New Resources at the APRL, June 2019

Aeronautica & Air Label Collectors Club. Aeronautica & Air Label Collectors Club [papers] ([No publisher] [CS2 File Room]

Alamo City Philatelic Society. Constitution of the Alamo City Philatelic Society: Organized April 30, 1891 ([No location]: Alamo City Philatelic Society, 1892). [Constitutions, By-laws, etc. CS2]

Allen, Jim. Display exhibit ideas and the critical role of research: “Rise and fall of the Grand Trunk Railway” exhibit (in progress) : case study for developing a display exhibit, BALPEX 2016 ([No location]: [Jim Allen], [2016]). [IP71255 c.1; IP71256 c.2]

American Stamp Dealers’ Association. ASDA National Postage Stamp Show (New York City: American Stamp Dealers’ Association, 1949-). [US SHOW ASDA]

American Topical Association. Topex ([Location varies]: American Topical Association, 1952-). [US SHOW TOPEX]

Anderson, Ian G.; Quirk, Philip G. Ghana postal markings from 1957 (Edinburgh, United Kingdom: West Africa Study Circle, 2019). [G8851 .P857 A55g 2019 & disk NEW]

Associacao Nacional de Journalistas e Escritores Filatelicos. Convencao filatelica (Estremos [Portugal]: Associacao Nacional de Journalistas e Escritores Filatelicos (ANJEF), 2001-[2004]). [JOURNAL Convencao filatelica]

Barker, Ralph. The RAF at war (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1981). [Air Mail Room]

Bartholomew, John. Post office plan of Edinburgh and Leith constructed from ordinance and actual surveys, 1925-1926 (Edinburgh: J. Bartholomew & Son Ltd, [1925]). [G5774 .E2 B28p 1925 RARE]

Beals, Alan. Beals Jewish charity seals catalog (Star Print Media, Inc., 2002, c2001). [HE6184 .J59 B367b 2002]

Blaney, Dorothy B. Tips for promoting youth philately (State College, PA: American Philatelic Society, [1995?]). [HE6184 .E96 A512tp 1995]

Bowen, Ezra. Knights of the air (Alexandria, Virgnia: Time-Life Books, c1980.). [Air Mail Room]

British Library. The British Library World of stamps diary 2011 (London: Frances Lincoln Limited Publishers, c2010). [R9 P1 S5 Calendars CLOSED STACKS 2]

Brockmann, Albert D. Machin reference guide (Long Beach CA: Long Beach Stamp Club, 2000). [IP71265]

Brown, Wm.P. Brown, Wm.P. [auction house] (N.Y.City: Wm.P.Brown, [1897]). [AUCTION Brown, Wm.P]

Campfield Press. Alphabetical list of money order offices and post office savings banks in the United Kingdom, also Offices in the Irish Republic conducting money order and savings bank business, January 1952 (St. Albans: Printed by the Campfield Press, [1952]). [IP71156]

Chant, Christopher. A century of triumph: the history of aviation (New York: The Free Press, 2002). [HE6238 .C457c 2002]

Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers. The New Amsterdam collection of United States stamps: July 10, 2019 (New York, N.Y., USA: Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers, 2019). [NS New Amsterdam]

Dekker, Jan, Jr.; Vellekoop, Jan. Jan Dekker (1919-1989), een uitzonderlijk postwetenschapper (Kenaupark Publishing, 2019). [HE6207 .D328 D328j 2019]

Demoret,Dustin & Quinn, Andrew P. Pressing on : the letterpress film ([No location]: Letterpress Film LCC, 2017). [CD Pressing On]

Dev, Chaitanya. Stamps of French India = Timbres de l’Inde francaise ([India]: K. Chaitanya Dev (Ulsoor, Bangalore : Digi Scan-Pro), 2018). [G7650 .A1 D488s 2018]

Eastern Auctions Ltd. People’s Republic of China, the Max Goldman estate: November 3, 2017, Halifax, Nova Scotia (New Brunswick, Canada: Eastern Auctions Ltd., 2017). [NS Goldman, Max]

Emmerich, Karl. Shells on postage stamps around the world (Fullerton, California, U.S.A.: Topical Philatelic Publishers, c1980). [HE6183 .S545 E54s 1980]

F.D.C. Publishing Company. Mellone’s photo cachet catalogs & identifiers of first day covers (Stewartsville, New Jersey: F.D.C. Publishing Co., c2005). [G3701 .F527 M529 2005b]

Foreign Languages Publishing House. Vietnam through postage stamps = Viet Nam qua tem thu = Le Vietnam a travers ses timbres-poste(Hanoi: Foreign Languages Publishing House & Cotevina, 1989). [G8020 .V66 1989]

General Trade Corporation. Western Air Letter specialized catalogue ([United States of America]: General Trade Corporation, c2013). [HE6238 .W527 2013]

Goldberg, Larry. The King George VI bibliographic reference file (Buffalo Grove, IL: LMG, 1999). [IP71268]

Grossman Stamp Company. The philatelic world map of present and past stamp issuing countries. (New York, N.Y.: Grossman Stamp Co., [1951]). [MAP World]

Hallion, Richard P. Designers and test pilots (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1983). [Air Mail Room]

Hannemann, Klaus; Wirth, Alfred. Catalog of German perfins ([Prisdorf, Germany]: Association of Perfins in eV BDPh = ArGe Lochungen, 2010). [G6081 .P438 B942k 2010]

Harris, H.E. & Company. The War in the Far East, A Catalog for Stamp Collectors (Boston: H.E. Harris, 1945). [PRICE LIST Harris, H.E.]

Heurgren, Paul Gerhard. La Poste dans les temps anciens et modernes (Stockholm: P. Heurgren, 1924). [HE6041 .P858p 1924 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Hotchner, John M. Getting started in philatelic exhibiting (Golden, CO: American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, [2006?]). [IP71172]

International Philatelic Exhibition. International Philatelic Exhibition, Grand Central Palace, New York, N.Y., May 9th to 17th, 1936 official catalogue ([New York]: Association for Stamp Exhibitions, Inc., [1936]). [US SHOWS International Philatelic Exhibition]

International Philatelic Exhibition. Advance program, Third International Philatelic Exhibition, New York, under the auspices of the Association for Stamp Exhibitions, Inc., May 9th to May 17th, 1936 to be held in the Grand Central Palace, Lexington Avenue, 46th to 47th Streets, New York, U.S.A. ([New York]: Association for Stamp Exhibitions, Inc., 1935). [US SHOWS International Philatelic Exhibition]

Israel, Walter D. 1975 U.S. stamp catalog: catalog prices of all US stamps 1847 to date fully illustrated with Scott numbers, includes first day covers, plate blocks and United Nations issues(N.Y., N.Y.: Dafran House Publishers, Inc., [1975]). [G3700 .A1 I85ps 1975]

Jablonski, Edward. America in the air war (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1982). [Air Mail Room]

Jackson, Donald Dale. The aeronauts (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1981). [Air Mail Room]

Jackson, Donald Dale. The explorers (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1983). [Air Mail Room]

F.W. Kessler. The Simon collection of British America: March 11-12, 1948 (New York, N.Y.: F.W. Kessler, 1948). [NS Simon, Jose P.]

Korn, Bryant E. Postal stamps and postal history of Liberia from 1820 to 1920: postal stamps from Todhunter, Waterlow & Sons and Perkins Bacon (London: The Royal Philatelic Society London, 2019). [G8880 .K845p 2019 NEW]

Laimins, Peter.; Lacko, Joseph. Philatelic catalog of ice hockey. ([S.l.]: Lailac Press, 1995, c1994). [HE6183 .I15 L186p 1995]

Lamas, Jose da Cunha; Marques, Antonio Henrique R. de Oliveira. Catálogo de inteiros postais portugueses (Lisboa: Correios e Telecomunicações de Portugal, 1985). [G6691 .P860 L213c 1985]

Leslie, John C. [Chronology of PAA, 1927 through 1945] ([No location]: [No publisher], [2014]). [IP71269]

MaGee, Ken H. Ireland 1840-1901 [exhibit]: a study of the postal issues of the United Kingdom used in Ireland ([n.l.]: Ken H. MaGee, 1997). [IP71258]

Malaya Study Group. Malaya Study Group, a display to the Royal Philatelic Society, London, on 21st March 2019 by the Malaya Study Group to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its founding ([No location]: Malaya Study Group, [2019]). [G8031 .E96 M239m 2019]

Metcalf, Robert G. St. Louis, Missouri, 1805 to 1875 ([No location]: [No publisher], [2016]). [IP71271]

Miller, Russell. The Soviet air force at war (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1983). [Air Mail Room]

Moolman, Valerie. Women aloft (Alexandria, Virgnia: Time-Life Books, c1981.). [Air Mail Room]

Moolman, Valerie. The road to Kitty Hawk (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1980). [Air Mail Room]

Munk, Herbert, 1875-1953. Die internationale Postwertzeichenausstellung in Strassburg (Wien: “Die Postmarke”, 1927). [IP71257]

Naspex. Naspex (Hempstead, New York ; Garden City, L.I., N.Y.: Nassau-Suffolk Philatelic Alliance, [1948-1966]). [US SHOW Naspex]

Nassau Stamp Company. Auction catalogue of postage stamps, the collection of Mr. C.K. Sturtevant and other consignors: January 21, 1914 (New York City: Nassau Stamp Company, 1914). [NS Sturtevant, C.K.]

Nevin, David. Architects of air power (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1981). [Air Mail Room]

Nevin, David, 1927-. The pathfinders (Alexandria, Va.: Time-Life Books, [1980]). [Air Mail Room]

Nguyễn, Hiếu Tín, 1980-. Tem thư: nghệ thuật & khoa học ([Hà Nội]: Nhà xuất bản Thông tin và truyền thông, [2009]). [HE6215 .N576t 2009]

Nguyễn Quang Vinh. Danh mục tem Bưu chính Việt Nam 1997-2001 = Vietnam postage stamp catalogue 1997-2001 (Hà Nội: Nhà xuất bản Bưu điện, 2002). [G8020 .A1 D182 2002]

O’Neil, Paul. Barnstormers & speed kings (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1981). [Air Mail Room]

Peterson, Charles J. The Penny Post : Cumulative index, Volumes 1-7 (Jan. 1991 – Oct. 1997)(Dayton, OH: Carriers and Locals Society, c1999). [JOURNAL Penny Post]

Philatelic Foundation. [Slide programs on stamp collecting, slides, scripts, cassette tapes] (New York: Philatelic Foundation [CS2 R15 P4 S1]

Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House. Tem Bưu chính Việt Nam phát hành nam 1997 = Postage stamps of Vietnam issued in 1997 (Hà Nội: Nhà xuất bản Bưu điện = Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House, 1998). [G8020 .A1 D182 1998 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Prendergast, Curtis. The first aviators (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1981). [Air Mail Room]

Puttick & Simpson. Catalogue of the fine collection of British, foreign and colonial postage stamps formed by E. Fenn Clark, Esq., M.A., fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society, London, president of the Leamington and Warwick Philatelic Society: June 15-16, 1926 (London: Puttick & Simpson, 1926). [NS Clark, E. Fenn]

Reynolds, Clark G. The carrier war (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1982). [Air Mail Room]

Russell, Dale. The black & white book (Cincinnati, Ohio: North Light Books, c1990). [HE6184 .C719 R96b 1990]

Sampson, E.N. American stampless cover catalog. Volume II [draft] ([No location]: [No publisher], [ca. 1986-1987]). [G3701 .P857 A512 v.2 draft RARE BOOKS]

Schumann, Stephen D. New Zealand postal stationery, 1876-1940 [exhibit] ([No location]: [No publisher], [2013]). [IP71270]

Scott Publishing Company. Scott 1973 handbook (Omaha, Nebraska: Scott Publishing Co., c1972). [IP71244]

Scott Publishing Company. Scott 2014 U.S. pocket stamp catalogue (Sidney, Ohio: Scott Publishing Co., 2014, c2013). [G3700 .A1 S431p 2014].

Scott Publishing Company. Scott 2015 U.S. pocket stamp catalogue (Sidney, Ohio: Scott Publishing Co., 2015, c2014). [G3700 .A1 S431p 2015]

Scott Publishing Company. Scott 2016 U.S. pocket stamp catalogue (Sidney, Ohio: Scott Publishing Co., 2016, c2015). [G3700 .A1 S431p 2016]

Seagrave, Sterling. Soldiers of fortune (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1981). [Air Mail Room]

Serling, Robert J. The jet age (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1982). [Air Mail Room]

Shreve, Charles; Carey, Tracy L. United States stamp multiples, the William H. Gross collection: May 8-9, 2019 (New York, New York: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, 2019). [NS Gross, William H.]

Snell, David. The Weills deal in the world’s rarest of stamps (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Associates, c1973). [IP71242]

Stack, Neil. The post offices of Ireland (Gaelic-English) listing ([New York]: Eire Philatelic Association, 1952). [G5780 .P855 S77p 1952]

Staiger, Franz. Staiger’s Rundschau (Zürich: Franz Staiger, 1961). [PRICE LIST Staiger]

Staiger, Willy. Staigers Briefmarken-rundschau (Zürich: Willy Staiger, 1968). [PRICE LIST Staiger]

Staiger, Willy. Katalog Schweiz = Catalogue Suisse Liechtenstein (Zürich: W. Staiger, 1961-1965).[PRICE LIST Staiger]

Tạ, Phi Long. Thư binh sĩ thời kỳ kháng chiến cứu quốc 1945-1975 = Soldier mail during the resistance wars for national salvation 1945-1975 (Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh: Nhà xuất bản Tổng hợp TP. Hồ Chí Minh, 2018). [G8021 .M644 T12t 2018]

Taussig, Charles William. The book of hobbies, or, A guide to happiness (New York: Minton, Balch & Company, c1924). [IP71129]

Time-Life Books. The Luftwaffe (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1982). [Air Mail Room]

Time-Life Books. The bush pilots (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1983). [Air Mail Room]

Trans-Mississippi Philatelic Society. Annual convention Trans-Mississippi Philatelic Society (Saint Louis, Missouri: Trans-Mississippi Philatelic Society, 1974). [US SHOW Tran-Mississippi Philatelic Society]

Universal Postal Union, International Bureau. List of publications (Berne: International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union, 1982). [VERT FILE Universal Postal Union]

United States Postal Service. World War II remembered ([United States?]: United States Postal Service, c1991). [G3701 .C734 U586w CLOSED STACKS 1 OVERSIZE]

United States Postal Service. CBS 1992 Winter Olympic preview [videorecording] ([No location]: U.S. Postal Service, [No date]).[IP71183]

United States Postal Service. CBS Winter Olympics highlights [videorecording] ([No location]: U.S. Postal Service, [No date]).[IP71176]

United States Postal Service. American comic classics: a collection of U.S. postage stamps ([S.l.]: United States Postal Service, c1995). [G3701 .C734 U586ac 1995]

Vieira, Armando Mario O. Selos de recurso circulados em Portugal continental (Porto, Portugal: Nucleo Filatelico do Ateneu Comercial do Porto, 1987). [IP71246]

Virginia Philatelic Federation. Vapex (Virginia Beach, Virginia: Virginia Philatelic Federation, 1982). [US SHOW Vapex]

Walker, Bryce. Fighting jets (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1983). [Air Mail Room]

Westmoreland County Philatelic Society. Wescopex (Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Westmoreland County Philatelic Society, [1973]). [US SHOW Wescopex]

Wichita Stamp Club. Wichita Stamp Club annual exhibition (Wichita, Kansas: Wichita Stamp Club, [1969]). [US SHOW Wichita Stamp Club]

Winter Park Stamp Shop. Winter Park Stamp Shop quarterly bulletin (Winter Park, FL: Winter Park Stamp Shop, [2003-]).[JOURNAL Winter Park]

Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs. Across the Fence Post ([Wisconsin]: Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs, 1994-). [JOURNAL Across the fence post]

Young, Warren R. The helicopters (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, c1982). [Air Mail Room]