New Resources at the APRL, July 2018

APRL new acquisitions for July 2018. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

Adachi, Sunao. Japanese perfins ([Delta, B.C., Canada]: [n.p.], [1972]). [IP69848]

Adachi, Tadashi. Indispensable possession pierced stamps (Tokyo: [n.p.], Showa 25 [1950]). [IP69846; IP69845]

American Philatelic Society. Getting the most out of APS Summer Seminar: includes a First Day of Issue Ceremony, June 27 at the Philatelic Center (Bellefonte, PA: American Philatelic Society, 2018). [APS Archives 2018]

Association Nationale de Collectionneurs de Timbres Perfores. ANCOPER [auction house ([France]: Association Nationale de Collectionneurs de Timbres Perfores, [1992-2000?]). [AUCTION ANCOPER]

Association Nationale de Collectionneurs de Timbres Perfores. ANCOPER (S.E.P.S. Trans.). English: bulletin de liaison ([France]: Association Nationale de Collectionneurs de Timbres Perfores, 1977-[1980]). [JOURNAL ANCOPER (S.E.P.S. Trans.)]

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lochungen. Lochungen Rundbrief: Mitteilungsblatt der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lochungen (Köln: Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Firmen- und behördlich Lochungen, [1982-1984]).[JOURNAL Lochungen Rundbrief]

Bair, Paul Fulton. Perforated initials ([n.l.]: Paul Fulton Bair, [n.d.]). [IP69850]

Bergman, Leif. Swedish perfins (Lidingo, Sweden: Sveriges Filatelist-Forbund i samarbete med Samlarforeningen Baltespannarna,, 1981). [G6951 .P438 B499 1981z]

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Firmen- und behördliche Lochungen. Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Firmen- und behördliche Lochungen Rundbrief (Köln: Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Firmen- und behördliche Lochungen, [1978-1981]). [JOURNAL Lochungen Rundbrief]

Cardona, Jose A. Perfins of Portugal, Azores, Madeira and ex-colonies ([Lisbon, Portugal]: [Jose A. Cardona], [2003]). [IP69851]

Courtney, R. Howard; Edelstein, Martin. Catalog of 1932 Washington bicentennial event covers([United States?]: [n.p.], c2018). [IP69794]

Dansk Perfin Samlerklub. Perfin-Posten ([Denmark]: Dansk Perfin Samlerklub, [1987-2007]). [JOURNAL Perfin Posten]

Diamanti, Kellen; Fisher, Deborah. Stamp of the Century (Bellefonte, PA: American Philatelic Society, 2018). [IP69796 NEW]

Dipaolo, Bill. Puerto Rico during the Spanish American War 1898-1900: a postal history study ([IP69795 NEW]

Engelbrecht, Peter. Perfinisten = Perfinist (Brenderup Fyn, DK: Peter Engelbrecht, [1980-1983]).[JOURNAL Perfinisten]

Everett, R. A catalogue of the perfins of Portugal and Portuguese overseas provinces (Braintree, Essex, England, UK: R. Everett, c1988). [IP69853]

Everett, R.P. A catalogue of Spanish perfins (Braintree, Essex, England, UK: RPE, c1985). [IP69852]

Fischer, Andrzej. Przeglad filatelistyczny (Fischer) (Bytom [Poland]: Fischer, [2002-2010]).[JOURNAL Przeglad filatelistyczny (Fischer)]

Holyoake, Alan. Great Britain, the British Post Office from 1635 inception through to the introduction and first day usages of the postage stamp: the Collectors Club of New York, Wednesday, 20th June 2018 ([London]: Alan Holyoake (London, UK : Designed and prepared for the press by Merriton Sharp ; Ringwood, Hampshire, UK : Printed by Pardy & Son), 2018). [IP69790]

Holyoake, Alan. Great Britain, the development and use of the first issues: the Collectors Club (New York), 1 April 2009 ([U.K.]: Alan Holyoake (London, UK : Designed and prepared for the press by Merrion Sharp ; Ringwood, Hampshire, UK : Printed by Pardy & Son), c2009). [IP69791]

Horn, Gini. [APS and APRL photographs] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [ca.1996-2010?]). [R10 P2 S6 CLOSED STACKS 2]

Maxa, Vojtech. Perfins of Hungary ([n.l.]: Magyar Philatelic Society of Great Britain, [1976?]). [G6501 .P438 M463c 1976b]

Maxa, Vojtech. The perfins of Hungary ([n.l.]: , [1973]). [G6501 .P438 M463c 1973]

Migliavacca, Giorgio. Compendium of the history of the posts in Italy from antiquity to the Third Millenium ([Como, Italy]: Published by C.I.F.O. (Collezionisti Italiani di Francobolli Ordinari = Italian Collectors of Definitive Stamps), c2017). [IP69793 NEW]

Philatelic Society of Pittsburgh. Philatelic Society of Pittsburgh [year] yearbook (Philatelic Society of Pittsburgh, [1939-1946]).[JOURNAL Philatelic Society of Pittsburgh yearbook]

Rubec, Clayton D.A. Perfins on Canadian Federal and Provincial revenue stamps (Ottawa, Ontario: Clayton D.A. Rubec, February 1983). [G3401 .P438 R89p 1983]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries. The Barry P. Fletcher collection of Colombian air post issues 1919-192: November 14, 2017 (New York, N.Y.: International Robert A. Siegel in association with Charles F. Shreve, 2017). [NS Fletcher, Barry P.]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries. The James P. Myerson collection pioneer flight mail 1910-1916: March 8, 2018 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, 2018). [NS Myerson, James P.]

Slemons, Thomas. Suffolk postal history and postal markings to 1844: the postal history of Suffolk and a replacement of the Suffolk chapter of the British county catalogue (Melton Mowbray, UK: Stuart Rossiter Trust (Hitchin, Herts. : Alford Printing Services), 2017). [IP69792]

Swenson, C.M. Topical perfin listing (Largo, Florida: C.M. Swanson : Distributed by the Perfins Club, 1964). [IP69854]

Topping, William. Yukon Airways and Exploration Company Limited: a pioneer air mail company(Vancouver: Topping Books, 1996). [IP69798]

Toth, Garry; Hillger, Don. Space weather, a philatelic journey: Solar and space effects on Earth and other planets and on humans and their technology (Carterville, IL: American Topical Association, 2017). [HE6183 .A1 A512a no.166 NEW]

Virginy, Guy Buvat de. Los sellos oficiales de Venezuela ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]). [IP69849]

Werner, Magnus. The perfins of India and Indian States. Supplement [#1-no.2] ([Waukesha, WI]: The Perfins Club, 1994, 1998). [G7651 .P438 W494p Suppl. 1994-98]

Williamhouse Sales Corporation. Envelope guide (Morristown, TN: Williamhouse Sales Corporation, 1996). [R9 P5 S4 CLOSED STACKS 2]