Help the Smithsonian transcribe a Tiffany manuscript

Philatelic IndexThe Smithsonian Libraries have digitized John K. Tiffany’s Philatelic Index manuscript and it is now available for crowd sourcing transcription. Anyone can participate in the transcription and bring the manuscript one step closer to being fully searchable.

Smithsonian National Postal Museum librarian Baasil Wilder has provided instructions to get you started, and transcribed one sentence himself to try it out.

You can go straight to the website and begin on your own. Everything is done on the computer.

First, create an account.

Then, read the tutorial.

You are now ready to begin transcribing the Tiffany manuscript online, and you can save your work and finish it later.

Once a volunteer decides they’ve “finished” and they’re ready for review, a different volunteer (who must also have an account on the site) can review the transcription and either send it back for edits, or complete the transcription.

The finished transcript is sent to the Smithsonian, where it may be used immediately, or undergo additional work.

Read more about the manuscript and the transcription project on the Smithsonian Libraries blog.

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