New books at the APRL, May 2016

APRL acquisitions, April 16–May 15, 2016. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book cover1847usa: 1847 USA [electronic resource] (Stampsmarter)

Arthur Klass’ Christmas seal ads on Canadian post cards (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society, 2016). [In process 000061429]

Artistamps [CLIPPING FILES Artistamps]

Cohn, Ernst M. The flight of the “Ville d’Orleans” [manuscript] ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [1978]).

Faucher, Christiane and Jacques Poitras. Lower St. Lawrence and Gaspé Peninsula postal history: an exhibit [exhibit] (British North America Philatelic Society, 2016). [In process 000061427]

Filatelista (Belgrade, Serbia) ([Beograd]: [Savez filatelista Srbije] [JOURNAL Filatelista (Belgrade, Serbia)] [Began in 1949.]

Ghee, Joyce C. Dutchess County post offices: dedicated to the volunteers of the Tercentenary and members of the Dutchess County Tercentenary Advisory Committee (Poughkeepsie, New York: Published by Dutchess County Department of History, [1983]). [In process 000061386]

Gill, MacDonald. Mail steamship routes, 1937: commissioned by the General Post Office, this colourful world map offers a lively depiction of the steamship routes that carried the majority of the UK’s international mail during the 1930s. Packed with imagery of Britain’s rich maritime heritage, it illustrates the main trading routes and most significant shipping vessels from the time of King Alfred to the SS Great Eastern and the RMS Queen Mary (Botley, Oxford [England]: Old House, 2012). [In process 000061417]

book coverHalfilvisnyk: naukovo-populiarnyi chasopys L’vivs’koi kraiovoi orhanizatsii Ukrainskoho filatelistychnoho tovarystva imeni akademika Ahatanhela Kryms’koho; L’viv filatelistychnii chasopys; львівський філателістичний часопис (L’viv (Ukraine): LKO UFITAK, [1994?]–). [JOURNAL Halfilvisnyk]

The Internal Revenue record and customs journal: a weekly commercial and literary newspaper (New York: P. Vr. Van Wyck & Co., 1865–1866). [JOURNAL Internal Revenue Record] [Bound: Vol. 1, no. 15 (Apr. 15, 1865) – vol. 3, no. 26 (June 30, 1866)]

Interphil76 Records ([1968–1986]). [R9 P3 S2 Interphil76]

Irwin, Douglas. Postal beginnings at Niagara Falls, Canada, 1801–1904: an exhibit [exhibit] (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society, 2016). [In process 000061424]

Jackson, Alan. For God, Kaiser & Fatherland, 1914–1918: First World War ‘cinderella’ stamps of the Central Powers Alliance (the German, Austro-Hungarian & Ottoman Empires and their allies) ([Akaroa, New Zealand]: [Oxford Cinderellas], 2001). [HE6184 .C574 K81k 2001]

Juell, Rodney A., Lynn R. Batdorf & Steven J. Rod. Encyclopedia of United States stamps and stamp collecting (Katy, Texas: United States Stamp Society, 2016). [G3700 .A11 E56 2016]

Keep, David. History through stamps: a survey of modern world history ([Great Britain]: Dufour Editions, Inc., 1974). [In process 000061392]

Lubbock, Basil. The western ocean packets (New York: Dover Publications, 1988). [In process 000061390]

book coverMiller, Rhoda. Documents as a palette of life: the genealogical self-portrait of Arthur Szyk (Burlingame, CA: Arthur Szyk Society, c2010). [In process 000061418]

Mobile Post Office Society. Mobile post office selections. Volume no. 9: a collection of articles selected in the field of transit post offices: markings, history, modes of conveyance, routes, etc. (Ashland, MA: Mobile Post Office Society, 2016). [G3701 .M687 M687m v.9 2016]

Morison, Gordon C. and APS-68 Convention Committee. [Records] ([1968]). [R10 P6 S5 APS-68]

Mueses, Danilo A. and Juan Manuel Prida. El correo Yankee en Santo Domingo = Yankee Post Offices in Santo Domingo (United States: Damilo A. Mueses, Juan Manuel Prida, c2015). [In process 000061387]

Napp, Joseph M. Napp’s numbers. Volume four, The Allied Military Government issues: a study of the plate numbers and the marginal markings found on the AMG stamps printed by the United States Bureau of Engraving & Printing for use in Italy, France, Germany and Austria 1943–1946, with appendix pages for AMG booklets with specimen handstamps, Japan, Korea, Ryukyu and Czechoslovakia (West Orange, N.J.: Grounds for Divorce Publications, 2016). [G3691 .P716 N217n v.4]

book coverNapp, Joseph M. Napp’s numbers. Volume three, The Canal Zone issues 1928–1979: a study of the plate number combinations created for the Canal Zone postal service 1928–1979 (West Orange, N.J.: Grounds for Divorce Publications, 2016). [G3691 .P716 N217n v.3]

Novosti kosmicheskoi filatelii ([n.p.]: Assotsiatsiia kosmicheskoi filatelii, 1992). [JOURNAL Novosti kosmicheskoi filatelii]

Parmenter, John. Barred numeral cancellations of England and Wales (London: J. Parmenter, 2011–2013). [G5741 .P857 P254b 2011]

Philatelia: Organ fúr gesamtinteressen der Postsertzeichenkunde (Leipzig: [n.p.], [1888-1890]). [JOURNAL Philatelia (Leipzig, Germany)] [Bound: Vol. 1 (1888) – vol. 3 (1890)]

book coverPost offices of Europe, 18th–21st century: a comparative history (Bruxelles: New York: P.I.E. Peter Lange, 2014). [In process 000061426]

Posta Cesko-slovenska (Rijen [Netherlands]: Vereniging voor tsjechoslowakije filatelie, [2015–]).[JOURNAL Posta Cesko-slovenska]

Scott Publishing Co. Scott 2016 Classic catalogue: stamps of the world including U.S. 1840–1940 (Sidney, OH: Scott Publishing Co., 22nd ed. 2016, c2015 – 1A-50A, 1310 p.). [CATALOGS]

Spencer, Peter. Waterlow’s classic Baroda: a plating study [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: Peter Spencer, [2016?]).

Staecker, Dieter. Canadian permit postage catalogue (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society, 2016). [In process 000061430]

book coverStanley Gibbons Publications Ltd. Collect British stamps: a Stanley Gibbons checklist of the stamps of Great Britain (Ringwood, [England]: Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd., 67th ed. 2016 – xliii, 265 pages). [G5740 .C697]

Thompson, Richard P. The development of the stamps of the first decimal issue of Canada 1859–68: an exhibit [exhibit] (Ottawa, ON, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society, 2016). [In process 000061428]

World Stamp Show NY 2016 [Records] (World Stamp Show NY 2016, [2015]–). [R7 P6 S3]