Corrections to Philatelic Literature Review, 2018 3rd Quarter

Two corrections to the 2018 Third Quarter issue of the Philatelic Literature Review have been brought to the attention of the American Philatelic Research Library. Both appeared in the “New Books Noted” section of the issue. The first (page 204) under the title of “Austria” is a book by Alessandro Piani titled 1867-1884 La VI Emmissione D’austria Nel Litorale Austriaco (Kuestenland) 150th Anniversario 1867-2017. The publisher of this title was incorrectly identified as Vaccari. The book is however available through Vaccari as indicated in the listing.

Second, also in the “New Books Noted” section (page 211) under the title of “Sicily” the publisher of the book titled La Carte Sparse: Corrispondenze garibaldine di Ippolito Nievo Approfondimenti di storia postale siciliana 1859-1861  by Barcella Alberto and Amorelli Pietro was incorrectly   identified as Unifacato. It instead should be Vaccari as the publisher of the book. This title is however also available though Vaccari’s History Through Documents  series as indicated in the listing.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and welcome any comments or questions regarding anything that appears in the quarterly journal from our readers.