New books to the APRL, April 2014

APRL acquisitions, March 16-April 15, 2014. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book coverAger, Donald R. Parrots, macaws & quetzals: a Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society publication ([n.l.]: Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society, 2014): 7 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [Shelved with the journal Discovery]

Baker, Vernon E. The professional rare stamp hunter’s guide book: an encyclopedia of the rare stamps of the world (Elyria, Ohio: Vernon E. Baker, 1939):84 p.; 23 cm. [in process 000047118]

Benanti, Carol. Experience the wonder of collecting world stamps (Brentwood, Tennessee:Dalmatian Press,1996): 48 p.: col. ill.; 23 cm [in process 000047087]

Bowers, Peter M. Flying the Boeing Model 80 (U.S.A: Museum of Flight, 1984): [ca. 135] p.: ill.; 21 x 28 cm. [in process 000047086]

Bureau Issues Association, Inc. 100 years of stamp production 1894-1994 (Washington, D.C.:Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 1994): 18 p.; ill.; 22 cm [in process 000047126]

Carobene, Benito and CescoGiannetto. Eritrea: interi postali annullamenti e loro valutazione(Milano:Centro Filatelico Internazionale, 1969): 79 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [in process 000047117]

book coverDeb, Briti. Storytelling Ramayana through philately [exhibit]([n.l.]:[n.p.],[2014]):12 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [HE6183 .L776 D286s 2014]

Fricke, Charles A. [Postcard material] :1 box [R9 P2 S4]

Ganz, Cheryl R., EstherFerington, and Yuanming Hu. Pacific exchange, China & U.S. mail(Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian National Postal Museum, 2014): 48 p.: col. ill.; 24 cm [in process 000047121]

Gibbons, Stanley. Collect Birds on Stamps; 1983/84 Supplement to Stanley Gibbons Thematic Catalogue(Great Britain: Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd, 1984):22 p.; ill.; 20 cm. [in process 000047083]

Goldberg, Julian J. Canadian postage stamps printed by the Stickney Rotary Press(Toronto, Ontario, Canada:Julian J. Goldberg,2013):24 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm[in process 000047082;in process 000047125]

H.R. Harmer, Inc. H.R. Harmer, Inc. present rare postage stamps including the first part of the Morris Judas collection offered by order of Mr. Morris Judas of New York, comprising, first day, British Empire (20th Century issues, including blocks of four); second day, Foreign (19th and 20th Century issues, chiefly European): May 14-15, 1946 (New York, N.Y.: H.R. Harmer, Inc., 1946) [NS Judas, Morris]

H.R. Harmer, Inc. H.R. Harmer, Inc. presents first and second sessions, the Richard Spier collection of United States and British America, offered by order of the administratrix of the late Richard Spier of San Francisco, California; third session, The Walter Lewinson collection of the world offered by order of Mr. Walter Lewinson of New York City: May 8-10, 1950(New York, N.Y.:H.R. Harmer, Inc.,1950):72 p.: ill.; 24 cm.[NS Spier, Richard]

H.R. Harmer, Inc. H.R. Harmer, Inc. presents the Dr. Ernest G. Stillman collection. Part two, comprising United States and possessions, general foreign, (without British Commonwealth, already sold), with many of the big rarities, also fine collections by countries, air post collection, each country offered as a unit, France, offices and colonies with an exceptional group of St. Pierre and Miquelon, Free French including sheets: December 11-14, 1950(New York, N.Y.:H.R. Harmer, Inc.,1950):100 p.: ill.; 24 cm.[NS Stillman, Ernest G.]

book coverH.R. Harmer, Inc. H.R. Harmer, Inc. presents the Dr. Ernest G. Stillman collection. Part one, British Commonwealth, including former mandates and protectorates, offered by order of the executors of the late Ernest G. Stillman of New York, comprising both 19th and 20th Century issues with single rarities, sets and fine collections by countries: May 22-24, 1950(New York, N.Y.:H.R. Harmer, Inc.,1950):64 p.: ill.; 24 cm.[NS Stillman, Ernest G.]

H.R. Harmer, Inc. H.R. Harmer, licensed auctioneer, will sell at public auction a very fine specialized collection of Samoa formed by Col. Hans Lagerloef including the express stamps in complete sheets and reconstructed sheets, covers with Samoan and U.S. stamp combinations, German Dominion issues on and off cover, a fine range of the B.R.I. surcharge and later issues; An exceptionally fine collection of United States, including very fine 20th Century commemoratives and regular issues, also U.S. possessions; British Colonies including Ascension, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Ceylon, South West Africa and many others; Great Britain and a fine range of Europe; also a fine collection of air post, including Italy and Italian Colonies, Newfoundland and many other countries, also first and special flight covers, a choice selection of foreign souvenir sheets, various collections and lots by countries: April 27-28, 1943(New York, N.Y.:H.R. Harmer, Inc.,1943):38 p.: ill.; 24 cm.[NS Lagerloef, Hans]

book coverH.R. Harmer, Inc. The exceptionally fine “Hope” collection of British Commonwealth of nations, first portion from Aden to Niue, including collections of British Guiana, Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Great Britain, Mauritius, Natal, Newfoundland, New South Wales, New Zealand and many others: June 28-30, 1943 (New York, N.Y.: H.R. Harmer, Inc., 1943): 48 p.: ill.; 24 cm.[NS Hope pt.1]

H.R. Harmer, Inc. The extremely fine and attractive collection of United States with possessions, including proofs, essays, specimens, general issues, mint and used, fancy cancellations and British America, particularly strong in Canada and Newfoundland, formed by, and offered on instructions from Dr. Howard G. Bruenn of New York: June 3-5, 1946 (New York, N.Y.: H.R. Harmer, Inc., 1946): 50 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [NS Bruenn, Howard G.]

H.R. Harmer, Inc. The specialized collections of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia formed by Colonel Hans Lagerloef and an exceptionally fine collection of other stamps of the British Commonwealth of nations including a prize-winning collection of Nevis, also Canada, Cape of Good Hope, Newfoundland, Antigua, Barbados, Cyprus, Dominica, Falkland Is., Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Gr. Britain, Hong Kong, India, Irish Free State, Jamaica, Leeward Is., Malta, Montserrat, Niger Coast Prot. and many others; also, A very fine collection of Switzerland (20th Century), Brazil (on and off cover), Salvador (overprint varieties) and a fine range of lots by countries; also, very fine wholesale, 20th Century mint British Colonies, mostly in sets, Ecuador air post, etc.: May 24-26, 1943 (New York, N.Y.: H.R. Harmer, Inc., 1943): 59 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [NS Lagerloef, Hans]

H.R. Harmer, Ltd. Catalog with six photo-plates and 15 inset illustrations of a superb collection of classic British Commonwealth imperforates on covers, offered by order of Dr. Chan Chin Cheung, M.A., M.B., B.Chir (Cantab.) of Kuala Lumpur, Malaya: May 29, 1961: H.R. Harmer, Ltd.: 24 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [NS Cheung, Chan Chin]

H.R. Harmer, Ltd. Catalogue with four photo-plates of the 56-vol. collections of British Commonwealth and Iraq offered by order of the Midland Bank Executor and Trustee Company, Ltd., executors of the late Colonel H.C. Mason, O.B.E., F.R.P.S.L., of Cheam, Surrey, also, further Commonwealth collections offered by order of Colonel C.J. Odling of East Grinstead, Sussex, and by order of Lieut.-Colonel W.H. Samuel of Brockenhurst, Hants.: May 16-18, 1960 (London: H.R. Harmer, Ltd., 1960): 48 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [NS Mason, H.L.]

book coverH.R. Harmer, Ltd. Catalogue with six photo-plates of a further portion of the connoisseur collection of classic foreign stamps offered by order of R.W. Wilson, Esq., of Cape Town: May 1, 1961 (London: H.R. Harmer, Ltd., 1961): 20 p.: ill.; 24 cm. [NS Wilson, R.W.]

Harmer, Rooke & Co. United States collection of Mr. William S. Eakins of Glen Cove, New York, includes re-issues, special printings, inverted centers, blue papers, rare blocks, air mails, etc. (first day); Confederate States from a famous old-time collection, many great rarities including postmasters, covers, large blocks, and sheets (second day): March 22-23, 1949 (New York, N.Y.: Harmer, Rooke & Co., 1949): 36 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [NS Eakins, William S.]

Hofmann, Harry von. 1625-1915/18, Das Postwesen auf dem Territorium der spätern Republik Lettland, besonders geprägt von Deutschen, Schweden, Polen und Russen: Geschichte und Struktur, vorphilatelische Post, lokale Briefmarken, Poststempel, Zivil- und Feldposten, Dokumente = 1625-1915/18, the postal system in the territory of the later Latvian Republic, as especially influenced by Germans, Swedes, Poles and Russians: history, structure, pre-philatelic mail, local stamps, postmarks, civil and field posts, documents (Hamburg [Germany]: Harry v. Hofmann Verlag, 2014): 2 v. (375, 344 p.): ill., tables; 24 cm. [G7041 .P859 H713p 2014]

Holston Stamp Club monthly newsletter (Holston Stamp Club, [2013-]): col. ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Holston Stamp Club] [No. 550 (July 2013); no. 552 (Sept. 2013); Currently received.]

InterAsia Auctions. The Elling O. Eide collection of the local posts of China. Part 1: January 13, 2014 (Hong Kong: Interasia Auctions, 2014): 58 p.: col. ill., port.; 29 cm.[NS Eide, Elling O.]

Interasia Auctions. The late Civil War forerunners and provisional issues of East China: philatelic footprints on the road to the liberation of Shanghai, the Hugh Lawrence collection: January 12, 2014 (Hong Kong: Interasia Auctions Limited, 2014): 24 p.; 29 cm. [NS Lawrence, Hugh]

book coverISC newsletter ([U.K.]: India Study Circle, 2013): 30 cm. [JOURNAL ISC Newsletter]

Ito, Co. It’s a Stamp World! (Japan: Petit Grand Publishing, 2005): 128 p.: col. ill.; 20 cm [in process 000047117]

Jersey, Stanley C. and Howard Lee. U.S. Army post office and Navy numbers in the Pacific, World War II ([n.l.]: Pacific Islands Study Circle of Great Britain, [n.d.]): 11 p.; 25 cm. [in process 000047098; in process 000047102]

Kalmbacher, Conrad. Secession and the U.S. Mail: The Postal Service, the South, and sectional controversy (Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, c2013): 259 p.: ill.; 22 cm.[in process 000047093]

Kraft, Bill. Maybe we need a letter from God, the Star Trek stamp (Centralia, Washington, USA: Printed by Gorham Printing, 2013): 248 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000047081]

Kuzych, Ingert. Lemberg Cosmopolitan Crownland Capitol of the Austrian Empire (U.S.A.: Ukrainian Philatelic Resources, 2014): 174 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm [in process 000047101]

Long, Richard A. Postmarks of Curry County, Oregon ([Oregon]: [Pacific Northwest Postal History Society], [2013]): 20 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [G4293 .C9 L848p 2013]

Lucke, C.F. Empfindliche Briefmarken und ihr Behandlung (Leipzig: Schaubek Album: C.F. Lucke, 1937): 31 p.; 14 cm [in process 000047103]

Markee, Frederick D. Collecting air mail covers ([n.l.]: Frederick D. Markee, [n.d.]): 6 p.; 16 cm .[in process 000047091]

book coverMaruri, Juan. Historia de la Aviacion Comercial en el Uruguay. 1. tomo ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [n.d.]): 400 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [in process 000047110]

Michel.  Michel Europa-Katalog 2014 (Unterschleissheim: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH, 2014): ill. (chiefly col.); 23 cm.[CATALOGS Michel Europa]

Michel. Michel Deutschland-Spezial-Katalog (Leipzig; Munchen: Verlag des Schwaneberger Album/Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH, 2014 – 2 v.). [CATALOGS]

Newsletter (Town of York Historical Society) (Toronto, ON: Town of York Historical Society, [2009-2013]): ill.; 28 cm.[JOURNAL Newsletter (Town of York Historical Society)]

Newsletter of the Erie Stamp Club ([Erie, Pa.]: Erie Stamp Club, [2013]-): 28 cm. [JOURNAL Newsletter of the Erie Stamp Club]

Oleksiuk, Andrew. Ukraine, postal history 1900-1945 [exhibit] [electronic resource]([n.l.]:[n.p.],2001):117 p.: col. ill.[CD Oleksiuk, Andrew]

Omori, Makoto. Crustaceans on postage stamps from 1870 through 2002, the complete checklist([Tokyo]:Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology,2014):p. 40-86: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. [HE6183 .C957 O56c 2014]

Poole, M.A. The postmarks of Cyprus 1971(Famagusta, Cyprus:“Loutsios” Press,[1972]):[50] p.: ill.; 16 cm.[in process 000047090]

book coverPrestige Philately. South Australia, the Perkins Bacon issues formed by Michael Blake from Adelaide: February 7, 2014 (Prestige Philately, 2014): 110 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [NS Blake, Michael]

Ramkissoon, Reuben A. The landing of Columbus on Trinidad shores: 400th anniversary of the landing of Columbus at Trinidad 1498-1898, the story of how the 2d commemorative stamp came to be (Reuben A. Ramkissoon, 2003): p.1438-1469: col. ill.; 27 cm. [in process 000047094]

Redgrave, W.J. The Seychelle Islands ([n.l.]: W.J. Redgrave, 1995): 36 p.: ill.; 13 cm. [in process 000047106]

Reichman, James G. Space related Soviet special postmarks from 1958 to 1991 (U.S.A: James G. Reichman, 2013): 2 v.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000047085 v.1; In process 000047089 v.2]

Scott Publishing Co. Scott standard postage stamp catalogue (New York: The Scott Stamp and Coin Co., Ltd.; Sidney, OH: Scott Publishing Co., 171st ed. 2015, c2014 – v.1). [CATALOGS]

Spink. The Drs. Joanne and Edward Dauer collection of Great Britain: April 14, 2014 (London:Spink, 2014): [80] p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. [NS Dauer]

Stanley Gibbons Ltd. Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue. Brunei, Malaysia & Singapore (London; Ringwood, [England]: Stanley Gibbons Ltd., 4th ed. 2013 – xxxi, 237 p.). [CATALOGS Gibbons]

Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd. Collect British stamps: a Stanley Gibbons checklist of the stamps of Great Britain  (London; Ringwood, [England]: Stanley Gibbons Ltd.: Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd., 65th ed. 2014 – xliv, 250 p.). [G5740 .C697]

book coverStanley Gibbons Publications Ltd. Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man stamps: a Stanley Gibbons checklist  (London; Ringwood, England: Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd.; Stanley Gibbons Ltd., 2014 29th combined ed. – ix, 377 p.). [G5810 .C696]

Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue. Part 8. Italy & Switzerland (London: Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd.; London; Ringwood, [England]Stanley Gibbons Ltd.,, 1st ed. 1980 – 249 p.2nd ed. 1983 – 269 p.3rd ed. 1986 – 292 p.4th ed. 1993 – 345 p.5th ed. 1997 – xiv, 388 p.6th ed. 2003 – xiv, 485 p.7th ed. 2010 – xxiii, 475 p.8th ed. 2013 – xxiii, 526 p.). [CATALOGS Gibbons] Stanley Gibbons Ltd; — 8th ed. 2013

Trapnell, David. The postal history of French forces in Tunisia 1900-1920 & the South Tunisian Campaign 1915-1917([Great Britain]:France & Colonies Philatelic Society,2013):39 p.: col. ill.; 29 cm.[in process 000047097]

Truax, Robert A. A check list of street railway post offices 1891-1929(Washington, D.C.:Robert A. Truax,1961):6 p.; 13 cm.[in process 000047099]

United States Postal Service. The commemorative stamp yearbook ([Washington, DC]: United States Postal Service (New York: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.), 2013 – 64 p). [ALBUMS United States]

United States. Post Office Department. Schedule of mail routes, air mail (A.M.), foreign air mail (F.A.M.), closed pouch (C.P.), star route (S.R.) & railway post office (R.P.O.), chiefly in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mexico([United States]:[United States Post Office Dept.],[1931-1932?]):p. 3-169: tables; 22 cm.[GOV DOC]

United States. Railway Mail Service. 14th Division. Schedule of mail routes, No. 140, December 16, 1932; Fourteenth Division, Railway Mail Service, comprising Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming. [Colorado routes only](Omaha, Nebr.:By direction of the General Superintendet, R.M.S. (Klopp Printing Co.),[1932]):p. 14-15, 20-21, 28-41, 52-53, 56-57, 60-63, 74-75, 82-83, 86-87: chiefly tables; 28 cm.[GOV DOC]

book coverVan der Linden, James. Postal relations between Belgium and the Italian States 1830-1863([n.l.]:James Van der Linden,2007):20 p.: ill.; 29 cm.[in process 000047105]

Van der Linden, James. The postal relations between Belgium and Spain from the beginning to 1878(Munich:James Van der Linden,2010):16 p.: ill.; 29 cm[in process 000047109]

Weber, Roy. US three cent 1851 essays for postage stamps (and related topics) [electronic resource] ([2013]): 328 p.: col. ill.

Woolley, Mary E. The early history of the Colonial post-office (Canajoharie, New York: Philatelic Literature Review, 1969): 33 p.; 21cm. [in process 000047113]