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 book coverAddendum M, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada perforators ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]). [In process 000066403; In process 000066404]

Andersen, D.W. Perfins of Tasmania ([n.l.]: D.W. Andersen, 1985). [G9061 .P438 A54p 1985]

Arato, Steven. AZ 1874-81-es elso tipusu 3 krajcaros v. oszlopanak metszetjavitasai = Reengraving repairs on the fifth column of the 1874-81 3 krajcar type I stamp ([n.l.]: Society for Hungarian Philately, c1994). [G6501 .P718 A66a 1994]

Australian States perfin catalog: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia + updates. ([n.l.]: South Pacific perfins bulletin, [ca. 1987-1990]). [G8961 .P438 S73s]

Bard, Leslie A. Airmail rates from Palestine to the Americas: from 3 August 1933 to 30 April 1948 (Carmel, CA: Leslie A. Bard, 2007). [In process 000066356]

Bingham, Derek. Thailand, the Att(s) surcharges of Rama V 1889-1908 [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: Derek Bingham, 2017).

Bingham, Derek. Thailand, the definitive stamps of H.M. King Bhumipol Adulyadej (Rama IX) [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: Derek Bingham, 2017).

Bose, Walter B.L. Argentine perforated stamps: first published in the Review of the Argentine Philatelic Society, Buenos Aires, 1952, No. 385 and 386 and reprinted with revisions as a separate monography Buenos Aires 1953 ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [1953]). [G5351 .P438 B743s 1953z]

Bose, Walter B.L. Sellos postales perforados de la Republica Argentina (Buenos Aires: Fundacion Walter B.L. Bose, 1985). [In process 000066401]

British North American Philatelic Society. Perfin Study Group. Canadian stamps with perforated initials (Toronto : British North America Philatelic Society : Published and distributed by Unitrade Press, 5th ed. 2012 [with updates through 11-2017). [G3401 .P438 B862c 2017]

Chimed-Ochir, Dorlig. Mongol mark sonirkhogchdyn garyn avlaga = Handbook for collectors of Mongolian stamp (Үлаанбаатар Хот [Ulaanbaatar City]: “Ochirpress”, 2016). [G7895 .C54m 2016]

Ciesielski, Greg. 2017 update to Catalog of United States Naval postmarks (5th edition) ([n.l.]: Universal Ship Cancellation Society, c2017). [G3701 .M644 H162h 1997 Upd.2017]

[Clipping file, Perfins – Argentina] (Various locations: Various publishers, [1912-1998]). [CLIPPING FILE Perfins-Argentina]

book cover[Clipping file, Perfins – Australia] (Various locations: Various publishers, [1894-1984]). [CLIPPING FILE Perfins-Australia]

[Clipping file, Perfins – Canada] (Various places: Various publishers, [1938-1982]). [CLIPPING FILE Perfins-Canada]

[Clipping file, Perfins – France] (Various locations: Various publishers, [1955-1976]). [CLIPPING FILE Perfins-France]

[Clipping file, Perfins – Uruguay] (Various locations: Various publishers, [1962-2003]). [CLIPPING FILE Perfins-Uruguay]

Corrections of, and additions to, the 1962-1965 [sic] mimeographed perfin catalogue ; Additions and corrections [1969-June 20, 1974] (Devon, Penna.: D.C. Stump, [1968-]). [In process 000066369]

Corrections of, and additions to, the 1962-1965 [sic] mimeographed perfin catalogue ; Additions and corrections [1969-June 20, 1974] [electronic resource] (Devon, Penna.: D.C. Stump, [1968-]). [CD Perfins Club]

Dalpé, Jean-Guy. Checklist of stamps punched by companies in the province of Quebec ([n.l.]: Jean-Guy Dalpé, 1981). [G3451 .P438 D15c 1981]

Datz, Stephen R. Errors: inverts, imperforates, colors omitted on United States postage stamps (Loveland, Colorado: General Philatelic Corp., c1986.). [G3701 .E72 D234e 1988]

Franks, Laurie. Tasman Australian States catalogue (Christchurch, N.Z.: Laurie Franks Ltd., [1970]). [G8961 .P438 F834t 1970]

Germany Philatelic Society. Germany Philatelic Society Annual Convention ([n.l.]: Germany Philatelic Society, [2017]). [US SHOW Germany Philatelic Society]

Geschichten und Geschichte: Heimatbelege und Ansichtskarten sammeln (Göttingen: Philapress, 2016). [In process 000066415]

Groten, Arthur H.; Pitts, David R. Bermuda, crossroads of the Atlantic: a postal history (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania: American Philatelic Society, 2017). [G9121 .P856 G881b 2017]

Groten, Arthur H.; Pitts, David R. Bermuda, crossroads of the Atlantic [electronic resource]: a postal history, cover census & additional content (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania: American Philatelic Society, 2017). [G9121 .P856 G881b 2017 CD]

Guhl, Klaus. Vereinte Nationen 1942-1951 ([Kiel]: Klaus Guhl, 2017). [In process 000066359]

H.R. Harmer. Selection of classic British North America and United States postal history from the Joseph Hackmey collection, American Philatelic Society StampShow 2017… Richmond, VA: August 5, 2017 (Tustin, CA: H.R. Harmer, 2017). [NS Hackmey, Joseph]

book coverInterasia Auctions Limited. The Nostalgia collection, the French connection mail to and from China, Indochina and Japan: June 26, 2016 (Hong Kong: Interasia Auctions Limited, 2016). [NS Nostalgia Collection]

Johnson, Jonathan. Province of Saskatchewan: the history of perforated initials in the Provincial Tresury [sic] (Delta, B.C., Canada: Jonathan Johnson, 1978). [In process 000066370]

KF 54-01. Perfin: neperiodický spravodajca zberatel’ov perfinov (Kosice [Slovakia]: KF 54-01, [2002-2003]). [JOURNAL Perfin]

Lee, Howard; Vernon, D.H. Cancellation study of the U.S. Territories in the Pacific / by Howard Lee ; edited by D.H. Vernon, and, Cancellations of American Samoa / by D.H. Vernon ([Great Britain]: Pacific Islands Study Circle of Great Britain,, [19–]). [G1 Pac/Territor. Lee]

Lichtman, Keith. Overrun countries series. Book 6, The Belgium stamp and its varieties: a guide to the different varieties and values of the 1943 Belgium stamp (Staten Island, New York: Keith Lichtman, c2017). [G3701 .C734 L699ob 2017]

Lougee, K.F. U.S. perfins ([Devon, Penna.]: The Perfins Club, [n.d.]). [G3701 .P438 P438c]

Lougee, K.F. U.S. perfins [electronic resource] ([Devon, Penna.]: The Perfins Club, [n.d.]). [CD Perfins Club]

[Match factory newspaper clippings, matches, souvenir]  [R10 P1 S5 CLOSED STACKS 2]

Maxa, Vojtech. Katalog perfinu Balkanskych zemi (Praha: KR 00-65, 1984). [G6801 .P438 M463k 1984]

Maxa, Vojtěch. Katalog perfinu z uzemi Ceskoslovenska (Praha: [Klub filatelistů] KF 00-65, 1976). [G6511 .P438 M463p 1976]

Maxa, Vojtěch; Fejtek, Václav; Janeček, Ladislav. Katalog perfinu z uzemi Ceskoslovenska = Perfins of Czechoslovakia (Tilburg, Nederland: Perfin Club Nederland, 1997). [G6511 .P438 M463p 1997]

McNamee, David. Focus on the holes: perfins on Tasmanian stamps, an exhibit ([n.l.]: David McNamee, 2001). [G9061 .P438 M48f 2001 EXIHBIT]

Mead, Lawrence R. Redford Township Michigan: a philatelic survey from 1824 (Rochester Hills, Michigan: Lawrence R. Mead, 2017). [In process 000066357]

Perfins Club. [Perfins pubs][electronic resource]: Lougee 1962-1965 (Mimeo. catalog) ; Lougee 1969-75 Additions & corrections pages ; VanLint 1958 Perfins pattern ([n.l.]: Perfins Club, 2017). [CD Perfins Club]

book coverPeterson, Don. The 1881 Spanish Philippines typeset overprinted postal issues: a new discovery (Brunswick, MD: Don Peterson (Frederick, Maryland : Sir Speedy Printing), c2017). [In process 000066358]

Puttick & Simpson. Catalogue of the fine collection of the postage stamps of the United States formed by Sir Nicholas Waterhouse: November 11-14, 1924 (London: Puttick & Simpson, 1924). [NS Waterhouse, Nicholas]

Robson Lowe Ltd. Foreign, including the “W.G. Hamersley” collections: March 6, 1946 (London: Robson Lowe Ltd, 1946). [NS Hamersley, W.G.]

Rose, Ken. Canada tagged stamps (Calgary, Alta.: Ken Rose, [1976-1977?]). [G3401 .L957 R796c 1977]

Schwab, Nicolas V. Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Profile of Some Brazilian Postage Stamps (Brazil: Sociedade Brasiliera de Quimíca, 2016).

Smetsers, Willem A. Catalog of perfins: België, Belgique, Belgium (The Netherlands: Willem A. Smetsers, Hendrik Smit, 1985). [G6011 .P438 S64c 1985]

Společnost teritoriální filatelie SČF. Perfiny (Praha: STF SČF, [1984-2003]). [JOURNAL Perfiny]

Symposium on Analytical Methods in Philately. International Symposium on Analytical Methods in Philately (The Institute for Analytical Philately, Inc., [2017-]). [US SHOWS Symposium on Analytical Methods in Philately]

United Nations Philatelists. UNEXPO (United Nations Philatelists, [2017]). [US SHOW UNEXPO]

Van Lint, Victor J. 1959 addendum to Illustrations of U.S. perfins ([Fontana, Calif.]: [V.J. Van Lint], 1959). [G3701 .P438 V259i Addendum 1959]

book coverVan Lint, Victor J. Illustrations of United States perfins [electronic resource] (Fontana, Calif.: V.J. Van Lint, c1958). [CD Perfins Club]

Varjabedian, Vahe. Perfins on Egyptian stamps (Cairo: Vahe Varjabedian, 1999). [G8301 .P438 V31p 1999]

Woolley, Robert J. Identical perfin designs on stsamps of United States and Canada ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]). [In process 000066372]

Woolley, Robert J. The story behind a perfin, its history: ARI : Canadian Perfin Catalog #A-6, United States [Perfin] Catalog #A-233 ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]). [In process 000066405]

Wrigley, Roy. Canada OHMS officials ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]). [In process 000066371]