New Resources at the APRL, September 2018

APRL new acquisitions for September 2018. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

Applegate, Frank L. Pennsylvania local real estate transfer stamps (Lincoln, NB: The State Revenue Society,, 1969-1970). [956.13:C1H/A7p]

Berezowski, Alexander. Handbuch der Luftpostkunde: Katalog samtlicher Marken und Abstempelungen der Luftposten (Southfield, MI: Postilion Publications, [1969]). [HE6238 .B492h 1930 Reprint 1969b]

Christmas Island. Philatelic Bureau. Information booklet (Christmas Island, Indian Ocean: Philatelic Bureau, 1981). [VF Christmas Island]

Dahle, Christopher. Plants on stamps. Volume V [electronic resource] (Carterville, IL, USA: American Topical Association, c2013). [CD American Topical Association handbook 163]

Dickinson, Gary. First day covers of the H&E Stamp Company (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society, c2018). [G3401 .F527 D55fh 2018]

Eichler, Vic. Amphibians on postage stamps: a thematic coverage and checklist (Carterville, IL, USA: American Topical Association, c2017). [HE6183 .A1 A512a no.165]

Giordano, Osvaldo Mario. El Correo Argentino en Malvinas (Buenos Aires: Correo Argentino, [2007]). [G9176 .P859 G49c 2007]

Gray, Jack. What’s first?: from Abacus to Zebra, the first time topics are depicted on postage stamps (Carterville, IL, USA: American Topical Association, c2018). [HE6183 .A1 A512a no.167]

Gray, Jack. What’s first? [electronic resource]: from Abacus to Zebra, the first time topics are depicted on postage stamps (Carterville, IL, USA: American Topical Association, c2018). [CD American Topical Association handbook 167]

Hosking, Roger. An introduction to ocean letters (Limpsfield, Oxted, Surrey ; Woking, Surrey: Roger Hosking ; T.P.O. & Seapost Society, 2002). [IP69908]

Hosking, Roger. Ocean letters, a sequel (Limpsfield, Oxted, Surrey: Roger Hosking, 2005). [IP69909]

Lacelle, D.M. Fancy cancels on Canadian stamps 1855 to 1950 (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society Ltd., c2018). [G3401 .P857 D274c 2018]

Herb McNaught. The Herb McNaught single frame award exhibits 2009-2017 [exhibit]: with Herb McNaught’s own Half-Cent Small Queen single frame exhibit and Jonathan Johnson’s Canadian Hospital Ships single frame exhibit (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society, 2018). [IP69928]

Mobile Post Office Society. Mobile Post Office Society [auction house] (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Mobile Post Office Society, [1974]). [AUCTION Mobile Post Office Society]

Payne, Robert J. U.S. classic machine cancels 1871-1991 (Warren, Ohio (P.O. Box 609, Warren, 44482): Machine Cancel Society, c1995). [G3701 .M149 P346usc 1995b]

Raddi, Al. The Al Raddi Collection of Scott 1285, Albert Einstein, prominent Americans series first day covers ([Milford, MI]: American First Day Cover Society, c2018). [IP69905 CD]

SAS/Oceania. SAS/Oceania [auction house] (Anderson, IN: SAS/Oceania, [1988]). [AUCTION SAS/Oceania]

Sarawak Specialists’ Society. Sarawak Specialists’ Society [auction house]  (Plymouth, Devon, G.B.: Sarawak Specialists’ Society, [1990-2012]). [AUCTION Sarawak Specialists’ Society]

Silvester, William.  Handbook of Disney on stamps  (American Topical Association,  c2012).  [HE6183 .A1 A512a no.162]

Stanley Gibbons Auctions. The Dr James Montgomery Dunlop collection of Great Britain & British Commonwealth: October 18-19, 2017 (London: Stanley Gibbons Auctions, 2017). [NS Dunlop, James M.]

United States Postal Service. The Postal Service guide to U.S. stamps ([United States]: United States Postal Service, c2016). [G3700 .U586u 2016]

Vogel, Robert D. The Caneco connection: a study of the first day covers of the Canada Envelope Company (British North American Philatelic Society Ltd., 2018). [IP69927]

Woolley, Thomas J. United States envelopes (Columbus, Ohio: Thomas J. Woolley, 1990-1993).[PRICE LIST Woolley]

Woolley, Thomas J. United States postal cards (Columbus, Ohio: Thomas J. Woolley, 1991-1992).[PRICE LIST Woolley]

Woolley, Thomas J. United States administration stationery (Columbus, Ohio: Thomas J. Woolley, 1992). [PRICE LIST Woolley]

Woolley, Thomas J. United States air mail & official: envelopes, wrappers, letter sheets (Columbus, Ohio: Thomas J. Woolley, 1991). [PRICE LIST Woolley]

Woolley, Thomas J. United States 20th century envelopes (Columbus, Ohio: Thomas J. Woolley, 1991). [PRICE LIST Woolley]

Woolley, Thomas J. United States stamped envelope cut squares (Columbus, Ohio: Thomas J. Woolley, 1990-1991). [PRICE LIST Woolley]