Friday fun: another answer, and some curiosities

Last week, we askedThe Stamp Collector's Magazine:

Why is a naughty schoolboy like a postage stamp?

The commenters on this blog got most of the answer, and a Facebook reader got the last bit. Here’s the whole answer, and congratulations to Marty, Neil, Dylan, and Kate!

Because he needs to be licked and put in the corner to make him stick to his letters.

With that, the editor of The Stamp Collector’s Magazine seems to have run out of riddles. But I promised something fun, so here are a few selections from a July 1863 article entitled, “Curiosities of the American Dead-Letter Office,” about the curious ways correspondents close their letters.

Excuse my way of speling, for you now me.
Your friend, Sam.

Adieu, and may the benediction of these covering heavens fall on thy head like lead.
Yours respectfully, au revior, Box 936, City.

Write to me as soon as possible, if not sooner.
I remain yours truly, Delia.

Stay tuned next week for something lighthearted – a riddle if I can find one!