New books at the APRL, November 2016

APRL acquisitions, October 16–November 15, 2016. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book coverAmerican Philatelic Research Library. The APS story (State College, PA: American Philatelic Research Library, 1997). [HE6188 .A512a 1997]

American Philatelic Society. Manual of philatelic judging [electronic resource] ([Bellefonte, Pa.]: American Philatelic Society, [2009-2016]). [HE6215 .A513m 2016]

Arabian Philatelic Association [auction house] (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: Arabian Philatelic Association, [1997]). [AUCTION Arabian Philatelic Association]

Aune, Finn. Posthorn-nøkkel: oversikt over Norske posthornmerker I 125 år, verdens lengstlevende frimerkemotiv (fortsatt i bruk) ([n.l.]: Skanfil AS, 2006). [In process 000063147]

book coverBerkun, Alan. Early distribution and use of postage stamps in the United States 1842-1904 [exhibit] ([n.l.]: [Alan Berkun], [2006]). [In process 000063137]

Constitution of the American Philatelic Association: adopted at its first session held in New York City, September 14, 1886 and amended at its second session held in the city of Chicago, August 8, 1887 (Grand Crossing, Illinois: Published by the Association, 1887). [HE6188 .A511c 1887 RARE BOOKS]

David Feldman S.A. The re-discovery of the Mauritius “post office” issue printing plate: the greatest philatelic treasure existing (Geneva: David Feldman S.A., c2015). [In process 000063284 NEW]

book coverDrummond’s catalog of philatelic miscellany (James N. Drummond, 2016). [In process pt.1 000063269; In process pt.2 000063270]

Friedman, Herbert A. Poison Cornflakes for Breakfast ([n.l.]: [Psywarrior], [Oct. 25, 2016). []

Friemann, Harald. Entwicklung der Motivphilatelie am Beispiel der Vogelsammlungen ([n.l.]: Motivgruppe Ornithologie, 2015). [In process 000063282]

book coverGonzalez, Ronald H. First day cover catalogue of US stamps related to Puerto Rico ([United States]: Ronald H. González, c2015). [HE6183 .P977 G643f 2015]

Harris, Henry E.; Johnson, Jesse G.; Wylie, Wm. W.; Kehr, Ernest A.; Kelleher, J.F.; Unruh, E.F.; Fleming, Robert J. Harris v. Canal Zone (, 1962-1963). [R7 P6 S2 Harris v. Canal Zone CLOSED STACKS 2]

Hiller, Albert. Das grosse Buch vom Posthorn (Wilhelmshaven: Heinrichshofen’s Verlag, c1985). [G6081 .P8394 H65g 1985]

book coverHines, Terence M. A history of postal service in Hanover, New Hampshire since 1761 (Naples, Florida: PaperQuest Press, 2016). [G3744 .H3 H662h 2016b]

Historama [auction house]: the online history shop (Jerusalem: Historama, [2016]). [AUCTION Historama]

Holyoake, Alan. Great Britain, origin of the postage stamp: Smithsonian National Postal Museum, Friday 21 Octobert 2016 (London, UK: Designed and prepared for the press by Merriton Sharp (Ringwood, Hampshire, UK: Printed by Pardy & Son (Printers) Ltd.), c2016). [In process 000063276]

Holyoake, Alan. Great Britain, the development and introduction of uniform penny postage (1839-1840): Collectors Club 5 April 2006 ([Gerrards Cross, England]: [Alan Holyoake], 2006). [In process 000063277]

book coverHuylmans, Tobias. Memelgebiet, Handbuch und Bewertung der Stempel 1920 bis 1925 (Nierstein [Germany]: Tobias Huylmans, [2015?]). [In process 000063285]

Karelia Stamps [auction house] (Lieksa, Finland: Merkki-Albert Huutokaupat, [1992]). [AUCTION Karelia Stamps]

Katz, Jerry A. Henry Hammelman’s first day treaty rate special delivery covers 1923-1935 ([n.l.]: Jerry A. Katz, 2016). [In process 000063339]

Katz, Jerry A. The Honorable and Mrs. W. Irving Glover, 1921-1933: some covers and facts from the Glover era ([n.l.]: Jerry A. Katz, 2016). [In process 000063288]

Kirke, Nick. A new look at New York foreign mail ([n.l.]: [Nick Kirke], [after 2009]). [In process 000063278]

book coverLichtman, Keith. Overrun countries series. Book 5, The Netherlands stamp and its varieties: a guide to the different varieties and values of the 1943 Netherlands stamp (Staten Island, New York: Keith Lichtman, c2016). [G3701 .C734 L699on 2016]

Modern British Philatelic Circle [auction house] (Needingworth, St Ives, Cambridgeshire [England]: Modern British Philatelic Circle, [2016]). [AUCTION Modern British Philatelic Circle]

book coverMorrin, N.P.J. Keeping in touch: communication through county Kildare before 1860 (Bristal, Great Britain: Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund (Wiltshire, Great Britain: Printed by Redwood Books), 1998). [G5783 .K5 M87k 1998]

Myers, Marcia. Special delivery (Chico, California: Marcia Myers, 2016). [In process 000063241 NEW]

Palazolo, Jerry S. [Plating Scott Confederate States of America no. 10, frame line issue] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [2014?]). [R9 P4 S4 CLOSED STACKS 2]

book coverPrescott-Pickup, Vernon E. British adhesive postage stamp design. Part 1, 1837-1901, The stamps of Queen Victoria (Telford Salop [England]: Prescott Incentive Promotions Ltd., 1981). [G5741 .D457 P93b pt.1 CLOSED STACKS 1 OVERSIZE]

Purves Philatelics [auction house] (Tonbridge, Kent [England]: Purves Philatelics, [2015]). [AUCTION Purves Philatelics] [Sale no. 2 (2-27-2015)]

Rasch, H.J. H.J. Rasch Klassiske Frimaerker [auction house] (Faaborg [Denmark]: H.J. Rasch, [1986-1987]). [AUCTION Rasch, H.J.]

Royal Philatelic Society London annual general meeting display, Thursday, 30th June 2016 (London: Royal Philatelic Society London, 2016). [In process 000063154]

Rudge, Arnold J.B. Photography in the study of the Mauritius primitives: a presentation by Arnold J.B. Rudge to the Royal Philatelic Society, London, 3rd February 1994 (London: Royal Philatelic Society, London, 1994). [In process 000063152]

book coverRuffle, James W.B. Mauritius, Maritime mail 1815-1868 (Hoe Benham, Newbury, UK: Indian Ocean Study Circle, 2008). [HE6233 .R923mm 2008]

Saadi, Wade E. The 10¢ stamp of 1855: for the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, June 10th, 1994 ([n.l.]: Wade E. Saadi, 1994). [In process 000063279; In process 000063280; In process 000063281]

Sanborn Map & Publishing Company. Bellefonte, Penna Aug. 1887 [electronic resource] (New York: Sanborn Map & Publishing Company, 1887). [CD Sanborn]

St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society [auction house] (St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society, [2010]). [AUCTIONS St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society]

Stewarts Stamp Shop [auction house] (Adelaide, South Australia: Stewarts Stamp Shop, [1997-1998]). [AUCTION Stewarts Stamp Shop]

Sun, Jiangtao. Sabedoria das miniaturas: exposicao da colecção de Selos da Zona Libertada de Sun Jiangtao = Wisdom from the miniatures: exhibition of Sun Jiangtao’s stamp collection of the liberated zone: 25/4-7/6 2015 ([Macao]: Galeria de Exposicoes Temporarias do IACM = Temporary Exhibitions Gallery of Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, 2015). [In process 000063259]

Terra nova: la revue de Cercle d’études postales polaires (Cercle d’études postales polaires (CEPP), [2013]). [JOURNAL Terra Nova]

book coverTonga & Tin Can Mail Study Circle [auction house] (Fridley, Minnesota: Tonga & Tin Can Mail Study Circle, [1999]). [AUCTION Tonga & Tin Can Mail Study Circle]

Turnbaugh, William A. R.F.D. country: mailboxes and post offices of rural America (West Chester, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, 1988). [In process 000063274]

Vaccari, Paolo. Vaccari, Paolo [auction house] (Vignola (MO): Paolo Vaccari, [1998]). [AUCTION Vaccari, Paolo]

Valentine writer ([Franklin Lakes, NJ]: National Valentine Collectors Association, [2009-2012]). [JOURNAL Valentine Writer]

Van der Linden, James. The postal relations between Austria and the United States, 19th century (Pont a Mousson: IPHF, 2016). [In process 000063141]

Wijnants, Paul. The Maritime connections to and from New South Wales before 1876 ([n.l.]: IPHF (International Postal History Fellowship), 2016). [G8971 .M342 W662m 2016]

World Stamp Show NY 2016 [electronic resource] (New York, NY: World Stamp Show-NY 2016, [2016]). [Library Server]