New Resources at the APRL, February 2019

Abacus Auctions. Abacus Auctions [auction house] (Glen Waverly, Victoria [Australia]: Abacus Auctions, [2018-2019]).[AUCTION Abacus]

Abacus Auctions. The Ginger Meggs scenic letter cards, Colin Riddell’s Cocos postal history, William Pate’s New Guinea postal history: March 3, 2019  (Glen Waverly, Victoria [Australia]:  Abacus Auctions, 2019).[NS Meggs, Ginger]

Alaimo, Salvador. Mediciones de la alta atmósfera en la Antártica ([Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Fundacion Marambio, [No date]). [IP70207]

Alaimo, Salvador. Rompehielos ARA. Almirante Irizar Q-5 ([Buenos Aires]:  Fundacion Marambio, [No date]). [IP70208]

Alaimo, Salvador. Emisiones conmemorativas al Ano Polar Internacional 2007-2008: Centro de Documentacion Antartica de la Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Jan Bosca ([Buenos Aires]:  Fundacion Marambio, [No date]). [IP70209]

Alaimo, Salvador. El Agujero de ozono antártico ([Buenos Aires]:  Fundacion Marambio, [No date]).[IP70210]

Alaimo, Salvador. Rompehielos A.R.A. General San Martín Q-4 ([Buenos Aires]: Fundacion Marambio, [No date]). [IP70211]

Autores, J. Martins. O selo base Português = Ordinary Portuguese stamps = Le timbre ordinaire Portugais: evolucão formal = formal evolution = évolution formelle (Lisboa: Museu dos Correios e Telecomunicacoes de Portugal, 1976). [IP70379]

Berge, Bjorn.  Nowherelands:  an atlas of vanished countries 1840-1975  (London: Thames & Hudson, c2017.). [HE6184 .D278 B49n 2017]

Boeckel, P.P. (Paul).  [Correspondence on early Russian aviation] ([St. Petersburg]: [No publisher],  [1910-2003]). [ARCHIVE FILE CABINET Drawer 4 Boeckel]

Briggs, Deane R. Florida postal history during the Civil War (United States of America: Confederate Stamp Alliance,  2018, c2017).  [IP70089]

Cherrystone Auction Galleries. The Winterfell collection of German occupied Europe: February 20, 2019 (New York, N.Y.: Cherrystone Auction Galleries, 2019). [NS Winterfell]

Cherrystone Auction Galleries. The Brian Pottow collection of Great Britain: February 20, 2019 (New York, N.Y.: Cherrystone Auction Galleries, 2019). [NS Pottow, Brian]

Cherrystone Auction Galleries. Dr. I.G. Kulczycky’s collection of Western Ukraine: February 21, 2019 (New York, N.Y.: Cherrystone Auction Galleries,  2019). [NS Kulczycky, I.G.]

Corinphila Auktionen. Cape of Good Hope 1853-1903, the “Besançon” collection (part 1): November 30, 2018 (Zurich, Switzerland:  Corinphila Auktionen, 2018). [NS Besancon pt.1]

Corinphila Auktionen. South Australia, the departmental stamps 1868-1874, the “Besançon” collection (part IV): November 29, 2018 (Zurich, Switzerland: Corinphila Auktionen, 2018). [NS Besancon Collection pt.4]

Corinphila Auktionen. From Australian States to the Commonwealth of Australia 1850-1960, the “Besançon” collection (part III): November 28-29, 2018 (Zurich, Switzerland:  Corinphila Auktionen,  2018). [NS Besancon pt.3]

Correios e Telecommunicações de Portugal. O correio em Portugal, algumas datas = The Portuguese post, some dates = La Poste portugaise, quelques dates (Lisboa: Correios e Telecommunicações de Portugal, 1976). [IP70376]

Davis, John. Egypt, from the postal concession until Suez, 1932 to 1956. Part I, Until 1st May 1941([Great Britain]: John Davis (Pershore, Worcestershire, England : Printed and bound … by Hughes and Company, Printers), 2014). [IP70092]

Dellquest, Augustus Wilfrid. Stamps, a handbook for collectors (New York:  M. Barrows & Company, Inc., Publishers,  1951). [HE6215 .D358s 1951]

Eastern Auctions Ltd. The Highlands collection of British North America, part two (Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada: Eastern Auctions Ltd.,  2019).  [NS Highlands Collection pt.2]

Fischer, Reinhard. Sammlung Kai Bothor, Deutsch-Neuguinea ; Lakehurst, Luftpost und Zeppelinpost Alle Welt: September 8, 2018  (Bonn [Germany]:  Dr. Reinhard Fischer, Auktions- und Handelshous fur Briefmarken und Munzen e.K., 2018). [NS Bothor, Kai]

Foley, Michael S. A mission unfulfilled, the Post Office and the distribution of information in rural New England, 1821-1835 ([No location]: Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, 1997).[IP70406]

Global Philatelic Network. U.S. Civil War era fiscal history panorama:  The Michael Mahler collection  ([Various locations]: Global Philatelic Network,  2018). [IP70091]

Gobond Enterprises. Gobond Enterprises [auction house]  (Scottsdale, Arizona: Gobond Enterprises, [2017-]). [AUCTION Gobond]

Goldblatt, Laura; Handler, Richard. Toward a new national iconography:  Native Americans on United States postage stamps, 1863-1922 ([No location]: Henry Francis du Pont WInterthur Museum, c2017). [IP70429]

Hardy, W.J. (William John); Bacon, Edward Denny, Sir, 1860-1938. “Famous collections,” being Chapter XI from The Stamp Collector (New Orleans:  Raymond H. Weill Co., 1964). [IP70417]

H.R. Harmer, New York. The Louise Boyd Dale and Alfred F. Lichtenstein Collections. British North America (New York: H.R. Harmer, New York,  1968-1970). [NS Dale/Lichtenstein]

Harter, T.H. The Keystone weekly gazette (Bellefonte, PA.: T.H. Harter,  [1913-1925]). [NEWSPAPER CLOSED STACKS 2]

Hascall, Theo. Shadowboxing the apocalypse: the Great War correspondence of Dr. Theo Hascall, 103rd Field Artillery 26th Yankee Division ([Rhode Island]: Rhode Island Philatelic Society Rhode Island WW1 Centennial Commission, c2018). [IP70191]

Heimann, Karl. Die Funknachrichtenkarten der Eingeschlossenen Kanal- und Atlantikfestungen 1944-1945 (Düsseldorf:  Poststempelgilde Rhein-Donau, 1980). [IP70399]

Heinrich Kohler. 75 years– Heinrich Koehler (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Kohler-Auktion, 1988). [IP70407]

Indiana Postal History Society. Indiana Postal History Society machine cancel catalog (Gosport, IN: Indiana Postal History Society, [2013?]). [IP70396 v.1;  IP70397 v.2]

John A. Fox. The Ernest R. Jacobs collection of 19th century United States: October 25, 1955 (Floral Park, N.Y.: John A. Fox, 1955). [NS Jacobs, Ernest R.]

Jones, A.D. (Allen Donald). U.S. Air Mail, the early years [exhibit]  ([No locations]: [A.D. Jones], [1988]). [IP70382]

Kelleher & Rogers. The Bruce Lee “Peace, Love & Brotherhood” selection as presented to Herb Jackson: May 26, 2018, Hong Kong (Hong Kong; Danbury, CT:  Kelleher & Rogers Fine Asian Auctions : PhilaChina Ltd., 2018). [NS Lee, Bruce]

Kugel, Al. United States international registration labels [exhibit] ([No location]: [Alfred F. Kugel], [2014]).  [IP70184]

Kugel, Al. United States domestic registration labels [exhibit] ([No location]: [Alfred F. Kugel], [2014]). [IP70185]

Kugel, Al. The Franco-Prussian war of 1870 – 1871

Kugel, Al. The Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871 [exhibit]: philatelic aspects as seen from the Prussian side ([No location]: [Alfred F. Kugel],  [2014]).  [IP70186]

Kümmerly & Frey. Karte der Schweiz und von Liechtenstein mit Postleitzahlen = Carte de la Suisse et du Liechtenstein avec numéros postaux d’acheminement = Carta della Svizzera e del Liechtenstein con i numeri postali d’avviamento.  (Bern: Kümmerly & Frey, [1985]). [MAP Europe]

Landau, Eliot A. Lincoln, slavery and the Civil War ([No location]: [Eliot A. Landau], [2010]). [IP70111]

Lebland, Georges. Etude no 67. Emissions de France. Vol. II, Les timbres francais perfores (premiere liste) (Paris: Le Monde des Philatelistes,  [1964]). [G5830 .M741e no.67]

Lera, Thomas. George L. Lee collection of the Royal imperforate printings of Egyptian stamps: Finding guide ([Washington, D.C.]: Smithsonian National Postal Museum, 2010). [IP70112]

Liutikas, Darius. Scouting in the Baltic countries: a history in philately  (Vilnius: Community of Lithuanian Pilgrims ; Lithuanian Scouts Association, 2018). [IP70088]

London Post Office. 150 years of progress, from penny black to the present day: Royal Mail 1840-1990, first in the world (London: Post Office, [1990?]). [IP70389]

Manchester: City of Manchester Airport Committee. The story of Alcock & Brown (Manchester: City of Manchester Airport Committee, [1969]). [IP70380]

Mascieri, Russell S. Price list (Cherry Hill, New Jersey: Danam Stamp Co.,  [1981]). [PRICE LIST Danam Stamp Co.]

Meek,  P. Gray. The Democratic watchman (Bellefonte, PA.: [1919]).  [NEWSPAPER CLOSED STACKS 2]

Migliavacca, Georgio. Italian P.O.W. mail in Egypt ([No date]: [No publisher], [No date]). [IP70108]

Milgram, James W. Supplement to Vessel-named markings on United States inland and ocean waterways, 1784-1899 ([Chicago?:  J.W. Milgram ; The Postal History Journal], [1992-1994]). [932.022:C/M5s]

Museo Postal Cubano. Estudio sobre el valor de 1/2 real de plata fuerte de la primera emision de sellos de Cuba (Havana: Museo Postal Cubano,  1975). [IP70408]

Philatelia. Golden Jubilee year Phila India 2013-14 guide book, 1800-2012  (Kolkata: Philatelia, [2012]). [G7650 .A1 P544g 2013]

Philatelic Foundation, Expert Committee. Definition of terms (New York, N.Y.: The Philatelic Foundation, 1988). [HE6184 .E965 O61 Terms]

Philatelic Institute. How to collect postage stamps: stories from postage stamps, how to start a stamp club, where & how to hunt for rare old stamps worth fortunes  (Cambridge, Mass.: The Philatelic Institute, 1955, c1951). [HE6215 .H314hps 1955]

Poznakhirko, Sergei. Chto takoe otechestvennaia kosmicheskaia pochta  (Moskva: Sergei Poznakhirko,  1999).  [IP70416]

Przepiora, David; Tesmer, Irving. Postal history of Buffalo New York 1805-1905 ([Buffalo, New York?]: David Przepiora and Irving Tesmer: Buffalo Stamp Club, [2018?]). [IP70171]

Rimer, Moshe. The philatelic Passover Haggada (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania:  Educational Fund, Society of Israel Philatelists, Inc. c/o American Philatelic Society, 2018).  [HE6183 .J92 R575p 2018]

Royal Mail. Addressing postcodes: a general guide to postcodes and correct addressing ([Great Britain]:  Royal Mail; Post Office, 1994).  [IP70401]

S.C.O.T. Torino. Tavole cromatiche Bolaffi. Sardegna 1855/1863 (Torino:  S.C.O.T., [No date]). [IP70384 v.1; IP70385 v.2; IP70386 v.3; IP70387 v.4;  IP70388 v.5]

Siala, Mohamed Ali. Postage stamps and El-Fatah revolution  ([Tripoli]:  Mohamed Ali Siala, 2006).[IP70404]

Souers, P. Clark. Forgeries of common stamps after World War I, Eastern Front, Balkans, Caucasus  ([n.l.]:  P. Clark Souers, 2019). [IP70391 c.1; IP70392 c.2;  IP70393 c.3]

Stanley Gibbons, Inc. U.S. envelope paper guide for stamp collectors:  showing samples taken from the actual envelopes of over 40 different kinds and colors of papers used in the printing of U.S. envelope stamps ; accompanied by notes on the various colors and papers as known to philately (New York, N.Y.: Stanley Gibbons, Inc., [194-?]). [G3701 .P860 G441e 1940 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Stanley Gibbons Ltd. Australia  (London ; Ringwood, [England]:  Stanley Gibbons Ltd, 2014). [G8960 .A1 G441a 2014]

Stanley Gibbons Ltd. Australia  (London ; Ringwood, [England]:  Stanley Gibbons Ltd, 2018). [G8960 .A1 G441a 2018]

Stein, Robert C. British King George V definitive profile head and seahorse stamps: overprinted for Nauru  (London: The Royal Philatelic Society London, 2018). [IP70400]

Stiftung zur Förderung der Philatelie und Postgeschichte. 40 Jahre Stiftung zur Forderung der Philatelie und Postgeschite, 40 Jahre Zuschlagsmarken fur Briefmakensammler: Austellung im Haus der Philatelie und Postgeschichte, Bonn Mai 2006 (Bonn: Stiftung zur Förderung der Philatelie und Postgeschichte, c2006). [IP70403]

Sweet, Fay. Queen Elizabeth II, a portrait in stamps (London: Royal Mail : The British Library, 2007).  [IP70110]

Termini, Benedict A. Prostitute revenues of Rosario de Santa Fe [exhibit] [electronic resource]([n.l.]: Benedict A. Termini,  [2018]).  [CD Termini]

United States Postal Service. Tri-code Benjamin Franklin Stamp Fair ([Northumberland, Pa.]: United States Postal Service., [1998]).  [US SHOW Tri-Code Benjamin Franklin Stamp Fair]

Walla, Dick. U.S. federal issues, U.S. liquor tax paids, strip stamps, special tax stamps: Wines, volume 1 (Altoona, PA: Postilion Publications,  c1996).  [IP70418 v.1]

Walla, Dick. U.S. federal issues, liquor stamps, U.S. liquor tax paids: Distilled spirits, rectified spirits, warehouse, brandy, export alcohol, lock seals, hydrometers, beer, beer cans, essays & proofs, volume 2 (Altoona, PA: Postilion Publications, c1996). [IP70419 v.2]

Wawrukiewicz, Anthony S., 1943-; Beecher, Henry W. U.S. International parcel post rates pre-1961 [electronic resource]  ([n.l.]: [Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz], [2013]). [IP70212]