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APRL acquisitions, March 2018. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

Adema, Kees; Groeneveld, Jeffrey. The paper trail: World War II in Holland and its colonies as seen through mail and documents (London [Great Britain]: Royal Philatelic Society London, 2018).[IP67522]

Baer, Martin. CH perfins: Die privat Gelochten Marken der Schweiz = Les timbres perfores privees de Suisse = The private perfins of Switzerland (Zürich: Martin Baer, 1998). [G6041 .P438 B14c 1998]

Barrett, Rick. Buffalo cinderellas: the gentleman, the huckster and the Pan American Exposition (Houston, TX: Rick Barrett Publishing, 2018). [HE6184 .E96 B27b 2018]

Chadderton, Bruce. Descent into the abyss: the Shoah, a philatelic retelling (Northfield, OH: The educational fund, Society of Israel Philatelists, Inc., 2012). [HE6183 .H754 C43d 2012]

Coles, John. Design, trade mark & monogram perfins (Kidlington, Oxford: John Coles, [n.d.]).[IP67451]

Coles, John. Shipping perfins (Kidlington, Oxford: John Coles, [n.d.]). [IP67452]

Dedecker, R.; Dumas, Olivier. Timbres perfores de France ([France]: Association Nationale des Collectionneurs de Timbres Perforés, [2014]). [G5831 .P438 D299t 2014]

Edwards, T.A. Y catalog bach perffinau Cymraeg = Catalogue of Welsh perfins ([Wales]: Cymdeithas Perftinau, 1985). [G5761 .P438 E27c 1985]

Edwards, T.A.; Lucas, B.C. A catalogue of Great Britain Perfins (Northwood, Middx, United Kingdom: Perfin Society, [1986?-1990]). [G5741 .P438 E26c]

Enschedé, E.J. List of the perfins of Nederland, Curaçao-Nederlandse Antillen and Nederlandsch Indië ([n.l.]: [E.J. Enschede?], 1967). [G6001 .P438 E597ℓ 1967]

Enschedé, E.J. List of the perfins of the Netherlands, Curaçao, the Netherlands Antilles, the Netherlands Indies (Utrecht: E.J. Enschede, 1976). [G6001 .P438 E597ℓ 1976]

Erós, László. Catalog de perforaţii Româneşti (Cluj-Napoca: László Erós, 1983). [G6881 .P438 E71c 1983]

Ettre, Leslie S. Hungarian stamps with official punching; Hungarian stamps with official punching, some corrected data; Regarding the Hungarian stamps with three-hole punching ([n.l.]: The Perfins Club, 1971). [IP67454]

Fejtek, Vaclav; Marencik, Jan; Kubenka, Jaroslav; Kotek, Tichomir. Katalóg perfinov z územia Slovenska (Ko?ice: Skupina zberateľov perfinov, 1997). [G6516 .P438 F31k 1997]

Fitzgerald, Edward; Warren, Brian. The Gerl definitives (of Ireland): list of updates  ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [2010]). [G5781 .D313 W286g Suppl. 2010]

Gault, Roy. The Perfin Society’s New illustrated catalogue of Great British perfins. Section J-Details  ([Burbage]: Perfin Society of Great Britain, 2016). [G5741 .P438 G27p Sect.J 2016]

Gault, Roy. The Perfin Society’s New illustrated catalogue of Great British perfins. Updates for all sections – Details ([Burbage]: Perfin Society of Great Britain, 2016). [G5741 .P438 G27p Updates 2016]

Gault, Roy. The Perfin Society’s New illustrated catalogue of Great British perfins. Decimal Machin list for all sections ([Burbage]: Perfin Society of Great Britain, 2016). [G5741 .P438 G27p Machin 2016]

Gleadall, Mary. The Tudway letters ([Javea, Alicante, Spain]: British West Indies Study Circle (Printed by Lightning Source), 2016). [IP67514]

Hafner, Peter E. The pin perf collector’s bulletin (New York, N.Y.: Peter E. Hafner, [1937]). [JOURNAL Pin Perf Collector’s Bulletin]

Hammink, Ruud J. De geschiedenis van de POKO postzegelplakmachine (Tilburg, Nederland: Perfin Club Nederland, 1993). [IP67469]

Hammink, Ruud J.; Hoorn, Jac M. van der. Perfins van België = Timbres perforés de Belgique = The perfins of Belgium  (Tilburg, Nederland: Perfin Club Nederland, 1997). [G6011 .P438 H22p 1997]

Hansen, Ostergaard. Danske perforeringer (Middelfart: Østergaard Hansen, [n.d.]). [G6921 .P438 H25d]

Hansen, Poul Elman; Krolak, Jan; Møller, John; Fauerbo, Per. Prisliste 2001, katalog over danske firmaperforeringer ([Copenhagen]: DPS, 2001). [G6921 .P438 D75p 2001]

Kruse, Alfred. Firmenlochungen des ehemaligen Jugoslawien = Perfins of the former Yugoslavia: Vom Beginn der k.u.k.-Zeit bis zum 2. Weltkrieg = From the beginning of the k.u.k.-period to the World War II (Oyten [Germany]: Verlag make a book, 2011). [G6841 .P438 K95f 2011]

Lavender, Mervyn. Perfins of Malaysia  (Eastleigh, UK: M. Lavender (Bournemouth : Printed by Dalkeith Press), 2002). [G8031 .P438 L39p 2002]

Lente, István. Hungarian perfins = A Magyar Perfinek Katalógusa:  céglyukasztások magyar bélyegeken (Budapest: Lente István, 2007). [IP67457]

Manchester, NH Stamp Club. Q-mail:  newsletter of the Manchester, NH Stamp Club (Manchester, NH: Manchester, NH Stamp Club, [2018]). [JOURNAL Q-mail]

Mathews, John. Handbook of Australian private perfins (Kambah, A.C.T., Australia: John Mathews, [2002]). [G8961 .P438 M43h 2002]

Murphy, Raymond H., Jr. Irish official mail 1922-1983 ([n.l.]: Éire Philatelic Association, 2017).[G5781 .O32 M98i 2017]

Nixon, Jack. Canada 1952-57 wildlife series [exhibit]: a traditional 48 page exhibit showing the stamps, introductory material, copies signed by the designers, varieties and proper commercial postal usages ([n.l.]: [n.p.], 2017). [G3401 .D313 N74c 2017]

Perez Rodriguez, Florentino.  Catalogo perforaciones, classic y modernas, en los sellos de correos de España ([n.l.]: Florentino Pérez Rodríguez (Imprime Graficas Aguado), 1992). [G6561 .P438 P44c 1992]

Perfin Club of New Zealand and Australia. South Pacific perfin bulletin (Upper Hutt, New Zealand : Winmalee NSW Australia:  Perfin Club of New Zealand and Australia,  [1987?-2005]). [JOURNAL South Pacific Perfin Bulletin]

Perfin Society. The Perfins Society bulletins 1957-2003, index to bulletins 1957-2000, library abstracts November 2004, library index November 2004 [electronic resource] (Sevenoaks [United Kingdom]: Perfin Society Library, [2003]). [JOURNAL G.B. Perfin Society Bulletin]

Perfin Society of Great Britain. The Stamp Show 2000. The Perfin Society exhibit – An Illustrated history of Great British perfins (Perfin Society of Great Britain, [2000]). [G5741 .P438 G27s 2000 EXHIBIT]

Perfins Club. Introduction to U.S. revenue perfins ([United States]: Perfins Club, [n.d.]). [G3701 .P438 P438i]

Quapichnüüt, Laurence. Les principaux offices émetteurs de timbres de Dam Batai et pays circonvoisins: Philatélie et mail art/art postal (Éditions Tlidgafo, 2017-2018).  [IP67523 v.1; IP67524 v.2; IP67525 v.3; IP67526 v.4; IP67527 v.5; IP67528 v.6; IP67529 v.7; IP67530 v.8]

Rimer, Moshe. These Purim days: a philatelic Book of Esther (Bellefonte, PA: Educational Fund, Society of Israel Philatelists, Inc. c/o American Philatelic Society, 2018). [HE6183 .J92 R575t 2018]

Robert A. Siegel Auctions. Confederate states covers, the collection of Col. David Kohn, Washington, D.C., sold by his order: October 29-30, 1970 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auctions, 1970). [NS Kohn, David]

Robert A. Siegel Auctions. The Henry H. Clifford collection, western postal history covers, ocean mail, overland mail, Pony Express, Via Nicaragua, Noisy Carrier, western express franks, western locals, western postmarks, philatelic literature, sold by the order of Mr. Henry H. Clifford, Pasadena, California: January 22-23, 1969 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auctions, 1969). [NS Clifford, Henry H.]

Samuel, R.D. New Zealand perfins ([n.l.]: R.D. Samuel, [n.d.]). [G9081 .P438 S193np]

Schoen, Robert H.; DeVoss, James T.; Harvey, Jack V. Counterfeit Kansas-Nebraska Overprints on 1922-34 Issue / by Robert H. Schoen and James T. DeVoss ; First day covers of the Kansas-Nebraska Overprints / by Jack V. Harvey (State College, PA: American Philatelic Society, 1989, c1973). [G3701 .O96 S365c 1989]

Shirolkar, A.G. Indian cancellations and postmarks (1854-1900) ([n.p.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]). [G7651 .P857 S56i EXHIBIT]

Van Lint, Margaret; Van Lint, Victor J.; Enschede, E.J. List of Danish Perfins (Fontana, California: Victor J. VanLint, 1956). [G6921 .P438 V259ℓ 1956]

Van Lint, Margaret; Van Lint, Victor J.; Enschede, E.J. List of Danish Perfins (Fontana, California: Victor J. VanLint, 1956). [G6921 .P438 V259ℓ 1956b]

Van Lint, Victor J. Album for official perfins ([Fontana, Calif.?]: Victor J. van Lint, 1958). [IP67472]

Van Lint, Victor J. Catalogue of illustrations of British perfins ([Fontano, Calif.?]: Victor J. Van Lint, c1959). [G5741 .P438 V259c 1959]

Wain, Harry C. The story of fluorescence: an explanation of ultraviolet fluorescence with experiments and a descriptive list of fluorescent minerals (Stafford Springs, CT: Raytech Industries, c1965). [HE6184 .L957 R277s 1965c]

Zaluski, Edward, 1941-. Canadian revenues. Volume Eight [electronic resource]: Federal, provincial and territorial revenue stamps, most franks, seals and labels, and WWII ration books and coupons([n.l.]: Edward Zaluski, 2017, c2014). [G3401 .R451 Z22c v.8]

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