New books at the APRL, December 2012

APRL acquisitions, November 16, 2012-December 15, 2012. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

Abrams, G.M. The municipal tax stamps of Milano ([n.l.]: American Revenuer, 1974): p. 91-102, p. 125-134: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000041198]

Alphabetic key to list of holders of tobacco products, export warehouse and tobacco products warehouse permits ([Washington,D.C.?]: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1965): 11 leaves; 28 cm. [In process 000041315 c.1; In process 000041316 c.2; In process 000041317 c.3]

American Society of Check Collectors, Inc. Security printers ([n.l.]: American Society of Check Collectors, Inc., c1991): 30 p.; 28 cm. [G3701 .P957 C514s 1991]

An ordinance of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Muscogee (Creek) Nation laws ([Oklahoma]: [Muskogee Nation], [1991]): [14] leaves; 28 cm. [In process 000041285]

Barata, Paulo Rui. Vinhetas de Portugal (Lisboa: Publifil, [1976]): <1> v. (8 p.): ill.; 23 cm. [G6691 .S438 B226v]

Bartlett, J. Delano and Walter W. Norton. United States internal revenue stamps, hydrometers, lock seals (Dennis, MA: J.L. McGuire, 1982): A-B, 45 p.; 22 cm. [G3701 .R451 B289hi Repr.1982]

British North America acts 1867 to 1951: preceded by a short introduction on “Parliamentary government and the constitution”, and followed by the Statute of Westminster, 1931 (Ottawa:Edmond Cloutier, Queen’s printer and controller of stationery, 1952): 76 p.; 25 cm. [In process 000041208]

Couve, Michel. Les piquages semi-prives des chiffres-taxe carres de France (Paris: Publication de l’Union marcophile pour l’étude de l’histoire postale des marques et des oblitérations, 2012): 60 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [Shelved with the journal Les Feuilles marcophiles]

David Feldman SA. Belgique, la collection Anatoly Karpov 3eme partie: December 13-14, 2012 (Geneve, Suisse: David Feldman SA, 2012): 239 p.: col. ill., port.; 28 cm. [NS Karpov, Anatoly]

David Feldman SA. The Russian post offices in the Chinese empire. Part II, China proper, Mongolia, Sinkiang: December 12, 2012 (Geneva, Switzerland: David Feldman SA, 2012): 157 p.: col. ill., port.; 28 cm. [NS Casey, Raymond]

Di Bella, Emil. Check list and guide to sales tax tokens (New York: Emil Di Bella: American Tax Token Society, 1971): 16 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000041297 c.1; In process 000041298 c.2]

Diena, Charles. Les timbres municipaux d’Italie: connus depuis leur introduction jusqu’a la fin de 1881 (Neuilly, France: L. Bouzin, 1883): p. 6-160 p.: ill. [In process 000041201 c.1; In process 000041202 c.2; In process 000041375 c.3]

Düring, Frank. The Ho Chi Minh stamps issued in Lien Khu V differentiating issues and telling genuine from fake ([Arlington,Va.]: Society of Indo-China Philatelists, 2012): ii, 12 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [Shelved with the journal Indo-China Philatelist]

Einstein, Joseph S., Thomas C. Kingsley, and W. Richard De Kay. A handbook for United States revenue stamped paper ([n.l.]: American Revenue Association, c1979): 88 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [G3701 .R451 E35h 1979]

Erler, Martin. Katalog der Stempelmarken von Deutschland XII. SBZ/DDR = Catalogue of the adhesive revenue stamps of Germany XII. SBZ/DDR (Icking,Germany: ORA Verlag, c1992): 73 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [G6081 .R451 E69k Bd.12 1992]

Eustis, Nelson. Australia’s first flights, March 1910 (Adelaide, South Australia: Hobby Investments, 2002): 62 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [HE6238 .E81af 2002]

Feltman, Erving R. California’s Lake County: places and postal history (Lake Oswego OR: The Depot, c2008): 118 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000041291]

Fiedler, Walther. Illustriertes Sammelbuch für alle affiziellen Ausstellungsmarken, Erinnerungs- und Festmarken = Album illustre pour tous les timbres de reclame officiels des diverses Expositions, fetes et commemoration (Leipzig: Verlag von Walther Fiedler, 1898): 175 leaves: ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000041374]

Gable, Roger. Spray Clearinghouse (Bellbrook, OH: Roger Gable, 1994-1995): 28 cm. [Shelved with Spray Newsletter]

Garfield, Simon. The error world: an affair with stamps (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009, c2008): 245 p.; 22 cm. [In process 000041396]

Hermann, Charles H. Pennsylvania beer labels with World War II emergency tax stamp ([United States]: [Charles H. Hermann], [19–]): 8 leaves; 28 cm. [G3821 .S438 H552pb]

Holoubek, Karel. Compendium of 1944-1945 liberation overprints (Bray: Czecholslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain, 2012): [326] p. in various pagings: ill. (some col.), maps, ports.; 30 cm. + 1 computer optical disk (4 3/4 in.) in DVD format. [In process 000041289; In process DVD 000041290]

Hudson, Graham. The design & printing of ephemera in Britain & America 1720-1920 (New Castle [England]: The British Library: Oak Knoll Press, 2008): 259 p.: col. ill.; 29 cm. [In process 000041296]

Interasia Auctions Ltd. Cancellations of the first customs issue of Imperial China, the Wen Sun Kong collection: Plates 2012 and 2013; Part 1, December 15, 2012 (Hong Kong: Interasia Auctions Ltd., 2012-): <2> v.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [NS Kong, Wen Sun]

Interasia Auctions Ltd. Selections from the Huang Ming-Jeng Grand Prix collection of Imperial China 19th Century postal history: Part 1 December 15, 2012, 2012-): <1> v.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [NS Huang, Ming-Jeng]

Interasia Auctions Ltd. The local posts of China, 1893-1897, selected rarities from the William L. Kullman collection: December 16, 2012 (Hong Kong: Interasia Auctions Ltd., 2012): 34 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [NS Kullman, William L.]

Irwin, Henry. The tuberculosis seals of Mexico (Elmhurst, [Ill.]: Mexico-Elmhurst Philatelic Society International,c1972): 14 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000041279]

Ittel, William and Domenico Facci. The classic revenue stamps of Lombardy-Venetia ([n.l.]: American Revenuer, 1970): 14 p.; 23 cm. [In process 000041196]

Jackson, H.T. The preparation of the post office adhesive telegraph stamps of Great Britain(Rugby: Scanlans Printing Services Ltd., 1965): 34 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [In process 000041162]

Jerremalm, Ali, Inga Lundström, and Ian Wiséhn. Trumf pa hand, en historia om svenska spelkort(Uddevalla [Sweden]: Kungl. Myntkabinettet och Chartophilia Sueciae, 1993): 64 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. [In process 000041284]

Katalog der Weihnachtssiegelmarken (München: Komitee zur Wohnraumbeschaffung fur Tuberkulosekranke in Bayern e.V.; Lorch/Wurtt.: Hermann E. Sieger, [1973?]): 15 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [G6296 .C555 K19 1973 VERT FILE]

Kaufmann, Patricia A., Francis J. Crown, and Jerry S. Palazolo. Confederate States of America: catalog and handbook of stamps and postal history ([n.l.]: Confederate Stamp Alliance, 2012): xi, 516 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000041175]

Lamers, Duane E. United Nations, definitives & airmail stamps issued and reprinted 1958-1985(Chicago,IL,USA: United Nations Philatelists, c1985): 52 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [Shelved with the journal]

Lera, Thomas. Cave post offices (Dayton, Ohio: Cave Books, 2011): 136 p.: col. ill.; 26 cm. [HE6183 .381 L614c 2011]

Lundy, Frederick George C. Revenue stamps of the German States ([n.l.]: Fred. Geo. C. Lundy, [1888]): 34 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [G6081 .R451 L962r]

Martel, Wayne. Catalog of 20th century local posts (Baltimore: Wayne Martel, [1971?]): 28 leaves: ill.; 30 cm. [G3701 .L811 M376c 1971 VERT FILE]

Michel, Frank R. Stamps of the polar worlds, 1900 to 2012 (Sherman Oaks, CA: Frank R. Michel,c2012): x, 133 p.: col. ill., 1 map; 28 cm. [HE6183 .P762 2012]

Poel, J. van der. De geschiedenis van het Nederlands fiscaal zegel 1624-1954 ([Rotterdam]:Uitgeverij Davo Deventer, [1954]): 261 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process c.1 000041255; In process c.2 000041256]

Potter, David. Catalogue of Great Britain railway letter stamps 1957-1972 (London: Railway Philatelic Group, 1972): 32 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [G5741 .R151 P866c 1972 VERT FILE]

Pruess, Kenneth. Stamps, taxes, and entomology: a list of U.S. state revenue stamps of entomological interest (North Platte, Nebraska: K.P. Preuss, [1961?]): 14 leaves; 28 cm. [In process 000041305]

Railroads of the United States, excerpted from One hundred years’ progress of the United States (Hartford, Conn.: L. Stebbins, 1872): leaves 210-218: tables; 29 cm. [In process 000041263 c.1; In process 000041264 c.2; In process 000041265 c.3]

Reichman, James G. Commemorative space covers from the Minsk Collector Club 1957 to 1982(Mesa, Arizona, USA: J.G. Reichman, 2012): 258 p.: ill.; 23 cm. + 1 computer optical disk (4 3/4 in.) [In process 000041294]

Reichman, James G. Soviet and Russian philatelic items related to dogs in space (Mesa, Arizona, USA: James G. Reichman, 2012): 97 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000041295]

Reichman, Jim. Tartu Space Club covers, 1962 to 1978 (Mesa, Arizona, USA: James Reichman,2012): 2 v. (746 p): col. ill.; 23 cm. + 1 computer optical disk [In process 000041293 v.1; In process 000041292 v.2 + CD]

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. The Merlin collection of superb quality 19th and 20th century United States stamps (New York, N.Y.: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc., 2012): 205 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [NS Merlin, William]

Schaufelberger, G. and Carlo Buttafava. Catalogue de timbres municipaux suisses ([Milano]: [Carlo Buttafava], [1953?]): 51 p.: ill.; 22 cm. [G6041 .R451 S313c 1953 CLOSED STACKS]

Shellabear, Hugh P. Railroad cancellations on United States revenue stamps of the 1862-75 issues; Addenda (Reading, Penna.: Hugh P. Shellabear, [1961-1963]): 65, iv, 53 p.: ill.; 28 cm. [G3701 .R152 S544r 1961]

Societe francaise de philatelie fiscale. Catalogue des timbres fiscaux locaux et speciaux de France ([n.l.]: Societe francaise de philatelie fiscale, 1990): 94 leaves: ill.; 30 cm. [In process 000041386]

Sotheby’s. Postage stamps of the world, featuring the award-winning collection of Seychelles formed by R.A.F. Winchester FRPSL of Melbourne, Australia; outstanding collections of Colombia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, New Republic, New Zealand, Sudan and Switzerland; individual rarities include the unissued 1984 Olympic Games stamps of East Germany, illustrated envelopes of Great Britain, a spectacular Greek first month of use cover and an American 1971 ‘Apollo 16’ Moon Landing cover: July 18, 1996 (London: Sotheby’s, 1996): 148 p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. [NS Winchester, R.A.F.]

Spink. Great Britain, the “Fordwater” collection: November 27, 2012 (London: Spink, 2012): 115 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. [NS Fordwater]

Spink. The Chartwell collection, 1840 one penny blacks from the original Nissen reconstructions for sale by tender: December 3, 2012 (London: Spink, 2012): 43 p.: col. ill., port.; 27 cm. [NS Cripps, Cyril Humphrey]

Spink. The Chartwell collection, Great Britain line-engraved essays, proofs, stamps and covers, part IV: December 12, 2012 (London: Spink, 2012): 209 p.: col. ill., port.; 27 cm. [NS Cripps, Cyril Humphrey. Vol. 9]

Springer, Christian. Die Sächsische Post und das Steuerwesen (Köln: Christian Springer, 1981): 127 p.: ill.; 25 cm. [In process 000041400]

Sterling, E.B. Descriptive reference list of the private proprietary stamps of the tobacco manufacturers of the United States, printed on tin foil, by the J.J. Cooke Co., describing nearly 300 varieties, August, 1882 (Trenton, N.J.: E.B. Sterling, 1882): [8] leaves; 28 cm. [G3701 .R451 S838d 1882a VERT FILE]

Summerfield, Arthur E. Major addresses of Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield (Washington, D.C.: Post Office Department, Information Service, 1956): [ca. 200 leaves]; 27 cm. [In process 000041188]

Symoens, R. Le droit de timbre en Belgique, apercu historique; Le timbre en Belgique depuis 1648 jusqu’a nos jours ([Bruxelles,Belgium]: Revue de l’enregistrement et des domaines; publiee par le Ministere des Finances, 1942): 117 p., 46 p. of plates: ill.; 28 cm. [In process 000041398 c.1; In process 000041399 c.2]

Tolman, Henry, II. Insurance cancellations on United States revenue stamps of the 1862-1874 Issues; Addendum to insurance cancellations on United States revenue stamps of the 1862-1874 issues by H. Tolman II, June 1, 1985 (Orange, Conn.: H. Tolman II, 1984-1985): 14, 4, 69, 4, 9, 2 p.: chiefly ill.; 28 cm. [G3701 .R451 T652i 1985]

Walker, W. Danforth. Barwani, a princely Indian State [exhibit] [electronic resource] ([n.l.]: W. Danforth Walker, [2012]): 134 p.: col. ill.

Williams, L.N. and M. Williams. Cinderella stamp corner ([n.l.]: Stamp Magazine, [1968-1981]): [ca. 100 leaves]: photo. (port.); 28 cm. [In process 000041185]

Wurttembergisches Auktionshaus. 117. Auktion mit Sammlung Dr. Helmut Schmidt: December 12, 2012 (Stuttgart: Wurttembergisches Auktionshaus, 2012): 538 p.: col. ill.; 24 cm. [NS Schmidt, Helmut]

Yates, Geoffrey. Fully illustrated catalogue of Hutt River Province Principality postage stamps (Australia: Hutt River Principality Stamp Sales, 1986): 24 p.: ill., map; 19 cm. [In process 000041275]