Help the APRL replace damaged auction catalogs

On March 14, the APRL suffered minor water damage due to construction activities in the new library. Read the press release for complete details. Damage was minimized by quickly putting emergency preservation measures into place, but a small number of auction catalogs were not salvageable.

If you have catalogs from any of these auction houses that you no longer need, you can help us rebuild our collection by donating them. Please contact Betsy Gamble by email or at 814-933-3803 ext. 242 to confirm that the catalogs you wish to donate are needed.

Rapp (Switzerland): 1988, 1995–2002

Auction catalogs are laid out to dry following a water leak.
Auction catalogs are laid out to dry following a water leak.

Rasdale Auction mail sales

Rasdale Auction public auction

Rugby Philatelic Auctions

Royal Int’l Auction

Rauch, H.D.

Rauch, H.D. mail sale


Reeves, James


Roumet Histoire postal

Russ, Vic

Ryukyu Philatelics Mail Auction

Schuyler Rumsey: no. 12–14, 23–24

Stampco (Westbury, NY): no. 44, 49, 50, 69


3 thoughts on “Help the APRL replace damaged auction catalogs”

  1. Hi , I was wondering if you could link up your list with your Facebook page and twitter list. It may help you get some of the items you need. I’m sorry about what happened, but I am glad that the damage was minimal. Thanks, Bill Ailes APS #115330.

  2. Very sorry to hear about the water damage. I have some copies of Siegel Auctions. Do you have any need for replacement Siegel Auction Catalogs?

    Bob Meegan, APS #086064

  3. Bob, Thank you for your offer. We didn’t lose any Siegel in this incident but we are missing some catalogs from 2014-2016. I’ve sent you a list by email.

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