New books at the APRL, April 2013

APRL acquisitions, March 16, 2013-April 15, 2013. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

book coverAcademie Europeenne de Philatelie. Opus XI, 2011 Academie Europeenne de Philatelie: Academie Europeenne de Philatelie, [2011]): 260 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [In process 000042501]

American Philatelic Society. Young Stamp Collectors of America. Collect stamps: fun, adventure, challenge: your guide to the wonderful world of stamps from the American Philatelic Society (Bellefonte, PA: Young Stamp Collectors of America, The American Philatelic Society, c2007): 16 p.: col. ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000042606; In process 000042607]

Anderson, P.J. (Peter John). [Letter Dec. 3, 1887 from P.J. Anderson to the Philatelic Society, London on New Spaulding Club, Aberdeen letterhead and proposal for financial support of a philatelic index], 1887 Dec 3): 1 file folder containing 7 photocopied pages. [Anderson, P.J.]

Aru, Mart. Eesti vabariigi postmargid ja tervikasjad kataloog = Catalogue of Republic of Estonia postage stamps and postal stationery (Tallinn, Estonia: Eesti Muinsuskaitse Selts Filateeliatoimkond,2010): 205 p.: ill. (some col.); 22 cm. [G7030 .A1 A793e 2010]

Berliner Philatelisten-Klub vom 1888 e.V. Ubersicht der grossen vorlagen 2002 bis 2012 zum 125. Jubilaum des Berliner Philatelisten Klub von 1888 e.V. 2409. bis 2642. Sitzung ([Berlin]: Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888 e.V., [2013]): 177 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. + 1 computer optical disk (4 3/4 in.) [In process 000042502]

Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888 e.V. Schonheit und Vielfalt = Beauty and diversity: Festschrift und Katalog zum 125jahrigen Jubilaum 1888-2013 in Berlin 14.-17. Februar 2013, Museum fur Kommunikation … Berlin ([Berlin]: Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888 e.V., [2013]): 108 p.: col. ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000042574]

book coverBrown, Margaret Wise. Seven little postmen (New York: A Golden Book, Random House Children’s Books, 1980, c1952): [24] p.: col. ill.; 21 cm. [HE6184 .J97 B879 1980]

Cuesta, Ernesto. United States military stations in Cuba 1898-99 = Estaciones postales militares de los Estado Unidos en Cuba, 1898-99 ([United States]: International Cuban Philatelic Society = Sociedad Filatelica Cubana Internacional, 2013): 48 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [G4921 .M644 C965u 2013 VERT FILE]

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions. The “Keystone” collection of unexploded booklets and booklet panes: March 17, 2013 (Danbury, CT: Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, 2013): 90 p.: col. ill.; 21 c 34 cm. [NS Keystone – Booklets]

Davidson, Pete (Wilbur L.), Jr. [Phone records] (1981-1992): 1 box (39 x 31 x 26 cm) containing 93 folders. [20B P1 S5 Davidson, Pete]

Feuser, Peter. Nachverwendete Altdeutschland-Stempel: Spezialkatalog und Handbuch (Stuttgart:Peter Feuser GmbH, 1983): 684 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [G6081 .P857 F426na 1983]

Great Britain Philatelic Society. The Great Britain Philatelic Society presents Forty years of research, recycling & recreation: a display to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Society given to the Royal Philatelic Society, London on 30 November 1995 (London: The Great Britain Philatelic Society, 1995): 12 p.; 24 cm. [In process 000042596]

Grosvenor. Auction of the John E du Pont collection of Falkland Islands: March 7, 2013 (London: Grosvenor,2013): 48 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [NS Du Pont, John E]

The Haiti collector: journal of philately and deltiology ([United States]: [n.p.], 2013-): col. ill.; 28 cm. [JOURNAL Haiti Collector]

book coverHarlos, Friedrich & Peter Harlos. Die Notopfer- und Wohnungsbaumarken 1948-1956: Katalog und Handbuch (Wunstorf [Germany]: Peter Harlos, 1982): 284 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [In process 000042721]

Heinrich Köhler. “Meine schonsten Puppen,” klassische Marken mit perfekten Stempeln, Die Sammlung Dr. Heinz Jaeger: March 23, 2013 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2013): 58 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [NS Jaeger, Heinz]

Heinrich Köhler. Deutsche Markenbriefe ins Ausland bis 1875, Die Sammlung Silvain Wyler. Teil 1: March 23, 2013 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2013): 125 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [NS Wyler, Silvain]

Heinrich Köhler. Europa CEPT, Die “Robert Schuman”-Sammlung (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler, 2013): 81 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [NS Robert Schuman]

Heinrich Köhler. Palestine Mandate (1917-1948), the drs. Avo Kaplanian collection in collaboration with Ronald Bouscher and Jacques Kaufmann: March 19, 2013 (Wiesbaden: Heinrich Köhler Auktionshaus,2013): 64 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [NS Kaplanian, Avo]

Kershaw, Kenneth A. The re-entries and varieties in the 3-cent small queen (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: British North America Philatelic Society: BNAPS Book Dept., 2013): 440 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm.[In process 000042579]

Lendroth, Susan. Calico Dorsey: mail dog of the mining camps (Berkeley: Tricycle Press, c2010): [32] p.: col. ill.; 25 x 28 cm. [HE6184 .J97 L564c 2010]

book coverLists of Money-Order Offices: Corrected to July 5, 1887, together with list of offices authorized to issue postal notes only [electronic resource] (New York: Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, Printers, 1887): 68 p.

Magalhaes, Alexandre Guedes de. Marcas postais de Angola (Lisboa: Revista “FN — FilateliaNumismatica”, 1986): 115 p.: ill.; 23 cm. [In process 000042569]

Marples, James A. The Knights of Malta, their hospitals, and their stamps ([Kansas]: James A. Marples, [2013?]): [5] leaves: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000042718]

Michel. Michel Europa-Katalog 2013 (Unterschleissheim: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH, 2013): ill. (chiefly col.); 23 cm. [CATALOGS Michel Europa]

Michel. Michel Ubersee-Katalog. Band 10, Naher Osten (Unterschlessheim: Schwaneberger Verlag, 2013 40. Aufl. – 1454 p.): ill.; 23 cm. [CATALOGS Michel]

Montgomery, James D. Ferns on postage stamps; Ferns on stamps, revised list (St Peter, MN:American Fern Society, 2004-2010): [7, 5] p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000042726]

Mosdell, H.M. 5000 facts about Newfoundland 1921-22, [1921]): 54 p.; 18 cm. [In process 000042722]

book coverNational Postal Museum (U.S.). A new home for a national treasure: the William H. Gross stamp gallery at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum ([Washington, D.C.]: Smithsonian National Postal Museum, [2009]): 13 p.: col. ill.; 15 x 23 cm. [In process 000042571]

Olympex 2012, Collecting the Olympic games: a free exhibition at the British Library 25 July-9 September 2012 ([London]: British Library, [2012]): [60] p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [In process 000042595]

Osborne, Hugh A. South Georgia, the provisional ‘paid at/At’ handstamp 1911-12 ([England]:Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group (Printed by Pardy & Son Printers, Ltd.), c2013): 52 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [In process 000042575]

Owen, Ann & Eric Thomas. Delivering your mail: a book about mail carriers (Minneapolis, Minn.: Picture Window Books, c2004.): 24 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. [HE6184 .J97 O971d 2004]

Peyron, Olivier & Colette Dubois. Politiques par l’image: “timbroscopie” de Madagascar (1956-1988) (Aux-en-Provence: Amis des Archives d’Outre-mer, Institut d’histoire des pays d’Outre-mer,1992): p. 9-17: ill.; 30 cm. [In process 000042594]

Quinby, Roger P. Postal censorship in Finland 1914-1918 (Alpharetta, GA, USA: Finnish Philatelist; Rosewell, GA: CD and Print Editon by Alphagraphics, [2012]): ca. 400 p. in various pagings: col. ill.; 28 cm. + 1 computer optical disk (4 3/4 in.) [In process 000042576 (book); In process CD 000042577 (CD)]

book coverRuller. Catalogo Ruller selos do Brasil ([Sao Paulo, Brazil]: Ruller, [1991]-1992): ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000042608 92/93]

Sanchez & Cia. Catalago Sanchez Brasil (Sao Paulo: Sanchez & Cia., Casa filatelica, 1951): 198 p.: ill.; 16 cm. [G5400 .A1 S211c 1951]

Schuessler, Raymond. Postal gallery of dogs (Chicago, IL: Maclean Hunter, 1986): p.18, 94: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000042609]

Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions, Inc. The Westpex sale, the Richard Warren collection of Confederate States of America: April 27, 2013, Westpex 2013 (San Francisco, CA: Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions, Inc., 2013): 233 p.: col. ill., port.; 29 cm. [NS Warren, Richard]

Schweizer, Michael & Bernhard Albrecht. Generalgouvernement 1939-1945. Documentation on the postal matter cards in the Generalgouvernement; The official postal matter cards of the Post-Office Warschau C1 (Berlin: Arge Generalgouvernement 1939-1945: Morgana-Editions, 2006): 50, 29 p.: col. ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000042498]

book coverSchweizer, Michael & Otto Thal. Generalgouvernement 1939-1945. Handbook on the forms used by the Deutsche Post Osten in the General Government (Berlin: Arge Generalgouvernement 1939-1945: Morgana-Editions, 2008): 90 p.: col. ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000042497]

Schweizer, Michael. General Government 1939-1945. Special cancels and souvenir cards of the General Government 1939-1945 (Berlin: Arge Generalgouvernement 1939-1945: Morgana-Editions,2004): 208 p.: col. ill.; 24 cm. [In process 000042496]

Shreves Philatelic Galleries, Inc. The Collector’s series, featuring the “Crossing” collection, the Dr. Donald L. Feldman collection: February 19-20, 1999 (Dallas, TX: Shreves Philatelic Galleries, Inc., 1999): 309 p.: ill. (some col.); 26 cm. [NS Feldman, Donald L.]

Spink Investphila. French mail in the West Indies, the Federico Borromeo D’Adda collection. Part 1, including Cuba, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas: April 19, 2013 (Lugano: Spink investphila,2013): 71 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. [NS D’Adda, Federico Borromeo]

Spink Investphila. Sicilia, collezione medaglia d’oro grande internazionale: April 20, 2013 (Lugano: Spink investphila,2013): 91 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. [NS Sicilia]

Spink. The “Lionheart” collection of Great Britain and British Empire. Part 1: April 17, 2013 (London:Spink, 2013): 81 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. [NS Lionheart]

book coverSpink. The award winning “Medina” collection of Cape of Good Hope: March 20, 2013 (London: Spink, 2013): 71 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. [NS Medina]

Sthapit, Chandra Kumar & Deepak Manandhar. Nepal postage stamps catalogue 1881-2004(Kathmandu, Nepal: Chandra Kumar Sthapit, Deepak Manandhar (MASS Printing Press), 2005): 88 p.: ill. (some col.); 24 cm. [In process 000042570]

United States. Post Office Department. The postal laws and regulations of the United States of America: Edition of 1940 in effect November 1, 1970 [electronic resource] (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1941): One Adobe Acrobat pdf file (1072 p., 215 MB).

Verstraete, Larry. Surviving the Hindenburg (Ann Arbor, MI: Sleeping Bear Press, c2012) [HE6184 .J97 V566s 2012]

Walton, Frank L. General account of postage labels 1840 (London: The Royal Philatelic Society London, 2013): xxiii, 189 p.: chiefly ill.; 30 cm. [G5741 .P964 W238g 2013]

Walton, Frank L. Postage stamps warrants 1840-1845 (London: The Royal Philatelic Society London, 2013): x, 123 p.: chiefly ill.; 30 cm. [G5741 .P964 W238p 2013]

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