New Resources at the APRL, August 2018

APRL new acquisitions for August 2018. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

Alaimo, Salvador, 1934-. Buques argentinos en las Islas Malvinas = Argentine ships in the Falkland Islands ([n.l.]: Group de filatelia naval (Produccion Grafica de Jarmat),  2007).  [IP69855]

Aleksandrov, Yu.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 7, Perforations on postage stamps from prerevolutionary Russia:  Filateliya SSSR, Feb. 1973, (2), 34  ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1975?]).[HE6035 .B617s no.7]

Ardiff,  V. LeYoung.  Perfins from Puerto Rico ; Puerto Rico official perforations ([n.l.]: Perfins Club, [n.d.]). [IP69824]

Aro, Kauko I. Finland postal stationery with 1875 stamp design [exhibit] (, [2018]). [IP40152 CD]

Bernstein, I. J. The official stamps of Great Britain ([London]:  [Printed by Truslove and Bray], [1906]). [IP69805]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 5, POL perfin: Michel Briefmarkenkatalog: Deutschland, 1969, pp. 107 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1977?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.5]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 10, ANCOPER, Association nationale des collectionneurs de timbres perfores, minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of 10th May, 1977  ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1977?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.10]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 11, ANCOPER, 29th September, 1977, Election of the Committee([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1977?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.11]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 12, ANCOPER, General Assembly of 26th October, 1977 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1977?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.12]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 13, ANCOPER, Liaison bulletin, no. 1, 26.10.1977 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1977?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.13]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 14, ANCOPER, Liaison bulletin, no. 2, 23rd November 1977 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1977?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.14]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 15, ANCOPER, Bulletin de liaison , no. 3, 18th January, 1978 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.15]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 16, ANCOPER, Liaison bulletin no. 4, March 1978 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.16]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 17, ANCOPER, Bulletin de liaison no. 5, April 1978 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.17]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 18, ANCOPER, Bulletin de liaison no. 6 [17.5.1978] ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.18]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 20, ANCOPER, Bulletin de liaison no. 7, 14th June 1978 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.20]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 22, Bavaria– official stamps:  Borek Briefmarken – Katalog Deutschland 1969, Verlag Richard Borek, Braunschweig, 1968, p.6 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.22]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 23, Air post stamps: Catalogue de timbres – poste. Volume 1 – France 1969, Yvert & Tellier, Amiens, 1968, p.103  ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.23]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 24, Tunis, postage due stamps: Catalogue de timbres – poste. Volume 1 – France 1969, Yvert & Tellier, Amiens, 1968, p.636 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.24]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 33, ANCOPER, Bulletin de liaison no. 8, 1st September 1978 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.33]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 34, ANCOPER, Bulletin de liaison no. 9, 4th October 1978 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.34]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 35, ANCOPER, Association Nationale des collectionneurs de timbres perfores, Bulletin de liaison no. 10, 15th November, 1978 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]).[HE6035 .B617s no.35]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 36, ANCOPER, Association Nationale des collectionneurs de timbres perfores, Bulletin de liaison no. 11, 20th December 1978 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1978?]).[HE6035 .B617s no.36]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 37, ANCOPER, Association Nationale des collectionneurs de timbres perfores, Bulletin de liaison no. 12, 24th January 1979 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1978?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.37]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 38, ANCOPER, Association Nationale des collectionneurs de timbres perfores, Bulletin de liaison no. 13, 28th February, 1979 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1979?]).[HE6035 .B617s no.38]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 46, ANCOPER, Association nationale des collectionneurs de timbres perfores, Bulletin de liaison no. 14, 4th April, 1979 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1979?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.46]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 49, ANCOPER, Association nationale des collectionneurs de timbres perfores, Bulletin de liaison no. 15, 21st May, 1979 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.49]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 50, ANCOPER, Association nationale des collectionneurs de timbres perfores, Bulletin de liaison no. 16, 19th June, 1979 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.50]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 53, ANCOPER, Bulletin de liaison no. 17, 5th September, 1979([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.53]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 56, Catalogue of the perfins (of France): First edition, France, 1979([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.56]

Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 60, Bavaria, official stamps: Kohl – Briefmarken Handbuch 2nd edn., Verein der Freunde des Kohl – Briefmarkenhandbuch, Berlin, Vol. 1, 1926, pp. 234-236 & 239-241([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1982?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.60]

Bowman, R. Perfins used by local government offices ([n.l.]:  [n.p.], [1964-1971]). [IP69817]

Cain, Claude W. Relative ratings of U.S. perfins. (San Francisco, California: Claude W. Cain, [n.d.]).[IP69809]

Corinphila Auktionen. Romania, incl. lithographed issues of Romania 1865-1872, The Eduardo Cohen collection (part III): May 30, 2018  (Zurich, Schweiz: Corinphila Auktionen, 2018). [NS Cohen, Eduardo]

Corinphila Auktionen. From Australian States to the Commonwealth of Australia 1850-1960, The ‘Besancon’ Collection (part II): May 31, 2018 (Zurich, Schweiz: Corinphila Auktionen, 2018). [NS Besancon]

Cummings, Hayman; Napier, Arthur S. The college stamps of Oxford and Cambridge ; The college stamps of Oxford and Cambridge, a further study of their history from 1870 to 1886 (Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly) / by the Rev. Hayman Cummings ; The Oxford college stamps (Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal) / by Professor Arthur S. Napier ([n.l.]:  [various publishers], [1893, 1904]). [G5751 .C711 C971c CLOSED STACKS 1]

Edwards, Tony; Lucas, Betty. Great Britain official stamps / by Tony Edwards ; Great Britain HMSO official stamps / by Tony Edwards and Betty Lucas ([n.l.]: Stamp Magazine, 1983).  [IP69806]

Erós, László. Catalog de perforaţii comerciale si oficiale Româneşti = Catalogue des perforations commerciales et officielles Roumaines  (Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Transfilex SRL, 1996). [G6881 .P438 E71c 1996]

German Philatelic Society. Use of perfins in offices and colonies of the German Philatelic Society: taken from “Vorläufer”, publication of the German Colonies Collectors’ Group of the Germany Philatelic Society ([n.l. ]: German Philatelic Society, 1973). [IP69831]

Gooding, John A. A checklist of United States perfins used by banks, trust companies, and related institutions (Mountlake Terrace, WA: John A. Gooding, [n.d.]). [IP69825]

Gurney, David, 1935-. The postal history of the Guernsey sub-post offices  (Clayhall, Ilford, Essex:  C.I.S.S., (1996).  [IP69865]

Hansen, Ostergaard; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 30, Danish perfins:  Posthistorisk Tidsskrift, 2, (1) 156-170 & 2, (2), 220-229. Also published separately as: Catalogue of Danish perfins by Ostergaard Hansen, PosthistoriskTidsskrift, Hobro, Denmark, pp. 25  ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]).[HE6035 .B617s no.30]

Harnden, George H. Perforated initials ([n.l.]: Weekly Philatelic Gossip, 1936). [IP69814]

Jackson, H.T. The Board of Trade perforated official stamps of Great Britain ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]).[IP69807]

Kadocsa, G.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 19, Hole in the stamp:  Filateliai szemle, Mar. 1968, 6([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1978?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.19]

Kneitschel, Victor; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 9, Cancelling with perforating machines: Catalogo de los sellos postales de la Republica Argentine, Vol. 2, 6th edn., Victor Kneitschel, Buenos Aires, 1958, p.548-559 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1977?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.9]

Lagerwall, Tord; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 45, A little about protective perforations: Svensk Filatelistisk Tidskrift, Feb. 1979, (2), 101-105 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1979?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.45]

Larsen, A.J.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 54, Entires-Corner:  Posthistorisk Tidsskrift, 2, (1), 155([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.54]

Lebland, Col.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 8, French issues, vol. 3, The perforated stamps of France (second, third and fourth lists): Le Monde des Philatelistes, study no. 97, Paris, 1968  ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1977?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.8]

Macrimichalos, S.J.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 21, Perfins of Greece and Crete: Philotelia, April 1969, 46, 54-55 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1978?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.21]

Maxa, Vojtech. Katalog der tschechoslowakischen Firmendurchlochungen (Essen: Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Tschechoslowakei, 1972). [IP69837]

Maxa, Vojtech. Katalog perfinu z uzemi Ceskoslovenska  (Hlohovec: Filatelistický klub 08-21, 1972).[G6511 .P438 M463p 1972]

Maxa, Vojtech; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 41, Catalogue of the perfins of the Czechoslovakian area: 2nd edn., Vydal KF 00-65, Prague, 1976, pp. 1-7 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1979?]).  [HE6035 .B617s no.41]

Maxa, Vojtech; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 51, Unfamiliar facts about Czechoslovakian firms’ perforations: Translated from an unknown German publication: 039/1-[039/4] ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.51]

Mazur, P.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 1, Stamps with perforations:  Filateliya SSSR, April 1974, (4), 6-7 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1974?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.1]

Mazur, P.; Birch, Brian. [S.E.P.S. trans. 2?], Stamps with perforations: Filateliya SSSR, Sept. 1972, (9), 38-39 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1974?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.2]

Mazur, P.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 4, More about perforations on postage stamps: Filateliya SSSR, April 1973, (4) V-VI ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1974?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.4]

Mazur, P.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 6, Perforations on Soviet postage stamps: Filateliya SSSR, Dec. 1975, (12), 25-27 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1975?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.6]

Mewhinney, Richard L. A history of the Perfins Club  ([Morristown, New Jersey]: Perfins Club, 1970).[IP69833]

MH Marken GmbH. MH Marken [auction house] (Olten [Switzerland]: MH Marken GmbH, [2018]). [AUCTION MH Marken]

Munk, H.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 58, Australia, official stamps: Kohl – Briefmarken Handbuch, 2nd edn., Verein der Freunde des Kohl – Briefmarken Handbuch, Berlin, Volume 1, 1926, p.140 ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.58]

Munk, H.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 68, Great Britain, Official stamps for the Ministry of Public Works: Kohl-Briefmarken Handbuch, 2nd edn., Verein der Freunde des Kohl-Briefmarken handbuchs, Berlin, Vol. 3, 1931, pp. 823-825 ([Wigan, U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.68]

Neefus, John D.; Laylon, Leonard L. Varieties of the 1920 Schleswig Plebiscite stamps: a pictorial collection of expertized Michel-Deutschland-Spezial Katalog color, plate and overprint varieties (Chesapeake, VA: Plebiscite Publisher, 2005). [IP69856]

Neefus, John D.; Laylon, Leonard L. Varieties of the 1920 Schleswig Plebiscite stamps: pictorial collection of expertized Michel-Deutschland-Spezial Katalog color, plate and overprint varieties   (Chesapeake, VA: Plebiscite Publisher,  2005). [IP69857]

Oldfield, William; Bruce, Victoria. Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society: America’s original gangsters and the U.S. Postal Detective who brought  them to justice  (New York: Touchstone,  c2018). [IP69879; IP69880]

Parson, Robert W. Every word you write– Vichy will be watching you: Surveillance of public opinion in the Gard department 1940-1944: the postal control system during Vichy France (Tucson, Arizona: Wheatmark, 2013). [IP69860]

Perfin Society of Great Britain. [Miscellaneous articles from the SEPS bulletin. Volume 2]  ([n.l.]: Security

Endorsement and Perfin Society of Great Britain, [1964-1968]).  [IP69821]

Perfin Society of Great Britain. [Miscellaneous articles from the SEPS bulletin. Volume 1]  ([n.l.]: [Security Endorsement and Perfin Society of Great Britain],  [1964-1968]). [IP69820]

Perfins Club. Hallock Card award ([n.l.]: [Perfins Club], [1967-1970?]). [IP69830]

Perfins Club. Perfins of railroads and railroad non-operatives, joint associations, bureaus, & agencies ([n.l.]: Perfins Club, 1957).  [IP69811]

Prins, Jan. The perfins of Thomas Cook & Son ([n.l.]: [Perfins Club],  1976). [IP69803]

Randall, John M. Additions & corrections #1 (2002) ([n.l.]: [Perfins Club], 2002). [G3701 .P438 P438c 1998 Add.1]

Ribault, D.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 3, Catalogue of French perfins. Introduction: 1st edition, D. Ribault, France, 1977  ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch], [1977?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.3]

Richerson, Bill. [Index to The Perfins Bulletin (only started) 1945-1963] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [1976?]).[IP69832]

Robert A. Siegel International. The Scarsdale Collection. Part ten, France.: March 13, 2018 (New York, New York:  International Robert A. Siegel in association with Charles F. Shreve, 2018). [NS Scarsdale Collection]

Schuster, E. Die deutsche Mark von 1914-1924 ; I. Photo-Heft sämtliche deutschen Reichsbanknoten, Reichskassen- und Darlehenskassen-Scheine der Vorkriegs-, Kriegs- und Inflationszeit ; II. Die Briefmarken des Deutschen Reiches von 1914-1924, von 2 Pf.-Germania- bis zur 50 Milliarden-Marke mit allen Nebenausgaben und Provisorien (Nürnberg: E. Schuster, Philatelistischer Verlag, [1924?]). [IP69897]

Schweizerischer Aerophilatelisten-Verein. Schweizerisches Luftpost-Handbuch: Schweiz, Leichtenstein, UNO-Genf (Giebenach: Verlag Multiprint,  2018). [HE6238 .S413s 2018]

Sekowski, A.; Birch, Brian. S.E.P.S. trans. 52, Private perforations used in Warsaw: … published in 1972 on pages 10-12 of a Polish philatelic magazine  ([Wigan? U.K.]: [B. Birch],  [1983?]). [HE6035 .B617s no.52]

Snow, Raymond A. [1971-72 correspondence regarding the First National Bank of Boston perfin]([Liverpool]: Perfins Club, [1971-1972]). [IP69826]

Spaudling, Chuck. 1995 United States perfins survey of members missing perfins ([n.l.]: [Perfins Club], 1996). [IP69815]

Spaulding, Chuck. Index of United States perfin users  ([Rockville Centre, NY]: Chuck Spaulding, 1996).  [IP69823]

Spaulding, Chuck. Rev-perfs work sheets (Rockville Centre, NY:  [Perfins Club], [1999-2002]).[IP69816]

Sperring, Robert. A checklist of perfins on the United States parcel post stamps (Q1-Q12) (Trenton, NJ: Robert Sperring ; [distributed by Perfins Club], 1973). [IP69810]

Sterling Kingbrook Auctions. Sterling Kingbrook Auctions [auction house] (Brighton, MI: Sterling Kingbrook Auctions, [2018]).[AUCTION Sterling Kingbrook]

Stump, David C. [Articles by David C. Stump] ([n.l.]: [n.p.],  [1970-1975]). [IP69834]

Swalwell, Irving V. Historical membership information, roster and master index, 1945 thru 1966 (22 calendar years) (Perfins Club: Perfins Club, 1967). [IP69829]

United States Postal Service. Southwest Area Update (Dallas TX:  Southwest Area Corporate Communication Center,  [2011-]).[GOV DOC Southeast Area Update]

United States Postal Service. Southern Area Update (Dallas TX:  Southern Area Corporate Communication Center,  [2012-]). [GOV DOC Southern Area Update]

Van Lint, Victor J. Illustrated catalog of Belgian perfins  ([Fontana, Calif.?]: Victor J. Van Lint, c1958).[IP69822]

Van Someren, Randall W. The colours and shades of Canada’s admiral stamps (Ottawa, Canada: BNAPS Admiral Study Group, 2018).  [IP69859]

Vosse, L.B. Dai Nippon (Heiloo [Netherlands]: Dai Nippon, [2005-2008]).  [JOURNAL Dai Nippon]

Walker, Floyd A.; Cain, Claude W. Perfin words make perfin poetry, or, A treatise on perfin words / by Floyd A. Walker ; Word perfins on United States stamps / compiled by Floyd A. Walker, rareness factor by Claude W. Cain ([Kansas City, Missouri]:  Perfins Club, [n.d.]).  [IP69813; IP40145]