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APRL acquisitions, October 2017. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book coverAbout BEP ([Washington, DC]: Bureau of Engraving and Printing, [2004]). [In process 000066225]

AFA Danmark, Faeroerne, Gronland, Dansk Vestindien frimaerkekatalog (Aarhus, [Denmark]: Aarhus Frimaerkehandel I/S ; Aarhus, [Denmark] ; Otterup, [Denmark] : AFA-Forlaget, [1975-2017]). [G6920 .A1 A111d]

AFA Danmark, Gronland, Island, Dansk Vestindien specialkatalog (Aarhus: Aarhus Frimaerkehandel ; Otterup : E. Daugaard : AFA-Forlaget, [1966-2016]). [G6920 .A1 A111ds 2016]

Allen, C.N. [C.N. Allen scrapbook for Scott U.S. 725] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [1932-ca.1961]). [R9 P4 S4 CS2]

Bahamonde Magro, Angel; Prieto, Dario. El Franquismo en sellos y billetes: 40 años de la historia de españa en sellos de correo, papel moneda y décimos de loteria (Madrid: El Mundo, c2006). [In process 000066247]

Bart, Jan. Stamps teach Jewish  history  (Washington: B’nai B’rith, 1966). [HE6184 .E24 B28s 1966]

Colton’s map of the United States of America, the British provinces, Mexico and the West Indies: showing the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean (New York: J.H. Colton & Co., 1855). [In process]

Commercialization of postal and delivery services: national and international perspectives (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1995). [In process 000066245]

Currency notes ([Washington, DC]: Bureau of Engraving and Printing, [2004]). [In process 000066224]

Current directions in postal reform (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2000).  [In process 000066246]

Facit Sverige (Stockholm: Frimarkshuset AB ; Stanley Gibbons International ; Facit Forlags AB, [1982-2017]). [G6950 .A1 F142 2017]

Feldman, Hugh V., 1943-. United States railroad mail routes and contracts 1832-1875 (Chicago, Illinois):  Collectors Club of Chicago,  c2017). [G3701 .P8576 F312r 2017]

Finland and Sweden  (London and Ringwood: Stanley Gibbons Ltd.,  2017). [G6910 .A1 G441s pt.1]

Future directions in postal reform (Boston, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2001).  [In process 000066241]

George E. Amick, Jr. Celebrate the Century Series 1900’s ( [Archives, CS2 R17 P1 S2]

Groten, Arthur H.; Pitts, David R. Bermuda, crossroads of the Atlantic: a postal history (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania: American Philatelic Society, c2017). [G9121 .P856 G881b 2017]

Handbook of worldwide postal reform (Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar, 2008). [In process 000066243]

Herst, Herman, Jr. Put a stamp on it:  seventy-seven sparkling stories showcasing how states have intercepted historical events  ([Charleston, SC]: Lee Ann and Veronica’s Publishing,  c2016). [In process 000066221]

Krotzsch, Hugo. Illustrierter ausfuhrlicher Katalog uber deutsche Postfreimarken  (Dresden, Deutschland:  Saxoniabuch, 2015). [G6080 .A1 K93i 1896a]

Liberalization of the postal and delivery sector (Cheltenham,  UK ; Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar, 2006). [In process 000066244]

Marling, Karal Ann. Wall to wall America: a cultural history of post-office murals in the Great Depression (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, c1982, 1983 printing). [G3701 .P855 M35w 1982]

Martin, M.W. A portfolio of medical stamps (Port Washington, N.Y.: Romaine Pierson Publishers, Inc.,  [n.d.]). [In process 000066226;  In process 000066235]

Nurses on stamps [electronic resource]: ATA 36  ([n.l.]:  American Topical Association,  [2010]). [In process CD 000066222]

One half fathom [auction house] (Tampa, FL ; St. Louis Park, Minnesota: One Half Fathom, [1976-1990]). [AUCTION One Half Fathom]

Ostheim, Arne. Philatelie im Geschichtsunterricht am Beispiel des Augsburger Religionsfriedens von 1555 und des Attentates auf Adolf Hitler vom 20. Juli 1944  (München:  Grin, Verlag für akademische Texte, [2007]). [In process 000066240]

Postal and delivery innovation in the digital economy (Cham [Germany]: Springer, 2015). [In process 000066242]

Ramsey, Guy Reed, 1896-1980. Postmarked Washington. Pierce County  (Tacoma:  Washington State Historical Society, 1981). [G4283 .P5 R183p 1981]

Schweizer Briefmarken Katalog: Schweiz, Liechtenstein, UNO-Genf, Campione (Basel, [Switzerland] ; Rapperswil, [Switzerland]: Verband des Schweizerischen Briefmarken-Handels (VSBH) = Association suisse de negociants en philatelie (ASNP) ; Schweizer Briefmarken-Handler Verband (SBHV) = Association suisse de negociants en philatelie (ASNP) (Basel; Reinach BL Multipress Verlag AG), [1996- 2016]). [G6040 .A1 V476s 2016g/f]

Scott’s specialized catalogue of United States stamps (New York ; Sidney, OH: Scott Publishing Co., 1957-2018). [CATALOGS] 96th ed. 2018

St Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha (London ; Ringwood, [England]: Stanley Gibbons Ltd, c2011-) [G9170 .A1 G441s 2017]

Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue. Commonwealth & British Empire stamps 1840-1952 (Formerly Part 1) (London ; Ringwood, [England]: Stanley Gibbons Ltd, [2003-2018, c2002-2017]). [CATALOGS] 120th ed. 2018

Stewart, Charles. Guide to the colors of postage stamps: with small album attached, in which to make a collection of stamps illustrating the different colors and shades (St. Louis, Mo.: I.A. Mekeel Press, 1897). [HE6184 .C617 S85g 1897]

Wantz, Terry E. Post offices of Newaygo County (White Cloud, MI: Newaygo County Society of History and Genealogy, [1992?]). [In process 000066228]