Forgeries index available online

The Index of Literature in the English Language that Describes Postage Stamp Forgeries, Fakes, Reprints, Fraudulent Postal Markings and Other Obliterations, fondly and succinctly referred to by library staff as “the Tedesco index,” is one of our go-to references on forgeries.

The index was originally compiled in 2004 by Theodore M. Tedesco and published serially in the Philatelic Literature Review. It includes book, periodical, and website references.

Ted has updated the index and donated it to the APRL to make available online. I worked with Ted to check all the web links and add a table of contents. The updated and enhanced index is now available on our website.

Most of the literature cited in the index is available from the APRL. To request a book loan by mail or photocopies or scans of articles, see our Library Services web page.