New Resources at the APRL, April 2019

Abajian, Paul G. Vermont postal history. Way mail of the Green Mountain State. Supplement no. 1(Essex Junction, Vermont (P.O. Box 475, Essex Junction, 05453): The Vermont Philatelic Society, 2003).[IP70777]

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American First Day Cover Society. American First Day Cover Society [auction house] (Villa Park, IL: American First Day Cover Society, [1986]). [AUCTION American First Day Cover Society]

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Corinphila Auktionen. From Australian States to the Commonwealth of Australia 1850-1960, The ‘Besancon’ Collection: November 23, 2017 (Zurich, Schweiz: Corinphila Auktionen, 2017). [NS Besancon Australia]

Cummings, Hayman. The college stamps of Oxford and Cambridge [electronic resource]: a study of their history and use from 1870 to 1886 ; exemplified by reference to original letters and collections ; with illustrations from specially prepared photo-mezzotype plates ([No location]: J&H Books, c2011). [CD Cummings, Hayman]

Drummond, James N. Drummond’s catalog of philatelic miscellany. Update kit number one ([No location]: James N. Drummond, 2017). [IP70774]

Eustace, Bill. Ultra-violet philately for the beginner (Melbourne [Australia]: O.W. Eustace, 1972).[IP70759]

Flag Cancel Society. Flag Cancel Society [auction house] (Bellevue, Washington: Flag Cancel Society, [1966]). [AUCTION Flag Cancel Society]

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Italian Association of Collectors of Definitive Stamps. Post horn magazine of international postal history (Como, Italy: Italian Association of Collectors of Definitive Stamps, 2019-). [JOURNAL Post Horn Magazine]

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Kelsey, Douglas A. United States meter stamps and postal history [exhibit], and, United States streamlined eagle meter stamps, 1940-1994: philatelic exhibits (Tucson, AZ: Douglas A. Kelsey, 1995). [IP70772]

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Kleisz Briefmarken u.-Auktionen. Kleisz Briefmarken u.-Auktionen [auction house] (Stittgart [Germany]: Kleisz Briefmarken u.-Auktionen, [1989]). [AUCTION Kleisz Briefmarken u.-Auktionen]

Levine, Brian. Cripple Creek gold: a centennial history of the Cripple Creek District (Lake Grove, OR: The Depot, c1988). [IP70797]

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Motor City Stamp & Cover Club. On cover newsletter (Dearborn Heights, Michigan: Motor City Stamp & Cover Club, 2018-).[JOURNAL On Cover]

MUNDIFIL. Especializado, Selos postais e marcas pre-adesivas Portugal, Acores, Madeira (Povoa de Varzim, Portugal: MUNDIFUL,  2016). [G6690 .A1 A257s 2016]

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Palmer, Johannes E. Palmer Aerophilatelie Auktionen [auction house] (Pfaffenhofen-Biberberg: Palmer Aerophilatelie Auktionen, [2005-2007]). [AUCTION Palmer, Johannes]

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Poway Stamp Club. Poway Stamp Club newsletter (Poway, CA: Poway Stamp Club, [2019-]). [JOURNAL Poway Stamp Club Newsletter]

Precancel Stamp Society. The Precancel Stamp Society town and type catalog of the United States and Territories (Fenton, MO: Precancel Stamp Society, [2007]). [G3701 .P923 P923pt 2019]

Sarawak Specialists’ Society. The Labuan and North Borneo collections of Mike Box: October 8, 2003 (Plymouth, Devon, GB: Sarawak Specialists’ Society, 2003). [NS Box, Mike]

Sherman Oaks Stamp & Coin Company. Sherman Oaks Stamp & Coin Co. mail auction [auction house] (Sherman Oaks, California: Sherman Oaks Stamp & Coin Co., [1975-1976]). [AUCTION Sherman Oaks Stamp & Coin Co.]

Smart, Neil. From Lilienthal to Luft Hansa (Rotherwick: N. Smart, 1988). [IP70771]

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Woods, Terence J. Woods, Terence J. [auction house] (Hamilton, Scotland:  Terence J. Woods, 1986).[AUCTION Woods, Terence J.]