New Resources at the APRL, May 2019

Alaimo, Salvador, 1934-. Las comunicaciones Argentinas con las Islas Malvinas ([No location]:  Salvador Alaimo, [No date]). [IP70947]

Michael E. Aldrich Auction. The Whitney collection:  September 9-10, 2015 (Carefree, AZ: Michael E. Aldrich Auction, 2015). [NS Whitney Collection]

Alta Silva Stamp Company. Alta Silva Stamp Co. [auction house] (Canyon, CA: Alta Silva Stamp Co.,  [1986]). [AUCTION Alta Silva]

Amberman Stamp Company. Amberman Stamp Co. [auction house] (Middleburgh, N.Y.: Amberman Stamp Co., [1984]).[AUCTION Amberman Stamp Co.]

Aucor International Auctioneers. Aucor [auction house] (Johannesburg: Aucor International Auctioneers, 1982). [AUCTION Aucor]

Bahry, Ted. United States marines in China : a postal history 1900-1941 ([No place]: [No publisher], [1991]). [IP70837]

Willy Balasse. 156me grande vente aux encheres publiques. I., La celebre collection specialisee des Etats unis de feu le Consul Klep van Velthoven: March 24-28, 1956 (Bruxelles: Willy Balasse, 1956).  [NS Klep von Velthoven, Consul]

Berman, Alan. Keeton’s airgraphs: Pt.1 October 10, 2000; Pt. 4, October 8, 2001; Pt.5, January 22, 2002 (London, England: Alan Berman, 2000-2002). [NS Keeton’s Airgraphs]

Birch, Brian J. The fathers of philately: inscribed on the roll of distinguished philatelists (London:  Royal Philatelic Society London,  2019). [HE6206 .B617f 2019]

Bowyer, Mathew J. The Post Office delivers– humor ; The left-footed postman (Haverford, PA: Buy Books on the, c1999). [HE6184 .H925 B788p 1999b]

BH Posta. Katalog postanskih maraka 2005-2007 (Sarajevo: JP BH Posta d.o.o. Sarajevo, 2007).  [G6860 .A1 B57k 2005-07]

BH Posta. Katalog postanskih maraka 1993-2004 (Sarajevo: JP BH Posta d.o.o. Sarajevo, 2006). [G6860 .A1 B57k 1993-2004]

Bristol Philatelic Auctions. Bristol Philatelic Auctions (Whitchurch, Bristol [England]: Bristol Philatelic Auctions, [1983]). [AUCTION Bristol Philatelic Auctions]

Brookman Auctions. Brookman Auctions [auction catalog] (St. Paul, MN: Brookman Auctions, [1980]).  [AUCTION Brookman Auctions]

Casciero, Albert J. Mushrooms on stamps: a list ([Silver Springs, MD]:  Albert J. Casciero and John Ultee, c1995). [HE6183 .M986 C336m 1995]

Caswell, Lyman R. The first postage dues of Hungary, 1903-1922 [exhibit] ([No location]: [Lyman R. Caswell], [2019]). [IP70954]

Caswell, Lyman R. The first postage dues of Hungary, 1903-1922 [exhibit] [electronic resources] ([No location]: [Lyman R. Caswell], [2019]).  [IP70955]

Cavendish Philatelic Auctions. Worldwide & G.B. stamps & postal history, including the Alan Piggott collection of France stamps & postal history: June 7, 2017 (Derby ; London: Cavendish Philatelic Auctions,  2017). [NS Piggott, Alan]

Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. The Tony Eastgate FSPH, FRPSL, Fiji, New Caledonia & other Pacific Islands: April 20, 2017(Derby ; London:  Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd., 2017). [NS Eastgate, Tony]

Cavendish Philatelic Auctions. Australia & Asia, featuring part 2 of the Captain T.G.S. Ward collection of Australia/New Zealand-British maritime mail; The Taylor-Smith collections of Burma, Japan & Pakistan; & The Harold Arthur Neale collection of Ceylon: April 21, 2017 (London:  Cavendish Philatelic Auctions, 2017). [NS Ward, T.G.S.]

Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers. James R. Simon collection, rare stamps and postal history of the world: June 12, 2019 (New York, N.Y.:  Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers, 2019). [NS Simon, James R.]

Cheshire Stamp Auctions. Cheshire Stamp Auctions [auction house]:  Sandafayre’s public auction (Parkgate, Knutsford, UK:  Cheshire Stamp Auctions, [2019]). [AUCTION Cheshire Stamp Auctions]

Chiani-Auktion. Chiani-Auktion [auction house]: Internationale Briefmarken-Auktion (Zurich:  Chiani-Auktion, [1984-1992]).  [AUCTION Chiani]

Christie’s South Kensington. The “Paris” collection of stamp boxes:  December 10, 2002 (South Kensington: Christie’s South Kensington,  2002). [NS Paris Stamp Boxes]

Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. Ronald A. Robinson, Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, 1992-2008 ([No location]: [No publisher],  [2008?]). [G3701 .C734 R66r 2008 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Sylvester Colby. U.S. stamps, Westerns, duck stamps, large lots, air mails, sheets, British Empire, foreign, revenues, covers, albums ; The Edward Stern library (and property of other owners): June 17-18, 1952 (New York: Sylvester Colby, 1952). [NS Stern, Edward]

Corinphila Auktionen. Ducato di Parma: June 13, 2019 (Zurich:  Corinphila Auktionen AG, 2019). [NS Ducata di Parma]

Corinphila Auktionen. Cape of Good Hope 1853-1903 and Pre-Union South Africa, the “Besançon” collection (part II): June 12, 2019 (Zurich, Switzerland: Corinphila Auktionen, 2019). [NS Besancon Cape of Good Hope pt.2]

Corinphila Auktionen. Great Britain 1840-1910, the “Besançon” collection (part I): June 12, 2019 (Zurich, Switzerland: Corinphila Auktionen, 2019). [NS Besancon Gt. Britain pt.1]

Corinphila Auktionen. Chile, the Colon issues 1853-1867, the Joseph Hackmey collection (part II):  June 11, 2019 (Zurich, Schweiz: Corinphila Auktionen, 2019). [NS Hackmey, Joseph Chile pt.2]

Corinphila Auktionen. South & Central American, the Brian Moorhouse estate (part I): June 11, 2019 (Zurich: Corinphila Auktionen AG, 2019).  [NS Moorhouse, Brian pt.1]

Corinphila Auktionen. Australia, Australian States, Commonwealth, New Guinea & Papua New Guinea, incl. the Hess Collection: June 11, 2019 (Zurich: Corinphila Auktionen AG, 2019). [NS Hess Collection]

Corinphila Auktionen. Osterreich & Lombardo Veneto, 1. Auktion, Die Sammlung Erivan = Austria & Lombardy-Venetia, 1st auction, The Erivan collection: June 14, 2019 (Zurich: Corinphila Auktionen, 2019).  [NS Haub, Erivan – Austria no.1]

Correios e Telecomunicacoes de Portugal. Portugal em selos 1989 = Portugal in stamps 1989 (Lisbon:  CTT, Post and Telecommunications of Portugal, 1989). [G6690 .P853 1989 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Du Four, Jacques. Grande vente publique specialisee, Congo. Premiere partie, Etat independant Congo belge, Mols, La fameuse collection Jules Van Bleyenberghe: October 5, 1968 (Bruxelles:  Jacques Du Four,  1968). [NS Bleyenberghe, Jules Van]

Dr. Wilhelm Derich GmbH. Sonderkatalog Zeppelinpost, Sammlung Dr. med. Robert Haacke (1876-1951), Bad Salzelmen: June 29, 2002 (Koln:  Dr. Wilhelm Derich GmbH, 2002). [NS Haacke, Robert]

Eastern Auctions Ltd. The Highlands collection of British North America, part three: June 13, 2019 (Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada:  Eastern Auctions Ltd., 2019). [NS Highlands Collection pt.3]

Eastern Auctions Ltd. The archives of Patricia Airways and Exploration Limited: June 14, 2019 (Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada: Eastern Auctions Ltd., 2019). [NS Patricia Airways]

Escondido Stamp Company. Escondido Stamp Company [auction house] (Escondido, Calif.: Escondido Stamp Company, [1986]). [AUCTION Escondido]

David Feldman S.A. Altdeutschland und Deutschland mit der Bayern Sammlung von Dr. Gene Scott: November 13, 1986 (Geneva, Switzerland: David Feldman S.A., 1986). [NS Scott, Gene]

David Feldman, S.A. Serbia, the “Alexander” gold medal collection:  November 12, 1986 (Geneva, Switzerland: David Feldman, S.A.,  1986). [NS Alexander]

David Feldman. Sweden, The “Kristall” collection, part II: April 2, 2008 (Geneva, Switzerland: David Feldman, 2008). [NS Kristall pt.2]

David Feldman International Auctioneers. Tibet, the Olsson and Larsson collections: December 5, 2017 (Geneva, Switzerland: David Feldman, 2017). [NS Larsson & Olsson]

Francis J. Field, Ltd. Field, Francis J., Ltd. [auction house] (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England: Francis J. Field, Ltd., 1985-1990).  [AUCTION Field, Francis J.]

Gillham, J.W. Gillham, J.W. [auction house] (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk:  J.W. Gillham, [1981]). [AUCTION Gillham]

Gratz, J. Roger. Gratz, J. Roger [auction house] (Harrisburg /Mechanicsburg, PA: J. Roger Gratz,  [1984-1986]).  [AUCTION Gratz]

Great Britain Postal History Group. Great Britain Postal History Group [auction house] (Leicester [England]: Great Britain Postal History Group, [1981]). [AUCTION Great Britain Postal History Group]

Grenard, Steve; Grenard, Vanessa. Grenard, Steve and Vanessa [auction house] (New York, N.Y.:  Steve and Vanessa Grenard,  1976). [AUCTION Grenard]

Hall, Richard T. Post-1960 Pro Juventute Briefli and greeting cards (Asheville, North Carolina:  Richard T. Hall, 2019). [IP70823]

Hampshire Stamp Auctions. Hampshire Stamp Auctions [auction house] (Basingstoke: Hampshire Stamp Auctions, 1982). [AUCTION Hampshire Stamp Auctions]

Harmer, Rooke & Co., Ltd. The William Martin-Hurst collection of rare postage stamps Great Britain: October 9-10, 1941 (London ; New York:  Harmer, Rooke & Co., Ltd, 1941). [NS Martin-Hurst, William]

Hawaiian Philatelic Society. Hawaiian Philatelic Society Mail Auction [auction house] (Honolulu, Hawaii: Hawaiian Philatelic Society, [1985-1990]). [AUCTION Hawaiian Philatelic Society]

Hawkins, Joel A.; Simon, Werner. United States postage meter stamp catalog (Goodyear, Arizona: The Authors, c2001). [G3701 .M589 S596u 2001]

Japanese American Society for Philately. Japanese American Society for Philately [auction house] (San Francisco, California: Japanese American Society for Philately, [1986]). [AUCTION Japanese American Society for Philately]

Johnson, Jonathan C. WWI Canadian army nursing sisters serving overseas [exhibit]: an exhibit (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society, 2019). [IP70957]

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions. Collection of Ryukyu Islands: October 6, 2017 (Danbury, Connecticut:  Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, 2017). [NS Cutler, Stan]

Peter Kenedi of California, Inc. The E.H. Rydholm Collection of France and colonies: January 8, 1977 (Sherman Oaks, Calif.: Peter Kenedi of California, Inc., 1977). [NS Rydholm, E.H.]

F.W. Kessler. The famous “Dr. Philip G. Cole” collection of rare airmail stamps & covers, auction sale part 1: October 26-27, 1939 (New York City: F.W. Kessler [NS Cole, Philip G.]

King George VI Collectors’ Society. King George VI Collectors’ Society auction [Auction house] ([London]: King George VI Collectors’ Society,  [1983-1989]). [AUCTION King George VI Collectors Society Auction]

King George VI Collectors’ Society. King George VI Collectors’ Society Postal auction [Auction house] ([Leiston, Suffolk, UK]: King George VI Collectors’ Society, [1987]). [AUCTION King George VI Collectors Society Postal Auction]

Hartmut L. Köberich. Reklame-Sammelbilder katalog 1946-1980 (Rabenau [Germany]: Hartmut L. Koberich, 1980).[IP70805]

Hartmut L. Köberich. Reklame-Sammelbilder: Katalog mit Bewertung der Sammelalben aus der Zeit von 1872-1945(Rabenau [Germany]:  Hartmut L. Koberich, [1980]). [IP70806]

Heinrich Kohler. Sweden — Postal history & postage due mail, the Kersti & Bertil I. Larsson collections (Part II): September 25, 2017 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2017). [NS Larsson, Kersti & Bertil I.]

Heinrich Kohler. Markenheftchen und Zusammendrucke des Deutschen Reiches, die Sammlung Rudolf van de Weyer: September 27, 2017 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2017). [NS Weyer, Rudolf van de]

Heinrich Kohler. Sudetenland, die Sammlung “Algovius”: September 29, 2017 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Kohler, 2017).[NS Algovius]

Heinrich Kohler. Bayern Kreuzerausgaben, Die Sammlung “Pegnitz”:  September 30, 2017 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2017). [NS Pegnitz]

Heinrich Kohler. Hansestadt Lübeck, Marken und Postgeschichte 1815-1867, Die Sammlung “Buddenbrook”: September 30, 2017 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2017). [NS Buddenbrook]

Heinrich Kohler. Ballon monté, the Erivan collection: September 30, 2017 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2017). [NS Haub, Erivan – Ballon Monté]

Heinrich Kohler. Deutschland ab 1849, Die Sammlung Dr. Ludwig Trippen: September 26, 2017 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2017). [NS Trippen, Ludwig]

Heinrich Kohler. Deutschland ab 1849, Die Sammlung Dr. Ludwig Trippen. Schriftliche Gebotsauktion: September 30, 2017 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2017). [NS Trippen, Ludwig Zusatz-Katalog]

Heinrich Kohler. Altdeutsche Staaten, 1. Auktion, Die Sammlung Erivan = German States, 1st auction, The Erivan collection (Wiesbaden:  Heinrich Kohler, 2019). [NS Haub, Erivan – German States no.1]

Heinrich Kohler. The Renée Charol-Prawdin collection, Early stamps of Japan: September 26, 1997 (Wiesbaden, Germany: Heinrich Köhler,  1997). [NS Charol-Prawdin, Renee]

Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus. Worldwide rarities, 1st auction, the Erivan collection: June 1, 2019 in Stockholm (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus, 2019). [NS Haub, Erivan – World rarities no.1]

Koyano, Inosuke. Joint issue: nikakoku ijō kyōdō hakkō kitte;  nikakoku ijo kyodo hakko kitte (Tokyo: Bungeisha, 2019). [IP70812]

Kraus, Jiri. Finding Antarctica, then finding more of it [exhibit] ([No location]: [Jiri Kraus], [2019]). [IP70952]

Lamplugh, Lois. Lundy, island without equal (Swimbridge, near Barnstaple, Devon: Robert Young,  c1993). [IP70939]

Lauritz Weibull Frimarken. Weibull, Lauritz, Frimarken (Malmö:  Lauritz Weibull Frimarken, [1985-1986]). [AUCTION Weibull, Lauritz]

London Stamp Exchange Ltd. The Ambassador collection of Canada & B.N.A. with associated properties: February 24, 1978(London: London Stamp Exchange Ltd., [1978]). [NS Ambassador]

London Stamp Exchange Ltd. The James Merrylees collection of classic France and other European countries: March 10, 1978 (London: London Stamp Exchange Ltd., [1978]). [NS Merrylees, James]

London Stamp Exchange Ltd. The James Merrylees collection of G.B. postal history, rare covers etc. of the British Empire: March 22, 1978 (London: London Stamp Exchange Ltd., [1978]). [NS Merrylees, James]

Maache, Jean-Louis. JLM négoce [auction house] (Villeurbanne [France]: JLM négoce, [1995]). [AUCTION JLM negoce]

Maassen, Wolfgang. Dr. Paul Singer & the history of Shanahan Auctions: five years to the top of the world and a deep fall (Schwalmtal, Germany: Phil*Creativ Verlag & Agentur, 2019). [HE6184 .D279 M111d 2019]

Mackay, James A. (James Alexander), 1936-. Shetland (Dumfries, Scotland: James A. Mackay, c1979). [G5772 .A77 S5s]

Mackay, James A. (James Alexander), 1936-. Orkney and Stroma (Dumfries, Scotland: James A. Mackay, c1979). [G5772 .A77 O6o 1979]

MBW Stamps. MBW Stamps [auction house] (Ripon, North Yorkshire:  MBW Stamps, 1989).  [AUCTION MBW Stamps]

McTavish, A. The McTavish [auction house] (Altrincham, Cheshire: A. McTavish, [1986]).  [AUCTION McTavish]

Mall Stamp & Coin. Mall Stamp & Coin [auction house] (Forest City, FL:  Mall Stamp & Coin,  [1986]).  [AUCTION Mall Stamp & Coin]

Mayfair Philatelic Auctions. Mayfair Philatelic Auctions (London: Mayfair Philatelic Auctions, [2018]). [AUCTION Mayfair]

McGavin, Andrew. Tips of the trade: your expert guide to stamp collecting (Ringwood, Hampshire, UK: Published for UPA by Stanley Gibbons Publications, [2015]). [IP70953]

Milgram, James W.; Kimbrough, John L. Confederate patriotic stationery (Lake Forest, Illinois:  Northbrook Publishing Company, c2018). [G3861 .P314 M64c 2018]

J.C. Morgenthau & Company. Worthington Collection Part VIII. United States proofs and essays:  October 15, 1918 (N.Y. City: J.C. Morgenthau & Co., 1918). [NS Worthington pt.9]

Mowbray Collectables. Jim Shaw public stamp auction. Part 1, New Zealand stamp duties & postage dues: October 14, 2017 (Wellington, NZ: Mowbray Collectables, 2017). [NS Shaw, Jim pt.1]

Murphy, William J. Irish aerogrammes and airgraphs ([San Jose, CA, U.S.A.?]: Published jointly by the Eire Philatelic Association and the Irish Airmail Society, 1997). [HE6238 .M978iae 1997]

Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca. Mensajeros del Mexico moderno:  timbres postales y fiscales de Francisco Eppens en los Talleres de Impresion de Estampillas y Valores (Mexico, D.F.: Museo de la Filatelâia de Oaxaca,  2009). [IP70979]

New Cavendish Philatelic Investments Ltd. New Cavendish Philatelic Investments [auction house] (Leeds, England: New Cavendish Philatelic Investments Ltd, [1984-1987]). [AUCTION New Cavendish]

Pearce, Gerry. Operation Tabarin, 1943-46, and its postal history (Woking, Surrey: Gerry Pearce (Woking, Surrey : Knaphill Print Company), 2018). [IP70951]

Phillips Blenstock House. The award-winning collection of Newfoundland formed by Ivan Green, F.S.C.A., M.R.P.S.,L. of London:  April 21, 1983 (London: Phillips Blenstock House, 1983). [NS Green, Ivan]

Phillips Blenstock House. The Fossick collection of Great Britain and British Commonwealth postage stamps: April 14, 1983 (London:  Phillips, Son & Neale, 1983). [NS Fossick]

Phillips Blenstock House. The superlative collection of 19th century Great Britain postage stamps formed by Harold Fisher, F.R.P.S.,L., R.D.P. of London: September 22-23, 1983 (London: Phillips, Son & Neale, 1983). [NS Fisher, Harold W.]

Phillips Blenstock House. The A.J. Lowe collection of Great Britain postage stamps: May 24, 1984 (London: Phillips, 1984). [NS Lowe, A.J.]

Phillips Blenstock House. The Trevor Clarke F.R.P.S.,L. collection of Great Britain King Edward VII issued sheet stamps: October 8, 1987 (London: Phillips Blenstock House, 1987). [NS Clarke, Trevor]

Phillips Blenstock House. The Dr. Douglas Latto F.R.P.S.,L. collection of artists’ drawings for modern British stamps: June 18, 1987 (London:  Phillips Blenstock House, 1987). [NS Latto, Douglas]

Phillips Benstock House. The Kay Goodman collection of postage stamps: February 25, 1988 (London: Phillips Benstock House,  1988). [NS Goodman, Kay]

Phillips London. The Ernest Good, F.R.P.S.,L. collection of Great Britain 1887-1900 Jubilee issue postage stamps: November 3, 1988 (London:  Phillips London, 1988). [NS Good, Ernest]

Phillips London. The “Stoneham” collection of Great Britain postage stamps: September 1, 1998 (London: Phillips London, 1988). [NS Stoneham]

Phillips London. The “King-Harman” collection of illustrated envelopes: May 26, 1988 (London:  Phillips London, 1988). [NS King-Harman]

Phillips, Son & Neale. The Ewen Minto East Africa: September 16, 1982 (London: Phillips, Son & Neale, 1982). [NS Minto, Ewen]

Phillips, Son & Neale. The Osprey collection of aviation and airpost covers and cards: November 3-4, 1983 (London: Phillips, Son & Neale,  1983). [NS Osprey]

PhilStamps. William J. Oliver, the Philippines, 1954-1989. Part IV:  October 6, 2013 (San Bernardino, CA: PhilStamps, 2013). [NS Oliver, William J.]

PhiTek. PhiTek (Manchester, MO ; St. Ann, MO: PhiTek, [1985-1986]).  [AUCTION PhiTek]

P.H. Stamps. P.H. Stamps [auction house] (Bishopstone, Seaford, East Sussex: P.H. Stamps, 1988).  [AUCTION P.H. Stamps]

Postiljonen. The Gummesson collection of Finland. Part 3:  September 30, 2017 (Malmö, Sweden:  AuctionHouse international Postiljonen,  2017). [NS Gummesson, Rolf]

Reichman, James G. Magadan Space Club covers, 1962 to 1989 (USA:  James G. Reichman, 2018).

Richtmann, Manfred. Richtmann, Manfred [auction house] (Koln:  Manfred Richtmann, 1972). [AUCTION Richtmann]

Royal Philatelic Society London. Royal Philatelic Society London members’ collections 2019 (London: Royal Philatelic Society London, 2019).  [G5754 .L66 R888rc 2019]

Royal Philatelic Society London. 150th anniversary celebration, Her Majesty the Queen’s and past president’s collections:  Thursday 11th April 2019 (London: Royal Philatelic Society London,  2019).  [IP70804]

Sarawak Specialists’ Society. The Sarawak and Brunei collections of Eric Dunn: October 12, 2002 ([Plymouth, Devon]: Sarawak Specialists’ Society, 2002). [NS Dunn, Eric]

Schulz. 75 Jahre verborgen, die Sammlung Dr.Dr.Ing. E.H. Hugo Eckener: October 25, 2003 (Nurnberg: Schulz, 2003). [NS Eckener]

Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions. The Dr. David Patterson collection of New Zealand Chalon heads: April 7, 2019 (San Francisco, CA:  Schuyler Rumsey Philatelic Auctions, 2019). [NS Patterson, David]

Shure, S.N. A story of the Philippines (Chicago, Illinois: Shure Brothers,  c1948). [G8061 .C734 S56s 1948 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries. The Grant Inman collection. Part 6, Wine, beer and silver tax stamps: September 20, 2017 (New York, N.Y.:  Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, 2017). [NS Inman, Grant pt.6]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries. The Clipper City collection, superb United States stamps:  September 19, 2017 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc., 2017). [NS Clipper City]

Robert A. Siegel Auctions. United States stampless covers, the Howard H. Lehman collections; United States stamps 19th and 20 century, principally the property of a New England collector sold by order of the owners, trustees and executors: September 9-11, 1970 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auctions, 1970).[NS Lehman, Howard H.]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries. The Lester White collection of United States, postmasters’ provisionals through officials, including singles, plate number blocks, complete commemorative blocks; Guam and Hawaii, sold by the owner: March 3-4, 1977 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, 1977). [NS White, Lester]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries. The Isabelle Lessmann collection of United States 19th and 20th century stamps, an extraordinary collection featuring many renowned rarities:  September 12, 1984 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc., 1984). [NS Lessmann, Isabelle]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. United States postal history, featuring the Angel Collection of international mails, a collection of New York postmaster’s provisionals, the Adriatic collection of the 12-cent 1869 pictorial issue, the Dr. Edward Field collection of Baltimore “Red” foreign-mail cancels, a collection of New York stampless postal history, Confederate States postal history:  March 11-13, 2019 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc., 2019). [NS Angel Collection]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. Dr. Paul M. Cere collection, semi-official air posts of Canada: November 14, 2017 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc., 2017). [NS Cere, Paul]

St. Vincent Philatelic Auctions. St. Vincent Philatelic Auctions [auction house] (St. Vincent, West Indies: St. Vincent Philatelic Auctions,  1978). [AUCTION St Vincent Philatelic Auctions]

Skoro, Magbul, 1951-. Pozdrav iz Sarajeva = Greetings from Sarajevo = Gruss aus Sarajevo (Sarajevo: Graphic Car, 2005). [G6864 .S2 S63p 2005]

Soler y Llach. Espana 1850-1854, coleccion J. Abeniacar: April 16, 2019 (Barcelona, Spain: Soler y Llach, 2019). [NS Abeniacar, J.]

Sotheby’s. Postage stamps of Great Britain and British Empire, the “Dallas” collection: July 18-20, 1990 (London: Sotheby’s, 1990). [NS Dallas Collection]

Sotheby’s & Corinphila. Postage stamps of China, the E.N. Lane collection: October 8, 1997, Hong Kong (Zurich, Switzerland:  Sotheby’s and Corinphila in association, 1997). [NS Lane, E.N.]

Spink. The Windward Islands, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and the Falkland Islands, the David Pitts collection: September 19, 2017 (London: Spink, 2017). [NS Pitts, David]

Spink. Bermuda, crossroads of the Atlantic, a postal history from 1617 to 1877, the David Pitts collection: October 24, 2017 (London:  Spink, 2017). [NS Pitts, David]

Spink. The Arthur Gray collection of Australia King George VI issues:  September 19, 2017 (London: Spink, 2017). [NS Gray, Arthur W.]

Spink. The Arthur Gray collection of Australia Queen Elizabeth II decimal issues: April 24, 2019 (London: Spink, 2019). [NS Gray, Arthur W.]

Spink. Newfoundland, the Professor Albert Hamilton collection:  September 18, 2017 (London:  Spink, 2017). [NS Hamilton, Albert]

Spink. The Yen Boon Swee large gold medal collection of Malayan airmails: October 28, 2017 in Singapore (London: Spink, 2017). [NS Swee, Yen Boon]

Spink. The Caerynn collection of 1935 silver jubilee stamps and covers of Great Britain and the British Empire: November 15, 2017 (London:  Spink, 2017). [NS Caerynn Collection]

Staff, Frank. The Penny Post, 1680-1918 (Cambridge: Lutterworth Press, 1992). [HE6041 .S779p 1992]

Stanley Gibbons Auctions. The Veldman collection of Indian Feudatory States: June 15, 2006 (London: Stanley Gibbons Auctions, 2006). [NS Veldman, Johan]

Stillions, C.A. (Clarence A.). Newfoundland’s last definitives, the Waterlow printings: an exhibit (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society, 2019). [IP70956]

Subasta Sevilla. Subasta Sevilla [auction house] (Sevilla, Espana:  Subasta Sevilla, [2006]). [AUCTION Subastas Sevilla]

Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau. TPB Newsletter ([Tuvalu]: Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau, [2000-]). [JOURNAL TPB Newsletter]

United States Postal Service. Wildflowers, a collection of U.S. commemorative stamps ([United States]: U.S. Postal Service, c1992).  [G3701 .C734 U58w 1992]

Vittori, T. Vittori, T. [auction house] (Knivsta [Sweden]: T. Vittori, [1986]).  [AUCTION Vittori, T.]

Peter Vogenbeck Postal Auctions. Vogenbeck, Peter Spezialauktion [auction house]: Deutsche Auslandspostamter, Kolonien und Seepost (Gerolstein-Mullenborn [Germany]: Peter Vogenbeck,  [1998-2013]). [AUCTION Vogenbeck, Peter Spezialauktion]

Peter Vogenbeck Postal Auctions. Vogenbeck, Peter Postal Auctions [auction house] (Fairland, South Africa: Peter Vogenbeck Postal Auctions, [1989]). [AUCTION Vogenbeck, Peter]

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