Friday fun: an answer, and a new conundrum

Last week, we asked:

Why is the Penny English stamp like a newspaper?

The answer, from the July 1, 1863 Stamp Collector’s Magazine:

Because it was first black printed on white, and then red (read).

No one posted an answer here on the blog, but several people answered when I posted it on Facebook. Marty Mazur’s answer was the closest to that printed in the magazine. Congratulations, Marty!

Now on to this week’s conundrum, which is a bit more difficult, from the April 1, 1863 Stamp Collector’s Magazine:

Why is the Tuscan lion like the British Empire?

Sorry, but we can't offer the prize that the Stamp Collector's Magazine editor did!

2 thoughts on “Friday fun: an answer, and a new conundrum”

  1. It’s gotta have something to do with the symbol of the British Empire having it’s foot on the symbol of France (fleur-de-lis).

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