Digital roundtable on registered mail

Russ Ryle has started a digital roundtable to facilitate the flow of information about registered mail.

It is intended to overcome a basic logistical problem: it is difficult for collectors sharing interests to physically meet in person on a regular basis given hectic schedules and wide geographic separation.

Russ writes, “We all hold albums and boxes and closets full of material. Each of us have spent hours enjoying studying our treasures. Each of us hold items and information sought by others. This effort is an attempt to facilitate the flow of information.”

Now in its third month, the group of fourteen gets an email about once a week.  Members have access to the email addresses and special interests of participants and are able to share images of interesting registered material, comments, questions, and, hopefully, answers.

To join the group or for additional information, contact Russ. Prospective members are asked to supply an email address, summary of registered mail related interests, and permission to share that information with the group.

2 thoughts on “Digital roundtable on registered mail”

  1. I would like to know if your group is limited to USA registered mail collectors or is open to foreign registered mail.
    I have a good specialized collection of Colombian registered mail
    Dario Diez

  2. Greetings, Dario,

    So far the group is mostly US folks; however, many are interested in registered covers both sent from and arriving in the US. We would welcome your participation and that of others international collectors.

    Tara, please send Dario my direct email address so we can communicate further. Welcome to the group!

    Best regards, Russ Ryle

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