Postal History Symposium to go on as scheduled

Postal History SymposiumThe APS and APRL have not experienced any adverse effects from the storm and we will be holding the Postal History Symposium/U.S. Classics show as scheduled.

It is possible that some individuals may encounter difficulty in traveling to the event. Please exercise prudence. We will understand if you are unable to attend. If you do need to cancel it would be helpful if you could advise us by telephone to 814-933-3803 x 246.

Unrelated to the storm, the APS e-mail system is currently down due to a hardware failure. We are working on getting the system back up, but if you need to reach us, please call 814-933-3803.

3 thoughts on “Postal History Symposium to go on as scheduled”

  1. This is a wonderful use of the blog, Tara. Those of us outside the area of the storm have been concerned about the APS facility and the library. Please update the blog as information changes.

    Paul Nelson
    Postal History Foundation, Tucson

  2. What a great event! At some point, they said the proceedings were going to be published by the Smithsonian Postal Museum. Can you post the web address?

  3. Glad you enjoyed the event, John! Selected papers from the first 6 symposia have been published by the Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. You can download the books in PDF format from the symposium website, or you can order a free hard copy from the Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. We’ll be putting slides and papers from this year’s event on the symposium website, and they will be considered for publication in the next volume from the Smithsonian.

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