New books at the APRL, November 2014

APRL acquisitions, October 16-November 15, 2014. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book coverAwards, Henry Erdmann Radasch: 2 boxes [Cabinet 3, Shelf 2, APRL Annex]

Bacon, E.D. The stamps of the Pacific Steam Navigation Company printed by Messrs. Perkins, Bacon & Co. ([London]: [Royal Philatelic Society, London], [1928]): 18 p., 1 plate: ill.; 26 cm. [In process 000052004]

Barnard, D. Rollin. Organizing the cleaning staff (Washington, D. C., 1959): 13 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [In process 000054394]

Bendig, A.W. Chinese municipal revenue stamps (Pittsburgh , PA: A.W. Bendig, 1956): 7 leaves: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051180; In process 000051231; In process 000051232]

Bendig, A.W. Chinese revenue stamps ([n.l.]: A.W. Bendig, [1955-1975]): 155, 3 p.: ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000051179]

Bourdi, A. Catalogue des timbres de poste locale de Chine (Lyon (France): A. Bourdi, 1972): [17] p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000052011]

Bowker, Deborah K. Position papers for the U.S. postal service: Memorandum for U.S. poster service managers (Washington, D. C., 1991): 95 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054390]

By the U.S. general accounting office report to the honorable William Dennemeyer house of representatives: Subsidized Postage (Gaitherburg, Md., 1985): 12 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051207]

Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain and Royal Philatelic Society London A display to the Royal Philatelic Society London marking the Diamond Jubilee of the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain, 27 April 2006 ([n.l.]: [Royal Philatelic Society of London] (Uplands, Swansea: Printed at Eastmoor Resource Centre), [2006]): 15 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000052018]

Catalogue spécial des timbres de Belgique surchargés – 10%, avec les prix auxquels on peut se les procurer chez le spécialiste en – 10% ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]): 76 p.: ill.; 18 x 22 cm. [In process 000052013]

Ceccarelli, Fernando. Centenario della emissione dei francobolli pontifici (1o Gennaio 1852) ([n.l.]:”Strenna dei Romanisti”, 1952): 13 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000052023]

Chan, S.H. The catalogue of unit and silver yuan stamps of China (Hong Kong: S.H. Chan, 1976): ii, 74 p.: col. ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000053377]

Charnstrom, W. A. The pony express: A chapter in the history of mail service in America (South Minneapolis, MN: 4 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000054406]

Chauvet, Michele; Brun, Francois-Jean. Introduction a l’histoire postale de 1848 a 1878 (Paris: Brun & Fils, 2007): 799 p.: col. ill.; 31 cm. [In process 000051162]

Comment nait un timbre, 1948): 16 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000054409]

Conte D’azur philaterlique. Etude sur les timbers-taxe (1849-1896): Signes d’authenticite obliterations falsifications, (1849-1896): 32 p.: ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000054415]

Customer Guidelines, 2004): 1-45 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051202]

book coverCustomer Service Department. Shipment claim locations: Post office to post office service (Washington D.C.: 79 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051194]

Cuyahoga Latvian Philatelist Club. Latvia’s new stamps 1991-1994: as reported in Linn’s Stamp News ([Ohio]: Cuyahoga Latvian Philatelist Club, c1994): 27 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000052020]

De Haene, A. Belguique, Les timbres de la Croix-Rouge, émission 1918 ([Bruxelles]: Collection de la “Revue Postale” (Bruxelles: Imprimerie M. Leclaire), 1927): 30 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process 000052022]

Dillemann, Paul. Description generale des timbres-poste de l’emission de Bordeaux (1870-1871)(Amiens: Imprimerie Yvert & Cie, 1929): ix, 245 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [In process 000051163]

Du Four, Jean. Les marques postales belges de 1830 à 1914 ([Brussels]: Editions de “La Revue Postale” (Imprimerie José Henin farciennes), 1959): 69 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process 000052012]

Duston, Donald L. French colonies revenues (and former colonies now independent). North Africa and Middle-East colonies (Peru, Illinois: Donald L. Duston, 2000): 1 v. in various pagings: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. [G5821 .R451 A161f pt.1 2000]

Eastern Auctions Ltd. The Montclair collection of Canadian postage stamps: May 29-30, 2014, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada: Eastern Auctions Ltd., 2014): 120, iv p.: col. ill.; 26 cm. [NS Montclair]

El correo en el Perú: resena historica (Lima, Peru: Imprenta “La Confianza”, 1935): 128 p., [18] leaves of plates: ill.; 21 cm. [G5311 .P859 C825c 1935]

Ethiopia. Ministry of Posts, Telegraphs & Telephones. A short history and description of the postage stamps of the Empire of Ethiopa ([Ethiopia]: Imperial Ethiopian Government, Ministry of Posts, Telegraphs & Telephones, [1955]): 55 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [G8330 .E844s 1955]

Ewing, Donald R. The postal crisis: The postal function as a communication service, 1977): 80 p.: ill.; 27 cm. [In process 000054391]

Facit. Facit specialkatalog Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Faroarna, Gronland, Danska Vastindien, Island, Finland(Stockholm:  Facit Forlags AB,  2015 – 1072 p.): ill. (some col.); 24-25 cm. [G6910 .A1 F142s]

Farley James. A. United states official mail and massager service (Washington D.C., 1940): 11 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051190]

FILACAP online: boletim eletronico (Brasil: FILACAP, [2014-]): col. ill.; 28 cm. [FILACAP online]

Frohnsdorff, Gregory. Early printing in saint Vincent: The island’s first printers and their work, with a list of saint Vincent imprints: New castle, Del: Oak Knoll Press 2009, 1767-1834): 103 p.: ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000054419]

Garrick, Ann. Illustrated catalogue covers of the Australian Antarctic Territory 1911 – Ships III(Windsor NSW, Australia: Bilby Stamps & Covers, 2013): 1 computer optical disk; 4 3/4 in. (256 p.: col. ill.) [In process CD 000051983]

Gordon, H. Mitchell. United states postal service: Recycling guide (Washington D.C, 1991): 67 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051191]

Griffith-Jones, John. The postage dues of Zanzibar 1875-1964: the stamps, the covers and their story(Bristol, United Kingdom: BPA Expertising Education Charity, 2014): x, 539 p.: col. ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000051992]

book coverGröper, Wilhelm. Die deutschen Feldpoststempel ab 1939 ([n.l.]: Poststempelgilde Vereinigung der Sammler von Poststempeln in der “Gemeinschaft Deutscher Sammler e.V.” (Bischweiler: Druck, Philatelistischer Verlag und Buchdruckerei L. Schneider), 1943): 27 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000052025]

Guide Publications. Handy guide to post office delivery station numbers, Baltimore, Maryland, 1943-1944 (Baltimore, Maryland: Guide Publications, c1943): 60 p.: ill., map; 16 cm. [In process 000053379]

Hellman, E. A. Cataogue of finnish Christmas and charity stamps: suomen joulo-ja hyvantekevaisyys-merkkiluettelo.; Kataog over finska jul-och val-gorenhetsmarken. (Helsinki- Helsingfors, 1947): 32 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000054413]

Herlant, Lucien P. Les marques de disinfection des lettres a l’etranger et en belgique (Philatelie de, Paris,1955): 20 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process 000054408]

Higman, B. W. and Brian J. Hudson. Jamaican place names: Kingston, Jamaica: 2009, 2009): 319 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [In process 000054420]

Hoover Brothers. An A B C of precancel collecting: a description of the various forms, made plain by illustrations with the stamps themselves (New York, N.Y.: Hoover Brothers, [192-?]): 7 leaves: ill.; 18 x 22 cm. (folded)[G3701 .P923 P923a CLOSED STACKS]

Hunter, Louis C. Pteamboats on the western rivers: An economic and technological history (London,1949): 684 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process 000054416]

Hutton, Alexander E., Jr. Papermaking and fluorescent white dies in paper ([n.l.]: Alexander E. Hutton Jr., [n.d.]): [6] p. (2 folded): ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000051164]

I francobolli emessi dallo stato della città del Vaticano in ricordo del IV centenario dell’apertura del Sacro concilio di Trento1545-1945 (Roma: Governatorato dello stato della città del Vaticano, [1945]): 14 p.: ill.; 17 cm. [G6714 .R7V3 V344p 1945 VERT FILE]

Implications of electronic mail for the postal service’s work force (Gaitherburg, Md., 1981): 57 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051209]

International Philatelic Exhibition, Grand Central Palace, New York, N.Y., May 9th to 17th, 1936, list of awards ([New York]: Association for Stamp Exhibitions, Inc., [1936]): [20] p.; 25 cm. [EXHIBITION CATALOGS]

Ittel, William. The classic revenue stamps of Finland ([n.l.]: American Revenuer, 1970): [6] leaves; 28 cm. [G6961 .R451 I91c]

Japan Philatelic Association. The catalogue of Japanese postage stamps, 1950 (Tokyo, Japan: Japan Philatelic Association (J.P.A.),1950): 178 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000053388 c.1; In process 000053389 partial c.2]

Jobson, H.G. Papua its posts and postage stamps (Redlands, Sidmuth, Devon [England]: H.G. Jobson (Essex: Printed by John W. Phelp), 1909): 21, x p.: ill.; 17 cm. [In process 000052015]

Joint hearing to review violence in the U.S postal service (Washington D> C., 1994): 120 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [In process 000051195]

Jon adalsteinn jonsson, cand. mag. Hans Hals collection of Icelandic postage stamps: Summary, 1967): 3 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000054403]

Josheph kardwell Inc. Rare stamps for the collector/ investor (Orient, New York, 1982): 10 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000054407]

Karbelashvili, A. Pervye telegrafnye linii na Kavkaze (Tbilisi: Izd. “Sabchota Sakartvelo, 1988): 106 p.: ill., map; 20 cm. [In process 000053890]

Kguel, Alfred F. Standard postal markings of the American expeditionary forces in Europe 1917-1923 [exhibit] ([n.l.]: [Alfred F. Kugel], [2014]): [16] leaves: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051991]

Kitson, Robert. U.S. postage stamp booklet cover conversion tables: Scott stamp no.-Scott BK no.- BIA cover type & BIA cover type-Scott BK no. (Scott stamp no.) (Lafayette, LA: Bureau Issues Association: United States Stamp Society, [1993?]): 9, 6 leaves; 29 cm. [In process 000053392]

Knudsen, Folmer. Polens frimærker 1860-1924 (Kobenhavn: Stella Filatelist Forlag, 1948): 24 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000052021]

Kolektiv Komise Specialisovanych obord. Prilezitostná razitka a postovni celiny CS 68 = Cachets spéciaux et entiers postaux = Sonderstempel u. Postganzsachen (Praha: Vydal, Svaz ceskoslovenskych filatelistu, 1969): 21 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000053406]

book coverKugel, Alfred F. Allied forces in the Baltic area in the aftermath of World War I [exhibit] ([n.l.]: [Alfred F. Kugel], [2014]): [16] leaves: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051989]

Kugel, Alfred F. Allied plebiscite activities in Germany 1920-1921 [exhibit] ([n.l.]: [Alfred F. Kugel],[2014]): [16] leaves: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051990]

Kugel, Alfred F. Allied plebiscite activity in the Saar territory 1935 [exhibit] ([n.l.]: [Alfred F. Kugel],[2014]): [16] leaves: col. ill.; 28 cm [In process 000051988]

Kugel, Alfred F. European Boundary Commission activity in the aftermath of World War I [exhibit]([n.l.]: [Alfred F. Kugel], [2014]): [16] leaves: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051987]

Kugel, Alfred F. Machine cancellations of the American expeditionary forces in Europe [exhibit] ([n.l.]:[Alfred F. Kugel], 2014): [16] leaves: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051986]

Kugel, Alfred F. Mail of the Congress of Versailles 1919 [exhibit] ([n.l.]: [Alfred F. Kugel], [2014]):[16] leaves: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051186]

Kugel, Alfred F. The prexies go to war ([n.l.]: [Alfred F. Kugel], 2014): [16] leaves: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051187]

Landmans, Giorgio. Selezione filatelica: rivista mensile (Bologna: Giorgio Landmans, [1953-1954]): ill.; 21 cm. [JOURNAL Selezione filatelica]

Lane, E.N. and P. Maguire. Catalogue of the local issues of the treaty ports of China (England: China Stamps, 1985): 40 p.: ill., 1 map; 22 cm. [G7821 .T784 L265c 1985]

Loeper, Thomas von. ATM-Jahrbuch 1994 (Krefeld, [Germany]: Thomas von Loeper Verlag, 1994): [ca. 60] leaves: ill.; 22 cm. [HE6184 .V452 L825a 1994]

Lucente, Francesco. Catalogo delle marche da bollo di Italia e colonie, Fiume, S. Marino, Lombardo, Veneto. (Rovigo [Italy]: Istit. Ven. di Arti Grafiche, 1931): 94 p.: ill.; 17 cm. [In process 000053373]

MARCOPHILEX XXXVIII: Exposition Internationale de Philatelie et d’Histoire Postale, Uzes, Salle de lÉyeche, 25 & 26 Octobre 2014 (Paris: Union marcophile pour l’etude de l’histoire postale des marques et des obliterations, 2014): 48 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [JOURNAL Feuilles Marcophiles #358]

Marketing and customer services group. Doing it rates implementation (Washington D.C., 1991): 57 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051205]

Marketing Department. A guide to business mail preparation: Creative solutions for your business needs(Washington D.C.: 42 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051206]

Mashburn, J.L. The postcard price guide: a comprehensive reference (Enka, North Carolina, USA: Colonial House, c2001): 591 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [HE6184 .P839 M397p 2001]

Mehrer , Jim. Guide to identifying U.S. route and state agent postmarks, 1994): 110 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054417]

Mehrer, Jim. Cross-reference guide to untied states railway post office postmarks, 1994): 101 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054418]

Melville, Fred J. Siam, its posts and postage stamps: a handbook for philatelists (London: Offices of the Stamp Collectors Fortnightly, 1906): 53 p.: ill.; 20 cm. [G8025 .M531s 1906 CLOSED STACKS]

Michel. Michel Europa-Katalog 2014 (Band 7) (Unterschleissheim: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH, 2014-2015): ill. (chiefly col.); 23 cm. [CATALOGS Michel Europa]

Migliavacca, Giorgio. Russian practices of disinfection mail received from infected zones, 1975): 9 p.: ill.; 26 cm. [In process 000054412]

MLOCR Read process: 22 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051204]

book coverNankivell, Edward J. Jamaica and Cayman Islands (Turnbridge Wells: Baldwin, [1909?]): 25 p.: ill.; 16 cm. [In process 000053374; In process 000054919]

National postal museum, Smithsonian institution. Postal pack: For elementary school students(Washington, D. C.: 24 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054398]

Office of management services. Test and evaluation of official mail stamp concept December 1983,1983): 48 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051189]

office of stamp and philatelic marketing: Reorganization, 1990): 39 p. ill.: 28 cm. [In process 000051192]

Our world. Vol. 3, Images of nature: a joint presentation of six postal administrations = Six services postaux se sont associés á cette présentation = Eine Gemeinschaftsarbeit präsentiert von sechs Postdirektionen = En utgåva sammanställd av sex postverk ([n.d.]: Australia Post: Mail Poste: Sweden Post Stamps: Royal Mail Stamps: United Nations Postal Administration: United States Postal Service,1991): 15 p.: col. ill.; 26 cm. [ALBUMS]

Padget, Peter I. The revenue stamps of Communist China, 1929-1955 (England: China Stamps, 1981): 24 p.: ill.; 30 cm. [G7821 .R451 P123r 1981 VERT FILE]

Passos, Jose´ Manuel da Silva. O bilhete postal ilustrado e a história urbana de Lisboa = The illustrated postcard and the urban history of Lisbon (Lisboa: Caminho, 1990): 365 p.: col. ill., maps (1 folded); 31 cm. [In process 000051161]

Peru. Reglamento general de correos del Perú (Lima: Imprenta del Estado, 1876): 25 p.; 24 cm. [G5310 .L425 P47r 1876a]

Pochtovye marki Kitaiskoi narodnoi respubliki (Pekin: Izd. literatury na inostrannykh iazykach, 1959):88 p., [4] leaves of plates. [16] blank p.: ill. (some col.); 27 cm. [In process]

Ponce Lozada, Julio Ce´sar. Matasellos mudos y parlantes en el Peru (Lima, Peru: J.C. Ponce Lozada (Impreso … por Princeliness E.I.R. Ltda), 1991): 85 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [G5311 .P857 P79m 1991]

Porras, Richard M. Post office accounting procedures: United states postal service (Washington D.C>,1991): 167 p. ill.: 39 cm. [In process 000051193]

Post Office Department. Building cleaning work production standards (Washington D.C>: 17 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000051212]

book coverPost Office Department. City carrier’s instruction handbook (Washington D.C.: 74 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000051211]

Post office department. Floors care and maintenance (Washington, D.C., 1957): 22 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000054389]

Post office department. Machines for producing and preparing labels and facing slips (Washington D.C.:Post Office Department, 1957): 52 p.: ill.; 26 cm. [In process 000051197]

Post office department. Public relations seminar for post office information, services and administrative officers (Washington D.C., 1962): 104 p.: ill.; 26 cm. [In process 000051210]

Post office department. United states domestic money order system, 1951): 21 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000051198]

Radioactive matter, 1971): 10 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000051199]

Review of electronic mail service systems planning for the U.S. postal sevice (Washington D.D, 1981):52 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051208]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries. The David W. Gorham collection of United States reprints, 1861 first designs & colors, bank note special printings: December 10, 2012 (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, 2012): 57 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [NS Gorham, David W.]

Robinson, John. The value of a classic: a critical analysis of a series of independent valuations (London:Regent Stamp Co., 1962): 6 p. (folded): ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000052014]

Roman, R. L. United states postal service: coloring and activity book, 1997): 24 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054396]

Sampson, E.N. Important dates for U.S. Territory and State cover collectors ([n.l.]: E.N. Sampson,[n.d.]): 1 leaf (folded); 16 cm. [In process 000053390]

San Diego – 1915-16: Panama – California exposition (New York, N.Y.: Nostalgiana and 3-D collectors club, 1974): 42 p.: ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000054400]

Saraceni, Gioacchino. Storia e filatelia dei possedimenti Italiani del Mar Rosso e della Colonia Eritrea:(con 40 figure e riproduzioni nel testo), estratto dello Studio pubblicato nei Numeri 9-10-12 anno 1927 e 1 dell’anno 1928, de “La Rivista Filatelica d’Italia” (Genova: La Rivista Filatelica d’Italia, 1928): 24 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process 000052024]

book coverScott Publishing Co. Scott 2012 U.S. pocket stamp catalogue (Sidney, Ohio: Scott Publishing Co., c2011): 1A-16A, 536 p.: ill. (chiefly col.); 19 cm. [G3700 .A1 S431p 2012]

Scott Publishing Co. Scott 2015 Classic catalogue: stamps of the world including U.S. 1840-1940 (Sidney, OH: Scott Publishing Co.,  21st ed. 2015, c2014 – 1A-50A, 1310 p.): ill. (some col.); 28-29 cm. [CATALOGS]

Simms, V.E. Notes on the postage stamps of India issued during the period 1947-1954 ([Brighton]: India Study Circle, [1954]): 36 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000052026]

Smithsonian institution. National air and space museum (Washington, D. C., 1991): 110 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054402]

Stuart Covers LTD. The Stuart Planting album: for G.B. penny reds (Swaything, Southampton: 24 p.: ill.; 16 cm. [In process 000054404]

Suzuki, Katsuhiko. Japans Rollenmarken ([Berlin]: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Japan im Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V., [1972]): 57 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000053376]

Taryfa pocztowa za uslugi w obrocie zagranicznym. Zalacznik do zarzadzenie nr 2 ([n.l.]: Ministra Lacznosci; Polska Poczta, [1990]): 37 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000052027]

Telephone directory: Direct – in – dialing exchange, 1965): 44 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [In process 000054393]

The pearson museum. The emmet F. pearson collection of disinfected mail (Southern Illinois, 1992): 70 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [In process 000054410]

Thorsen, Harry D. Jr. Scout stamps scout steals: 47 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000054401]

TNT Mailfast. Save time and money on your overseas mail with TNT Mailfast, the World’s business post office since 1972 ([n.l.]: TNT Mailfast International Mailing, c1988): 1 folder: col. ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000053378 c.1; In process 000053386 c.2]

TNT Mailfast. TNT Mailfast, worldwide mailing services: our business is letting you get on with your business(Feltham, Middlesex: TNT Express Worldwide, TNT Mailfast U.K. Head Office, [n.d.]): 1 folder: col. ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000053387]

Trory, John A. The John A. Trory specialised catalogue of Malta (Sussex, England: Valelink Ltd.,[1977]): 53 p.: ill.; 26 cm. [PRICE LISTS Trory]

United state post office service. Diversity business plan (Washington D.C., 1999): 16 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051200]

United state postal service. Become a stamp collector, 2003): 6 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054399]

United states air force. Air force directory of mailing and parcel post addresses, 1950): 101 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054392]

United states government printing office. Manual of instructions for substitute post office clerks and substitute letter carriers (Washington D.C., 1941): 23 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000051196]

United States postal service central region family of standard buildings: Real estate and buildings department August 1983, 1983): 56D p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000051203]

United states postal service, 2000): 48 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054397]

United States Postal Service. A guide to mailing for businesses and organizations. ([Washington, D.C.]: United States Postal Service,2003): 93 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000053412]

United States Postal Service. Creative solutions for your business needs ([Washington, DC?]: United States Postal Service, [1988-1989]): 5 pamphlets in folder: ill. (some col.); 31 cm. [In process 000053418]

United States Postal Service. Global priority mail employee guide delivers world-class speed and impact at prices as low as $3.75, Go global ([Warminster PA?]: United States Postal Service, c1997): 2 pamphlets + 1 reference card: col. ill. [In process 000053419]

United States Postal Service. Letter mail quality: United States Postal Service, 1990): 40 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000053411]

United States Postal Service. SOA consumer protection packet ([Washington, DC]: United States Postal Service, 1986): 1 letter, 2 forms and 1 pamphlet in envelope: ill.; 31 x 23 cm. [In process 000053415; In process 000053416; In process 000053417]

United states postal service. Third-class mail preparation: Addressing the future: 66 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000051201]

book coverUnited states postal service. United states postage, 1994): 45 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000054395]

United States. Postal Service. The American dream: the peple, the hope, the glory 1492-1992 ([Washington, D.C.]: United States Postal Service, [1992?]): [16] p.: col. ill.; 21 x 28 cm. [In process 000052008]

Unsere Post ([Bonn]: [Deutsche Bundespost], [1973-1975]): 5 folders: col. ill.; 30 cm. [In process 000053380 pt.5 c.1; In process 000053381 pt.5 c.2; In process 000053382 pt.4 c.1; In process 000053383 pt.3 c.1; In process 000053384 pt.2 c.1; In process 000053385 pt.1 c.1]

Vandervelde, V. Denis. British anti-caccination propaganda (Portslade, Sussex, 1974): 4 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process 000054411]

Von Reyn, Arthur PJ. Tips on improving your show program: 8 p.: ill.; 22 cm [In process 000054405]

Ward, Gordon. War time posts of Malta ([n.l.]: The Philatelist (reprint of November 1950), [1950]): 11 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process 000052016]