Tiffany manuscript digitized

Tiffany manuscript

John Kerr Tiffany is a name well-known to collectors of philatelic literature. Tiffany amassed an incomparable library, acquired after his death in 1897 by the Earl of Crawford and now located in the British Library.

In 1874, Tiffany published a list of all known philatelic publications, The Philatelical Library: A Catalogue of Stamp Publications. Prior to that, he had compiled A reference list of publications relating to postage stamps and their collection for the Boston Public Library in 1871. Present-day philatelic bibliographer Brian Birch alerted us to the existence of this manuscript, but the only copy I could find was housed in the Boston Public Library‘s Rare Books and Manuscripts collection.

I inquired about the manuscript, and the Boston Public Library recently digitized the manuscript and made it available on the Internet Archive. It can be downloaded in PDF or e-reader formats, or read online.

Many thanks to the Boston Public Library for making this piece of philatelic history available to the public!