New Resources at the APRL, June 2018

APRL new acquisitions for June 2018. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

Barbelin, Herve. À l’aube de la philatélie, Oscar Berger-Levrault, ouvrages et correspondances (1860-1869) ([Pont-a-Mousson, France]: Académie de Philatélie (Canéjan : Imprimeur Copymédia), c2018). [IP 68589 NEW]

Bhatnagar, O.P. Jaipur Raj Postal Administration (Bani Park, Jaipur, [India]: [n.p.], [1995]). [G7653 .J25 B575j]

Brunel, Georges, b. 1861. Les timbres-poste de l’Ile Maurice: emmissions de 1847 à 1898, ouvrage illustré de 95 figures et de 9 planches, dont une en couleurs (Paris: Editions Philatelia, 1928). [G9185 .B894t 1928 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Cook, Christopher D., 1982-. The 1965 United States Dante stamp (Columbus, Ohio: Silver Anchor Press, 2017). [G3701 .C734 C77n 2017 CLOSED STACKS 1]

East Africa Study Circle. East Africa Study Circle, a display to the Royal Philatelic Society London, 15th February 2018 celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the foundation of the East Africa Study Circle ([London]: RPSL, [2018]). [IP68499]

Eeles, C. David. 3 cent carmine and black postage due issue [exhibit] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [2018]). [IP70005]

Eeles, C. David. Why United States stamps are tagged [exhibit] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [2018]). [IP70006]

Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner. Collection Peter Zgonc, Togo, British & French occupation: April 7, 2018 (Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany: C.G., 2018). [NS Zgonc, Peter]

Godfrey, Eldon C. Foreign exchange control in Canada, the role of Canada post 1939-1951 [exhibit] (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelist Society, 2018). [IP68504]

Gryzewski, Tadeusz; Gobby, Elizabeth; Mazepa, James. The stamps and postal service of the First Polish Corps in Russia ([n.l.]: [Polonus Philatelic Society], c1977). [G6521 .M644 P778o 1977b]

Gryzewski, Tadeusz. The scout field post in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 (Chicago, Illinois: Polonus Philatelic Society, [1961?]). [G6524 .W37 G895s Reprint 1961zb]

Harper, Alf. German occupied Poland ([n.l.]: [Polonus Philatelic Society], 2006). [G6521 .O15 H293g 2006]

Higlett, G.A. (George Allen), 1860-1940. A mystery solved (Perth: Wood & Son, Printers, [1930?]).[HE6184 .H925 H63ℓ no.24 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Higlett, G.A. (George Allen), 1860-1940. Sailing sideways (Perth: Wood & Son, Printers, [1927?]).[HE6184 .H925 H63ℓ no.13 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Higlett, G.A. (George Allen), 1860-1940. Niue magic (Perth: Wood & Son, Printers, [1932?]). [HE6184 .H925 H63ℓ no.30 CLOSED STACKS 1]

Jankauskas, Antanas. Lietuva specializuotas pasto zenklu katalogas, 1918-2012 = Special Lithuanian postage stamp catalogue, 1918-2012 ([Kaunas, Lithuania]: Antanas Jankauskas, 2012). [IP68475]

Jankauskas, Antanas. Lietuva specializuotas pasto zenklu katalogas, 1918-2012, papildymai, 2012-2017 = Special Lithuanian postage stamp catalogue, 1918-2012, additions, 2012-2017 (Kaunas [Lithuania]: Antanas Jankauskas, 2017). [IP68476]

Jasiunas, E. Apžvalginis leidinys, 1946-1981 (Chicago: Filatelistų draugija “Lietuva”, 1982). [IP68478]

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions. The Deacon collection of worldwide stamps & covers, featuring Europe including states, offices and colonial issues, extensive Latin America: February 8, 2018, Danbury, CT (Bethel, CT: Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, 2018). [NS Deacon]

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions. The Steven R. Burke collection of elusive worldwide stamps 1850-1923: May 15, 2018 (Danbury, CT: Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, 2018). [NS Burke, Steven R.]

Keller, Thomas. Die Verkehrsentwicklung und die Organisation der Schiffspost auf dem Zürichsee im 19. Jahrhundert (Küsnacht [Swizerland]: Eigenverlag Thomas Keller, 1994). [IP68497]

Keller, Thomas. Die Schiffspost auf dem Walen- und Zürichsee im 19. Jahrhundert. Band II(Küsnacht [Swizerland]: Thomas Keller (Schaanwald [Switzerland] : Druck+Media-Service AG), [2017?]). [IP68498]

Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus. Greek territories, the Johann Ulrich Schmitt collection: March 21, 2018 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus, 2018). [NS Schmitt, Johann Ulrich]

Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus. Baltic states stamps and postal history, the Dr. Matteo Lucibello collection: March 19, 2018(Wiesbaden: Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus, 2018). [NS Lucibello, Matteo]

Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus. Königreich Sachsen, die Franko-Couverts, die Sammlung Arnim Knapp: March 24, 2018(Wiesbaden: Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus, 2018). [NS Knapp, Arnim]

Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus. Faroe Islands postal history 1751 to 1948, the Geoffrey Noer collection: March 21, 2018(Wiesbaden: Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus, 2018). [NS Noer, Geoffrey]

Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus. Herzogtum Braunschweig, die Sammlung “Brunsviga”: March 24, 2018 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus, 2018). [NS Brunsviga]

Heinrich Kohler Auktionshaus. SCADTA: May 17-20, 2006 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2006). [NS SCADTA]

Kubilas, Aleksandras. World War II Russian-German occupations in Lithuania: Catalogue = Katalog (Vilnius: LKA Lithuanian Collectors’ Association, 1997). [IP69218]

Kulpinski, Chris. Polish aerographs and letter forms, World War II ([Scottsdale, AZ]: C. Kulpinski, 2004, c2003). [IP69223]

Kuwait Philatelic & Numismatic Society. Al-Posta (Souk Al-Dakhly, Kuwait: Kuwait Philatelic & Numismatic Society, [2017, c2015]). [JOURNAL Posta (Kuwait)]

Langlais, Louis-Eugene. La Colombie, de la Confédération Grenadine à la création des États-Unis de Colombie: Histoire et poste 1858-1864 ([Pont-a-Mousson, France]: Académie de Philatélie (Canejean : Imprimeur Copymedia), c2018). [IP68588 NEW]

Lordahl, Erik. German concentration camps 1933-1945: history, related philatelic material and system of registration of inmate mail (Tarnasen, Norway: War and Philabooks Ltd., 2000). [IP69219 v.1; IP69220 v.2 pt.1; IP69221 v.2 pt.2]

Loso, Foster W. (Foster William), 1902-1952.; Fishback, Hamilton R. (Dell). Loso and deWindt’s 20th century U.S. fancy cancelations ([New York? NY]: H.R. Fishback ; W.C. Walker, c1987.). [G3701 .P857 L881t 1987]

Mowbray Collectables. Jim Shaw public stamp auction. Part 2, New Zealand commemoratives & errors, express delivery and newspaper stamps, etc.: March 17, 2018 (Wellington, NZ: Mowbray Collectables, 2018). [NS Shaw, Jim]

Nelson, Marian. Guide to worldwide postal-code & address formats (New York, NY, USA: Nelson Intersearch Company, [2000]). [IP68477]

Ottolenghi, Gustavo, 1932-. Storia postale dell’antisemitismo nazista, 1933-1945 = Postal history of the Nazi-anti-semitism, 1933-1945 (Carnago (Varese): SugarcoEdizioni, c1996). [IP69217]

Parker, David. European stamp issues of the Second World War: images of triumph, deceit and despair (Stroud, Glouestershire [U.K.]: The History Press, 2015). [IP70001 NEW]

Philatelists Association of Thailand. P.A.T. newsletter: the monthly publication of the Philatelists Association of Thailand (Bangkok: Philatelists Association of Thailand, [1997-1998]). [JOURNAL PAT Newsletter]

Postiljonen. The Gummesson collection of Finland. Part 4: March 17, 2018 (Malmö: AuctionHouse international Postiljonen, 2018). [NS Gummesson, Rolf]

Ragan, M.A. Rayall de. Handbook of Upper Silesia ([n.l.]: Polonus Philatelic Society, 2005). [IP69224]

Rodriguez, Pio S. Philippine Japanese occupation 1942-1945: postal issues/covers and military field posts mails : a compilation of exhibit materials, literatures, catalogue information and guides in collecting (Manila, Philippines: Mateo’s Stamp Album, 2016). [G8061 .P856 R696 2016]

Sagar, Michael. The money order office number (MOON) cancellations, Newfoundland, Yukon, Northwest Territories and the military (1950-73) (Richmond, BC, Canada: Michael Sagar, c2018).[G3401 .P857 S129mn 2018]

Spink. Brunei, the collection formed by Bill Toye: April 19, 2018 (London: Spink, 2018). [NS Toye, Bill]

Spink. The Brian Brookes collection of St. Kitts-Nevis: January 23, 2018 (London: Spink, 2018). [NS Brookes, Brian]

Verlag Ludwig Simon. Mit der Kraftpost durch das schöne Deutschland  (Berlin: Reichspostministerium ; Verlag Ludwig Simon, [1936?]). [IP68474]

Wagner, Richard L. The Allied Military Government postal service in Germany, 1945-1949 ([n.l.]: [Polonus Philatelic Society], 2005). [G6081 .P859 W134am 2005]

Worthinton, Wayne. US Army at war in the Panama Canal Zone, a postal history (Springfield VA: [n.p.], Summer 2011). [IP70002 NEW]

Wurttembergisches Auktionshaus. 131. Auktion, mit Sammlungen Dr. Helmut Schmidt und Dr. Wilhelm Goldmann: March 27-28, 2018 (Stuttgart: Wurttembergisches Auktionshaus, 2018). [NS Schmidt, Helmut]

Wurttembergisches Auktionshaus. 131. Auktion, Deutsche Kolonien und Auslandspostamter, mit Sammlungen Dr. Helmut Schmidt und Dr. Wilhelm Goldmann: March 28, 2018 (Stuttgart: Wurttembergisches Auktionshaus, 2018). [NS Schmidt, Helmut]

Yugoslavia Study Group. Jugoposta: journal of the Yugoslavia Study Group ([United Kingdom]: Yugoslavia Study Group, [2010- ]). [JOURNAL Jugoposta]