Friday fun: the Tuscan Lion answer and another conundrum

Tuscan LionTwo weeks ago, we asked:

Why is the Tuscan lion like the British Empire?

This was a tough one! Perhaps it would have helped you to know that The Stamp Collector’s Magazine, from which this conundrum came, was a British publication? The answer, as published in the May 1, 1863 issue:

Because it upholds the crown with dignity; and at the same time holds out a shield to all the world.

The only correct answer back in 1863 came from Ralph, who received a Pony Express stamp for his efforts.

Here’s another conundrum for you, from the October 1, 1863 issue. I think you’ll find this one a little easier! The answer will be posted here next Friday.

Why is a naughty schoolboy like a postage stamp?

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  1. A naughty schoolboy is like a postage stamp because they both get licked and put in the corner.

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