New books at the APRL, March 2017

APRL acquisitions, March 2017. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book coverAlfano, Louis S. United States narcotic tax stamps (including marihuana tax stamps): a priced check list ([n.l.]: [n.p.], 1970). [In process 000063527]

American Topical Association. Membership directory 1990-1993 (Johnstown, PA: American Topical Association, 1990). [MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORIES]

Arveng, Knut. Fra vikingtiden til Afghanistan: Postkort med norske militærmotiver ([Oslo]: Krigs- og feltpostforeningen, 2016). [In process 000063558]

Babook coverrron, James. The one-cent magenta: inside the quest to own the most valuable stamp in the world (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2017). [In process 000063511]

Collect Australian stamps: A simplified guide of Australian and Australian Antarctic Territory postage stamps (Malvern, Vic., Australia: Victoria Stamp Traders [In process 000063578]

Cookson, Ted. St. Helena sightseeing… and a surprise ([n.l.]: St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha Philatelic Society, 2007). [In process 000063555]

book coverDavis, Steve B. Airmail postal history: a collection of articles ([United States of America]: Lulu Press Book published by Steve B. Davis, 2016). [In process 000063530; In process 000063531]

Dr. Heinz Jaeger, ein Leben für die Philatelie: Reden und Ansprachen, 1975-1996 (Schwalmtal: Wolfgang Maassen; Phil*Creativ GmbH [In process 000063521]

Facit Norden (Malmö: Facit Förlags AB, 2017). [G6910 .A1 F142n]

book coverFacit special classic 2017: up to 1951 (Malmö: Facit Förlags AB, [2017]). [G6911 .C614 F142sc]

Garfinkel, Martin; Blake, L.L. [Garfinkel-Blake Israel, Egypt and Palestine miscellaneous] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [ca. 1917-1971]). [R7 P7 S3 CLOSED STACKS 2]

Gilman, Rhoda R.; Gilman, Carolyn; Stultz, Deborah M. The Red River trails: oxcart routes between St. Paul and the Selkirk Settlement 1820-1870 (St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1979). [In process 000063569]

book coverHelbock, Richard W. A checklist of California post offices 1849-1988 (Lake Oswego, OR: La Posta Publications, 1988). [G4361 .P855 H474c 1988]

Helme, James B. [Helme COPAPHIL] (Nashville, Tennessee: [n.p.], [ca. 1990]). [R16 P4 S6 CLOSED STACKS 2]

Hotchner, John. Living people portrayed on U.S. stamps: people from photos, life, or used as models; still living when stamp issued ([n.l.]: [John Hotchner], [2016]). [In process 000063490]

book coverMaassen, Wolfgang. Alfred Moschkau, Philatelist, Heimatkundler und Museumsgründer: ein Mann, der zur Legende wurde : historich-kritische Untersuchungen zu einem Phänomen (Schwalmtal, Deutschland: Phil*Creativ, 2012). [HE6207 .M895 M111a 2012]

Maassen, Wolfgang. Katalog und Handbuch der deutsch-sprachigen philatelistischen und postgeschichtlichen Literatur = Catalogue and handbook of literature on philately and postal history in German: 1862-ca. 1914 (Schwalmtal [Germany]: Phil*Creative Verlag, 2012). [HE6213 .A11 M111k 2012]

book coverMantei, Sebastian. Von der “Sandbüchse” zum Post- und Telegraphenland: der Aufbau des Kommunikationsnetzwerks in Deutsch-Südwestafrika 1884-1915 (Windhoek, Namibia: Namibia Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, 2007). [In process 000063524]

McLaughlin, Patrick D. Pre-federal maps in the National Archives: an annotated list (Washington: National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, 1971). [In process 000063590]

book coverMoens, J.-B. Publications timbrologiques (Bruxelles, Belgique: J.-B. Moens, [1897]). [HE6226 .M693p 1897 RARE BOOKS]

Moens, Jeanne. Catalogue de timbres-poste en vente par séries (Bruxelles: [1893?]). [HE6226 .M693c 1893 RARE BOOKS]

Mueller index ([ca. 1920-1960]). [R15 P3 S2 CLOSED STACKS 2]

Patera, Alan H. Stevens County, Washington: the post offices ([Portland, Or.]: [Pacific Northwest Postal History Society], [2017?]). [In process 000063526]

book coverPetschel, H.K. Robbing the post office: a target of opportunity (Sandpoint, Idaho: HKP Publications, 2016). [G3701 .M221 P498r 2016]

Philatelic Bulletin (London England: British Post Office, [1965]-1982). [JOURNAL Philatelic Bulletin] [Bound: Vol. 3 (1965) – vol. 20 (1982)]

Reichman, James. Soviet/Russian philatelic items related to the International Space Year 1992 (Mesa, Arizona, USA: James Reichman, 2017). [In process 000063556]

book cover“Sassone” S.r.l. Catalogo dei francobolli d’Italia e dei paesi italiani (Roma: “Sassone” S.r.l., [1969]). [G6710 .A1 C359 1969s]

Sasu, Victor. Catalogul marcilor postale romanesti ’84 ’94 ([Bucuresti, Romania]: Imprimeria “Coresi”, [1995]). [G6880 .A1 C357 1994]

Soviet space-related, unstamped postcard sets ([n.l.]: James G. Reichman, 2016). [In process 000063512]

Stamp theft reports (ca. 1988-2003). [R14 P6 S4-5 CLOSED STACKS 2]

book coverSwitzerland. Generaldirektion der Post-, Telegraphen- und Telephonenverwaltung. Postverbindungen mit dem Ausland: Land-, See- und Luftweg für das Jahr 1939 Juli-Dezember[-1945] von der Generaldirktion der schweiz. Post-, Telegraphen- u. Telephonverwaltung herausgegeben am 1. jedes Monats für Briefe, Pakete und Luftpost (Villmergen, Schweiz: Post und Geschichte GmbH, 2010). [G6041 .I593 S979p 2010]

The Pennsylvania eagle (Shelocta PA: United Postmasters & Managers of America – Pennsylvania Chapter, 2017-). [JOURNAL Pennsylvania Eagle]

book coverThe stamp forum newsletter ([n.l.]: Stamp Forum, 2016-). [JOURNAL Stamp Forum Newsletter]

Undersander, Dan. Catalog of the 20th and 21st century stamped envelopes and wrappers of the United States (Chester, VA: United Postal Stationery Society, 2017). [G3701 .P860 U586ut 2017]

Warren, Alan. The U.S. Byrd Antarctic issues [exhibit] [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [2016]). [CD Warren, Alan]

book coverWowern, Eric v. Væsentligste portosatser i Grønland = Postal rates in Greenland (Danmark: Hafnia, 1976). [G3381 .P8575 W938v 1976]

Yvert & Tellier. Catalogue des timbres classiques du monde 1840-1940 (Amiens: Yvert & Tellier, 2010). [CATALOGS Yvert]

Yvert & Tellier. Catalogue des timbres semi-modernes du Monde 1941-1960 (Amiens: Yvert & Tellier, 2013-2016). [CATALOG Yvert & Tellier]


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