New books at the APRL, September 2017

APRL acquisitions, September 2017. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book coverThe addendum to the Catalog of United States perfins (San Anselmo, CA: Perfins Club, 2010). [G3701 .P438 P438c 1998 Add.2]

Anderson, C. Stephen; Cliff, Athol W. [Anderson, C. Stephen (cachetmaker)/Cliff, Athol W. (distributor)] ([AFDCS Anderson CLOSED STACKS 2])

Bamert, Peter; Menuz, Wayne; Walton, Bill. Postal stationery of Mexico (Chester, VA: Published by the United Postal Stationery Society, Inc. in cooperation with MEPSI (Mexico Elmhurst Philatelic Society International), 2017). [G4411 .P860 B19p 2017] 

book coverBottani, Tarcisio. I Tasso del Bretto: i documenti Tassiani dell’Istituto Sacra famiglia di Comonte (Camerata Cornello (Bergamo) [Italy]: Museo dei Tasso e della Storia Postale: Camerata Cornello, 2002). [In process 000066178]

Bottani, Tarcisio. I Tasso e le poste pontificie sec. XV-XVI (Camerata Cornello (Bergamo) [Italy]: Museo dei Tasso e della Storia Postale: Camerata Cornello, 2000). [In process 000066172]

book coverBrakspear, Geoff. Zimbabwe postal rates 1980 to date [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: Geoff Brakspear, [2017]). [Online]

Brewster, Geoffrey. Plating the Legislative Palace Issue of 1926 ([n.l.]: United State[s] Possessions Philatelic Society, c2016). [In process 000066196; In process 000066197]

Bulletin de la Societe Philatelique de Bienne = Bulletin des Philatelistenvereins Biel (Biel/Bienne, Switzerland: Societe Philatelique de Bienne, [1979]). [JOURNAL Bulletin de la Societe Philatelique de Bienne]

book coverCattani, Adriano. Da Venezia in viaggio con la Posta: pagine e documenti di storia veneta (Padova: Editrice Elzeviro, 2002). [In process 000066176]

Connolly, Joseph P.; Connolly, Sean P. Clifford C. Gilmond, Connecticut cachetmaker, a philatelic biography (Orange, Connecticut: Published by the authors, 2017). [CD Connolly, Joseph P.]

Cunliffe, John; Berridge, Celia. Postman Pat’s thirsty day (London; New York, NY: Hippo Books: Scholastic Children’s Books, 1985). [In process 000066188]

book coverFoppolo, Bonaventura; Bottani, Tarcisio; Taufer, Wanda. Mariegola della Compagnia dei corrieri della Serenissima signoria (Camerata Cornello (Bergamo) [Italy]: Museo dei Tasso e della Storia Postale: Camerata Cornello, 2001). [In process 000066177]

Hisey, Robert W.; Matheson, Ian A. The ‘Officials’ of South Africa [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: Robert W. Hisey, Ian A. Matheson, 2017). [CD Hisey, Robert W.]

book coverHomen, Clyde J.; Cross, John K. Registration designations of the Companhia de Mocambique, labels and handstamps ([United States]: John K. Cross, 2017). [G8451 .R337 C95r 2017]

Introduction to collecting U.S. possessions’ stamps and postal history (Capon Bridge, WV: United States Possessions Philatelic Society, 2016). [In process 000066141]

Journal of the Waterlow Study Circle (Waterlow Study Circle, [1981-1998]). [JOURNAL Journal of the Waterlow Study Circle]

La contrada Bretto di camerata Cornello e la famiglia Tasso in Europa (Zogno (Bergamo) [Italy]: Istituto di istruzione superiore “David Maria Turoldo”, 2002). [In process 000066179]

Mackay, James. 1800 stamps of the world: a stunning visual directory of rare and familiar issues, organized country by country with 1800 images of collectables from more than 150 countries, includes charity seals, wartime issues, bogus stamps, famous flaws, modern innovations, important commemoratives and beautiful pictorial stamps (London: Southwater, 2007). [In process 000066192]

book coverMagalhães, A. Guedes de; Washburne, Stephen S. Postage rates of Portugal [electronic resource]: reprinted & expanded from Portuguese Philatelic Society Bulletin ([n.l.]: Stephen S. Washburne, [2011]). [Online]

Nowicki, W.Z.J. Polish perfins in G. Britain (London: Copernicana Ltd., [c1987]). [In process v.4 000066199; In process v.5 000066200]

Peursem, J.H. van. Bolivar (‘s-Gravenhage: Philatelie en Geschiedenis, [1933?]). [HE6183 .B689 P514b 1933]

book coverPigeonholes and progress [motion picture] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]). [In process 000066173]

Portuguese postage rates in 1868 [electronic resource]: table of postage franked by means of stamps and sent from one point to another in the country kingdom and adjacent isles ([n.l.]: Stephen S. Washburne, [2011]). [Online]

Postage rates of Portuguese India [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: Stephen S. Washburne, [2011]). [Online]

book coverRink, William L. United States telephone stamps, franks, coupons, plus covers, perfins, postcards, passes and more: telephone philatelic catalog and price guide ([n.l.]: Visual Results, 2017). [In process 000066194; In process 000066195]

Roth, Steven M.; Crown, Francis J.; Kaufmann, Patricia A. The Springfield facsimiles of Confederate postage stamps ([n.l.]: Confederate Stamp Alliance, 2017). [In process 000066198]

book coverSchlunegger, Ernst. Ferry in place names: post offices named for a ferry or for a person running a ferry ([n.l.]: Swiss Society for Topical Philately, 2017). [In process 000066191]

Scott Publishing Co. Scott standard postage stamp catalogue, vol. 6A-6B (Sidney, OH; Scott Publishing Co., 174th ed. 2018). [CATALOGS]

Souers, P. Clark. Chaos and identity from World War I to today ([n.l.]: P. Clark Souers, 2015). [In process 000066185]

book coverSouers, P. Clark. Forgeries of common stamps after World War I, Eastern Front, Balkans, Caucasus ([n.l.]: P. Clark Souers, 2017). [In process 000066182 c.1; In process 000066183 c.2; In process 000066184 c.3]

Spink. Stamps and postal history of the world: a retail catalogue (Spink, 1999). [PRICE LIST Spink]

Superson, Edward T. Poland occupied in World War II and Holocaust, 1939-1945: philatelic history (Panama City, Florida, U.S.A.: Edward T. Superson (Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.: Kinko’s Graphics Corp.), 1989). [G6521 .P856 S959p 1989]

book coverUnited States Post Office Department. Your postal career [motion picture] ([United States]: United States Post Office Department, [n.d.]). [In process 000066175]

United States. Post Office Department. Mail call [motion picture] ([n.l.]: United States. Post Office Department, [n.d.]). [In process 000066174]

Wawrukiewicz, Anthony S. Modern U.S. mail: a series of columns published in Linn’s Stamp News (Nov 8, 2004-Dec 12, 2016) [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], 2017). [Online]