatelic forgeries ([United Kingdom]: Rhodesian Study Circle, 2017). [G8551 .F721 S848g 2017 NEW]

Stewart, George; Hoffman, Colin. The KG VI postage and revenue definitives of Southern Rhodesia ([United Kingdom]: Rhodesian Study Circle, 2012). [G8561 .D313 S849k 2012]

Strehmel, Gunnar. The Rhodesia 1910-1913 double head issue: fiscal usage on documents of the bicoloured values 2d to £1 ([United Kingdom]: Rhodesian Study Circle, 2018). [G8551 .R451 S915r 2018 NEW]

Strobel, Wolfgang. Die Bewertung Früher Briefe in Deutschland nach der Besetzung 1945 bis 1950:  Spezialkatalog (Bonn: Wolfgang Strobel, 2002). [IP71389]

Strobel, Wolfgang. Die Aufnahme des Postverkehrs in Deutschland nach der Besetzung 1945 bis 1950 (Bonn [Germany]: Wolfgang Strobel, 2002). [G6081 .P859 S92a 2002]

Vries, D. de. Les cachets d’obliteration des Bureaux de Paris: depuis la creation du timbre (1849) jusqu’a a nos jours (1968) (Amsterdam:  Edition H.W. van der Vlist, 1969). [IP71383]

Wawrukiewicz, Anthony S., 1943-. Further insights into U.S. postal history, 1794-2019 (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania: American Philatelic Society, 2019). [G3701 .P856 W356f 2019 NEW]

Wunderly, Kathleen. Bellefonte and the early air mail 1918-1927 (Bellefonte, Pa. (100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, 16823): American Philatelic Society, c2018). [HE6238 .W965be 2018 NEW]

Zeidner, Rita. Post Office delivers a first-class payroll (San Antonio, TX: American Payroll Association, 2000). [IP71372]

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