National Library Week: Services for researchers

This is the third in a series of daily posts about how the American Philatelic Research Library serves the philatelic community as we celebrate National Library Week.

book scanner
The book scanner used to scan articles, catalog pages, and book sections for library patrons.

The APRL’s primary users are members of the American Philatelic Society, the majority of whom cannot easily travel to Bellefonte to use the library in person.

How do we provide library services to people all over the world? By mail, fax, and email!

Our services web page lists available options. Book borrowing by mail is available to APS and APRL members in the U.S. and Canada. Others can access our collections through interlibrary loan. We provide photocopies and scans of articles and book sections to anyone – APS and APRL members get a lower price.

To learn more about our collections, search our online catalog, or read more about our collections on our website.