New books at the APRL, May 2015

APRL acquisitions, April 16, 2015–May 15, 2015. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book coverDuring a project to consolidate our journal holdings, we have added records to our online catalog describing dozens of journals. Many of those are included in this acquisitions list; while they are not new acquisitions, they were never previously cataloged and thus relatively invisible in our collections. To read more about this journal project and some of the interesting titles we’ve discovered, see the second quarter 2015 issue of the Philatelic Literature Review.

1a. Mostra Filatelica dos Selos do Imperio do Brasil: Janeiro de 1955, Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo: Instituto Historico e Geographico de Sao Paulo, 1955): 42 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000055861]

Bjaaland, Pat. Philately, the king of hobbies (Oslo, Norway: Nordmanns-Forbundet, 1986): pages 3-5: color illustrations; 30 cm. [In process 000055863]

Filatelia (Dominican Republic): revista mensual (Puerto Plata R.D. [Domincan Republic]: El Pregonero, [1912]) [JOURNAL Filatelia (Dominican Republic)]

La Filatelia (Guadalajara, Mexico) (Guadalajara, Mexico: Manuel Pardo Morato, [1987]): ill.; 21 cm. [JOURNAL Filatelia (Guadalajara, Mexico)]

Filatelia (Guatemala) (Guatemala C.A.: Corporacion Moralco, [1981]): col. ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Filatelia (Guatemala)]

book coverFilatelia (Stockholm, Sweden) (Stockholm [Sweden]: Gosta Sahlin, [1949]): ill. 22 cm. [JOURNAL Filatelia (Stockholm, Sweden)]

Filatelia tematica ([Porto, Portugal]: A.P.F.T. e ABraFiTe (Tip. Graficos Reunidos), [1973]): ill.; 23 cm. [JOURNAL Filatelia Tematica (Portugal)]

Filatelista (Sweden): Frimärkstidningen (Alingsas [Sweden]: Gunn Nordquist, [1970]) [JOURNAL Filatelista (Sweden)]

Fog Horn (San Francisco, Calif.: Golden Gate Stamp Club, [1985]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Fog Horn]

Forschung in der Philatelie: Mitteilungen der Bundesstelle A: Forschung (Westerburg [Germany]: BDPh, [1966–1972]): ill.; 22 cm. [JOURNAL Forschung in der Philatelie]

Forward Together Journal (Canton, Texas: Richard M. Nixon Philatelic Society, [1969]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Forward Together Journal]

Il Francobollo: organo internazionale di informazioni filateliche (Milan, Italy, [1946–1947]): ill.; 25 cm. [JOURNAL Francobollo]

Frazier’s stamp paper: a Canadian syndicate paper (Toronto, Ontario, Can.: W. Frazier, publisher, [1939]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL Frazier’s Stamp Paper]

book coverThe free franker: official bulletin of the United States Postal Free Frank Society (Paterson, N.J.; Columbus, Ohio: United States Postal Free Frank Society, [1963]): ill.; 23 cm. [JOURNAL Free Franker]

Frimærke nyt (Kobenhavn: Filatelistisk Forlag, [1946–1952]): ill.; 20 cm. [JOURNAL Frimaerke Nyt]

Frimärks ledaren: tidskrift för sveriges frimärksungdom (Stockholm: SFU, [1981]) [JOURNAL Frimarks ledaren]

Frimärksbörsen: filatelistiska meddelanden fran hela varlden (Forsheda [Sweden]: S.O. Westinson,[1961]): ill.; 23 cm. [JOURNAL Frimarksborsen]

Frimerker som Hobby = Stamps as hobby = Briefmarken als Hobby: Skandinavisk frimerketidsskrift for samlere = Scandinavian stamp magazine = Skandinavische Briefmarken Zeitschrift (Oslo [Norway]: [1983]): ill.; 24 cm. [JOURNAL Frimerker som Hobby]

G.E.S.S. Echoes: official publication of the Greater Eugene Stamp Society (Eugene, Oregon: Greater Eugene Stamp Society, [1959]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL G.E.S.S. Echoes]

Gaceta Oficial (Dominican Republic) (Santo Domingo, R.D.: Imprenta de J.R. Vda. García, Sucesores, [1932]): 26 cm. [JOURNAL Gaceta Oficial (Dominican Republic)]

GBSDA News: official publication of the Greater Buffalo Stamp Dealers Association (Cheektowaga, New York: Greater Buffalo Stamp Dealers Association, 1976): 28 cm. [JOURNAL GBSDA News]

book coverGeneral-Anzeiger für Philatelie (Ludwigslust (Meckl.): Verlag Sauerland & Sohn, [1947–1948]): 31 cm. [JOURNAL General-Anzeiger fur Philatelie]

Germany stamp news (Kitchener, Ontario: Germany Philatelic Society, [1964]): 19 cm. [JOURNAL Germany Stamp News]

Globus: Deutsche Briefmarken-Zeitung (Stuttgart: Globus, [1946]): 31 cm. [JOURNAL Globus]

Golden Era: dovoted [sic] to the interests of the national Golden Hours Club and the favorite pursuit of the day– philately (Orange, N.J.: Edw. P. Morris, [1890]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Golden Era]

The golden philatelist (Patterson’s Mills, Pa.: Cameron W. Lawton, [1895]): 11-12 cm. [JOURNAL Golden Philatelist] [Began with Jan. 1895 issue.]

Golden Rule Postmark Exchange and Postmark News Letter (Elmore, Ohio: Golden Rule Postmark Exchange, [1965?–1966]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Golden Rule Postmark Exchange]

Good luck stamp letter (Huntington, Indiana: Hobart Schacht, [1939]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Good Luck Stamp Letter]

The Gossip: A Canadian Society journal with philatelic and numismatic departments (Ottawa, Can.: Gossip Pub. Co., [1887]): 35-51 cm. [JOURNAL Gossip]

The Greensboro Packet (High Point, N.C.: Greensboro Stamp Club, Inc., [1981?]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Greensboro Packet]

book coverH.P.S. News (Houston Philatelic Society) ([Houston, Texas]: Houston Philatelic Society, [1985]): ill.; 36 cm. [JOURNAL H.P.S. News (Houston Philatelic Society)]

The Haiti journal: journal of Haitian philately ([New York?, United States]: Bureaux Aldsar, 2015–: col. ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Haiti Journal]

Halifax philatelic magazine (Halifax, Nova Scotia: Muirhead & Van Malder, [1897]): 22-23 cm. [JOURNAL Halifax Philatelic Magazine]

Hallendy, Norman. Pioneer airmail stamps (Ottawa: Northern Administration Branch Department of Branch Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources, 1959): [1] page; 28 cm. [In process 000055864]

Ham-Stamps: a quarterly magazine devoted to the two hobbies of stamp collecting and amateur radio, also SWL’s are welcome to join our group (Harstad, Norway: , [1982]): ill.; 30 cm. [JOURNAL Ham-Stamps]

Helvetia Post (Bern, Switzerland: Karl Erwin Auf der Maur, 1982): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Helvetia Post]

Helwig’s stamp news (Hanover, Ontario: Helwig’s, 1915): 20-23 cm. [JOURNAL Helwig’s Stamp News]

Henderson’s Flyer (Philadelphia, Penna.: George C. Henderson, [no date]): 24 cm. [JOURNAL Henderson’s Flyer]

book coverHiiu Koguja: arenduskeskuse “Leiger” ja Hiiu Kogujate seltsi infoleht (Tallinn [Estonia]: Leiger, [1991–1992]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Hiiu Koguja]

The Hilton Head Island Philatelic Society (Hilton Head Island, SC: Hilton Head Island Philatelic Society, [1993]): 28-36 cm. [JOURNAL Hilton Head Island Philatelic Society]

The Hobby Co-Operator: an ad sheet published occasionally as an aid to hobbyists in establishing exchange contacts (Des Moines, Iowa: Milton R. Grady, [1939]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Hobby Co-Operator]

Hobby lobby: Canada’s fastest growing mail order magazine (Gadsden, Alabama, U.S.A.: Robert Payne, 1957): 23 cm. [JOURNAL Hobby Lobby]

Hobby mail trade: the hobbyists and collectors magazine, official publication of the Hobby Mail Club of America (Clifton, N.J.: Peter Abbate, [1972]): ill.; 23 cm. [JOURNAL Hobby Mail Trade]

The Hobby Swapper (Chicago, Ill.) (Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.: Hobby Swapper Publishers, [1936]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL Hobby-Swapper (Chicago, Ill.)] [Began in 1934?]

Hobby time magazine: a monthly magazine distributed by co-publishers ([Batesville, Ark.]: [Greg Stephens], [no date]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Hobby Time Magazine]

Hobby world magazine (St. Louis, Mo.: C.G. Bauer, [1930]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Hobby World Magazine] [Began with Sept. 1930 issue.]

book coverHobby-swapper: the collector’s monthly (Camden, Ohio) (Camden, Ohio: Harry M. Simpson, Publisher, [1946]): ill., ports.; 23 cm. [JOURNAL Hobby-swapper (Camden, Ohio)] [Vol. 1, no. 7 (Aug. 1946)]

The Hobbyist Monthly and Philatelic Reporter (Brandreth, Devonport, England: Hobbyists’ International Correspondence and Exchange Club, popularly known as The Hobby Club, [1924]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Hobbyist Monthly]

The Idaho Post Card Exchange (Boise, Idaho: A.T. Nelson, [1909-1912]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL Idaho Post Card Exchange]

The Illinois philatelist (Kankakee, Ill.) (Kankakee, Ill.: S.E. Moisant, 1899): 16 cm. [JOURNAL Illinois Philatelist (Kankakee, Ill.)] [Began with Sept. 1899 issue.]

In udder words: tabloid of the Tidewater International Topics Society, a publication of the Philistine Philatelic Press, established 1986 B.C. (before CAPEX) ([n.l.]: Philistine Philatelic Press, 1986): 28 cm. [JOURNAL In Udder Words]

Informativo do Clube filatélico de Paraty (Paraty, RJ [Brazil]: Clube Filatelico de Paraty, [1977?–1979]): 24 cm. [JOURNAL Informativo do Clube filatélico de Paraty]

Informator (Poznan [Poland]: Klub Zainteresowan polskiego zwiazku filatelistow “DRUH”, [1992]): 21 cm. [JOURNAL Informator]

book coverIntercambio Cubano = Cuba Post Card Exchange = Kuba Intersango: revista bimestral dedicada a la filatelia, tarjetas postales, numismatcia y curiosidades (Cienfuegos, Cuba: Intercambio Cubano, [1914]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL Intercambio Cubano]

Internacia filatelisto (Chicago, U.S.A.: J.H. Holding, [1946]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Internacia Filatelisto]

The International Bulletin = La Internacia Bulteno: oficiala organo de la Internacia Asocio de Postmark-Kolektantoj (Didcot, Berks., Anglujo [England]: “The International Bulletin”, XPDO House, [1946]): 21 cm. [JOURNAL International Bulletin]

The International Journal: official organ of the World Collectors’ Club, the Espranto [sic] Correspondence Club (Hartford, Connecticut, United States: World Collectors’ Club, [194-?]): 21 x 8 cm. [JOURNAL International Journal]

Internationaal Tijdschrift voor Postzegelruil en Toerisme = Revue Internationale d’échange de Timbres-Poste et de Tourisme = International Zeitschrift für Briefmarken-Tausch und Toeristen-verkehr = International Stamp-Exchange and Tourism Magazine = Internacia Rebuo pri Postmarkintersango kaj Turismo (Diest, België: Jos Philippen, 1938): 25 cm. [JOURNAL International Stamp-Exchange and Tourism Magazine]

International Collector (Seattle, Wash.) (Seattle, Wash.: Alvyn E. Mervyn, [1932]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL International Collector (Seattle, Wash.)]

International FDC Collector (Goes, Zld., The Netherlands: International FDC Club, [1950]): ill.; 25 cm. [JOURNAL International FDC Collector]

book coverInternational hobbies: organ of the International Hobby Club (Delhi, India: International Hobby Club, [1955]): 24 cm. [JOURNAL International Hobbies]

International hobbyist & trader (Brooklyn, N.Y.: P.A.B. Mart Publications, [1950]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL International Hobbyist & Trader]

The International Postage Stamp Review (Didcot, Berks.: Xpdo House, [1949]): 20 cm. [JOURNAL International Postage Stamp Review]

The International Stamp Club newsletter ([New York, N.Y.]: , [1988]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL International Stamp Club Newsletter]

International Stamp Show News (Homewood, Ill.: International Stamp Show News c/o Winick Expos, Inc., 1987): 37 cm. [JOURNAL International Stamp Show News]

Internationale Aero-post: Mitteilungsblatt des Aero-Philatelisten-Clubs-Köln (Köln: Gustav Göller-Verlag, [1947]): ill.; 30 cm. [JOURNAL Internationale Aero-Post]

Internationale Briefmarkenborse (Wien (Austria): Oscar Granfeld, [1947]): 31 cm. [JOURNAL International Briefmarkenborse]

Internationella Frimärksbladet: Organ für Internationella Filatelistföreningen (Göteborg [Sweden]: Internationella Filatelistföreningen, [1917]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Internationella Frimarksbladet]

book coverThe invert (Chicago, Illinois: Roosevelt Philatelic Society, Jr., [1947]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Invert]

IPA, Internationales Philatelistisches Adressenwerk (Wien [Austria]: J.J. Kaindl, [1947]): 44 cm. [JOURNAL IPA]

L’Iride: revista dei’ collezionisti (Bologna: L’Iride, [1916]): ill.; 25 cm. [JOURNAL Iride]

Israel philatelic newsreel (Tel Aviv, Israel: Israel Philatelic Newsreel, [1957–1959]): ill.; 24 cm. [JOURNAL Israel Philatelic Newsreel]

The Israel philatelist (Tel Aviv, Israel): official organ of the Israel Philatelic Exchange Club (I.P.E.C.) (Tel-Aviv, Israel: Israel Philatelic Exchange Club, [1952–1954]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Israel Philatelist (Tel Aviv, Israel)]

Jidephil Rekkem (Menen-Rekkem [Belgium]: Filatelic-Club Rekkem, [1989-1990]): 30 cm.[JOURNAL Jidephil Rekkem]

The Journal (Junior Philatelic Dealers Association) (Delford, N.J.: Middletown, N.J.: Junior Philatelic Dealers Association, [1978]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Journal (Junior Philatelic Dealers Association)]

Journal of the American Stamp Club of Great Britain ([London]: American Stamp Club of Great Britain, 1954): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Journal of the American Stamp Club of Great Britain]

Junior Philatelist (Byron, Ill.) (Byron, Ill.: Henry H. Huff, 1903): 15-21 cm. [JOURNAL Junior Philatelist (Byron, Ill.)]

book coverThe junior philatelist (Federalsburg, Md.) (Federalsburg, Md.: Junior Philatelist Pub. Co, [1929]): ill.; 23 cm. [JOURNAL Junior Philatelist (Federalsburg, Md.)]

Juventud filatelica Costarricense: revista trimestral de canjes (San Jose, Costa Rica, Centro America: Miguel A Gallegos, [1942-1944]): ill.; 17 cm. [JOURNAL Juventud Filatélica Costarricenses]

Kalamazoo Stamp Club newsletter (Portage, Mi.: Gobles, MI: Augusta, MI.: Kalamazoo Stamp Club, [1987–1993]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Kalamazoo Stamp Club Newsletter]

The Kaleidoscope: the official bi-monthly publication of the Bhutan Philatelic Society (Los Angeles, Calif., USA: Bhutan Philatelic Society, [1976–1979]): ill.; 22-28 cm. [JOURNAL Kaleidoscope]

Kelley’s monthly stamp news: a live wire stamp news for all dealers and collectors (Princeton, Wis.: John Kelley, [1934]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL Kelley’s Monthly Stamp News]

Kentucky Postal Markings Society bulletin (Louisville, Kentucky: Kentucky Postal Markings Society, [1972]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Kentucky Postal Markings Society bulletin]

KPA Bulletin (Fulton, Missouri: Kingdom Philatelic Association, [1969]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL KPA Bulletin]

Lang-Valchs, Gerhard. Die englische Zensur spanischer Inlandspost: eine kaum bekannte Episode aus dem WK II [electronic resource] ([2014?])

book coverLang-Valchs, Gerhard. El primerísimo sello andorrano: made in Belgium? [electronic resource] ([2014?])

Lang-Valchs, Gerhard. La censura británica del correo interno español: un episodio poco conocido de la Segunda Guerra Mundial [electronic resource] ([2014?])

Lemierre, Charles. Le Juge de Paix: catalogue prix-courant donnant les prix exacts des timbres-poste pour collections, prix ausquels la Maison Charles Lemierre fournit des exemplaires en parfait état et garantis authentiques (Paris: Ch. Lemierre, 1924): 40 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [PRICE LISTS Lemierre]

La lettre de N.V.I. Club, bulletin de liaison (Vertou, France: N.V.I. Club, [1995]): ill.; 30 cm. [JOURNAL Lettre de N.V.I. Club]

The Mankato philatelist (Mankato, Minn.: Carl Sudermann, [1895–1896]): 15-17 cm. [JOURNAL Mankato Philatelist] [Began in 1894?]

The Marketeer: combined data of all major marketing publications of U.S. plate blocks and sheets (Indianapolis, Ind.: International Stamp Collectors Association, Inc., [1974]): tables; 22 cm. [JOURNAL Marketeer]

The Metco messenger (New York: Metco Stamp Club, [1938–1949]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Metco Messenger]

mapMoll, Herman. New England, New York, New Jersey and Pensilvania [map]: an account of ye post of ye continent of Nth. America as they were regulated by ye Postmaster Genl. of ye Post House ([1729]): 1 color map; 34 x 24 cm. [Flat File Drawer 4]

Monica’s monthly: the international medium for mail order enthusiasts and hobby collectors (Georgetown, British Guiana: J.A. Alexander, [1947–1948]): ill.; 23 cm. [JOURNAL Monica’s Monthly]

Monthly visitor (Haverhill, Mass.: F.H. Smith, [1892]): 21 cm. [JOURNAL Monthly Visitor] [Began in 1888?]

book coverMoon’s News Letter: a bi-monthly publication of Moon Stamps (Odenton, Md.: Moon Stamps, [1972]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL Moon’s News Letter]

Mostly classics: articles about and offers of pre-1920’s stamps & postal history (Evanston, IL: Thomas Kendall, [1986]): ill.; 22 cm. [JOURNAL Mostly Classics]

N.C.S. bulletin (Long Island City, N.Y.: National Cachet Society: Walt Czubay, [1945?-1946?]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL N.C.S. Bulletin]

N.V.P.V. Bestuurbulletin (Apeldoorn; Arnhem: Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Postzegelverzamelaars, [1991]): 22 cm. [JOURNAL N.V.P.V. Bestuurbulletin]

National philatelic news (Washington, D.C.) (Washington, D.C.: Executive Council of the National Philatelic Federation, [1930]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL National Philatelic News (Washington, D.C.)]

Naval cover news (Denver, Colo.: Ted Harrington, [1947–1948?]) [JOURNAL Naval Cover News] [Began in 1941?]

NC Chapter of the AFDCS #71 ([Durham, NC]: NC Chapter of the AFDCS #71, [1992]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL NC Chapter of the AFDCS #71]

Nederlandsch-Indische Vereeniging van Postzegelverzamelaars: algemeene vereeniging van philatelisten in Indonesië (Batavia [Indonesia]: Nederlandsch-Indische Vereeniging van Postzegelverzamelaars, 1949): 22 cm. [JOURNAL Nederlandsch-Indische Vereeniging]

book coverThe New Haven advertiser (New Haven, New York: T.O. Young, [1909]) [JOURNAL New Haven Advertiser] [Began with vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1907).; Continued by: The New Haven Collector.]

The New Haven collector (New Haven, New York: T.O. Young, 1909): 23 cm. [JOURNAL New Haven Collector]

New issue chronicle ([Bloomington, Ill.]: [United Postal Stationery Society,], [1978]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL New Issue Chronicle]

New issues of the world’s postage stamps: supplement to “The West-End Philatelist” (London:West End Philatelist, [1919–1920]): 19 cm. [JOURNAL New Issues]

The new stamp mail: official newsletter of the Association of British Philatelic Societies ([Great Britain]: ABPS, [1993]): ill.; 22 cm. [JOURNAL New Stamp Mail]

New stamp news (Lawrence, N.Y.: Herrick Stamp Company, [1980?]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL New Stamp News]

New Zealand Philatelic Review: published monthly and distributed to philatelists throughout New Zealand (Wellington, N.Z.: [n.p.], 1950): ill.; 22 cm. [JOURNAL New Zealand Philatelic Review]

The New Zealand philatelist (Nelson, New Zealand: New Zealand Philatelist, 1904): 22 cm. [JOURNAL New Zealand Philatelist]

Newfoundland Stamp Collector (St. Johns, Newfoundland: R.C. Rose, [1927-1928?]): 16 cm. [JOURNAL Newfoundland Stamp Collector]

book coverThe News Line (Portland, OR: Oregon Philatelic Congress, [1988]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL News Line]

Newsletter (Greater Eastside Stamp Society) ([Bellevue, Washington]: Greater Eastside Stamp Society, [1988]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Newsletter (Greater Eastside Stamp Society)]

The Newsletter Newsletter (Clarksburg, West Virginia: Harrison County Stamp Club, 1990): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Newsletter Newsletter]

The Newsletter of the International Security Endorsement Study Group ([Grandview, MO):International Security Endorsement Study Group, 1976): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Newsletter of the International Security Endorsement Study Group]

Newsletter of the Midwest Philatelic Society ([Kansas City, KS]: Midwest Philatelic Society, [1989]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Newsletter of the Midwest Philatelic Society]

The North Star (Midway, Minn.: Henry Norman, [1893]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL North Star]

Northern Christmas annual (Manchester: , [1890/1891]): 34 cm. [JOURNAL Northern Christmas Annual]

Northland Stamp Monthly and Airmail News (Edmonton, Canada: Bob of the Northland, [1933-1934]): 23 cm. [JOURNAL Northland Stamp Monthly and Airmail News]

Notiziario A.I.S.P.: bollettino dell’Associazione Italiana di Storia Postale ([Italy]: Associazione Italiana di Storia Postale, [1990]): ill.; 30 cm. [JOURNAL Notiziario A.I.S.P.]

book coverNova Filatelija = New philately: glasilo filatelisticne zveze slovenije = organe mensuel de la Fédération philatélique de Slovénie = official organ of the Slovenian Philatelic Union, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (Ljubljana, Yugoslavia: Filatelistična zveza Slovenije, [1955]): 20 cm. [JOURNAL Nova Filatelija]

NPS letter (London: National Philatelic Society, [1982]): 21 cm. [JOURNAL NPS Letter]

Nytt fra Posten (Oslo: Postdirektoratet, [1972]): 30 cm. [JOURNAL Nytt fra Posten]

An occasional bulletin ([Falls Church, Virginia]: American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, [1986-1987]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Occasional Bulletin]

Odd Thoughts (Solana Beach, Calif.: The Golden Horn, [1975]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Odd Thoughts]

Olympaphil (New York, N.Y.: Olympiad-80, 1980 Olympic Stamp Program, [1977]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Olympaphil]

Ossef Habulim = The Stamp Collector = Der Sammler (Nathanya: Jehuda (Hugo) Kolár (Tel Aviv: Neografika), [1950]): ill.; 24 cm. [JOURNAL Ossef Habulim]

Österreichische Briefmarken-Zeitung = Austrian Stamp Magazine = Journal Philatelique d’Autriche (Graz [Austria]: Andreas Fabianek, [1951]): 25 cm. [JOURNAL Osterreichische Briefmarken-Zeitung]

Our progressive youth (New York: Harry K. Zust, [1885-1886]): 22-31 cm. [JOURNAL Our Progressive Youth] [Began in 1885?]

Overholt’s card trader ([Madeira Beach, FL.]: [Lin Overholt], [1994]): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Overholt’s Card Trader]

The Peerless directory. Pt.1 (Wyoming, Iowa: E.R. Marshall, 1887): 29 pages; 19 cm. [In process 000055865]

The philatelic critic (Brockton, Mass.: Walter J. Hatch, [1900]): 18 cm. [JOURNAL Philatelic Circle]

The Philatelic Dispatch: a quarterly devoted to the initrests [sic] of philately (East Grand Forks, Minn.: F.I. Cleveland Bundlie, 1912): ill.; 23 cm. [JOURNAL Philatelic Dispatch]

The philatelic extract: the essence of the science, official journal of the Philatelic Order of Masons (Edred, Pa.: B.G. McFall, [1900]): 19 cm. [JOURNAL Philatelic Extract]

Roderick, Gilbert M. Stamp auctions, all you wanted to know but didn’t know whom to ask (Bangor, Maine: Downeast Stamps, [n.d.]): [8] pages; 22 cm. [In process 000055820]

Silver Spring Philatelic Society (Silver Spring, Maryland: Silver Spring Philatelic Society, [1993-1994]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Silver Spring Philatelic Society]

Springfield-Delco Stamp Club ([Springfield, Pa.?]: Springfield-Delco Stamp Club, [2015]): ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Springfield-Delco Stamp Club]

Stewart, Frank M. History of postal service in Harford County (Harford County, Maryland: Historical Society of Harford County, Inc., 1993): 32 p.: ill., maps; 22 cm. [G3843 .H3 S849ps 1993]

World stamp news (Kyoto [Japan]: Fuji Stamp Co., [1952-1957]): ill.; 22 cm. [JOURNAL World Stamp News]