Collectors Club of Chicago Philatelic Exhibitor's Award

It’s always good to receive a high medal award for a philatelic exhibit, but it is especially nice to receive one of the special awards. After a significant revision of my Display Division exhibit on public libraries and their forerunners, I entered it into the Rocky Mountain Stamp Show in Denver in May. To my delight it received the Collectors Club of Chicago (CCC) Philatelic Exhibitor’s Award. This is a new award created in 2012 by the CCC. Special awards come with a variety of artifacts to recognize the achievement – certificates, medals, ribbons, and sometimes an object that just might go into the next garage sale. In the case of the CCC award it is a collection of publications which have been published by the Club. What a great idea! The CCC estimates the total value of the publications to be from $150 to $200 which makes the award highly desirable. I received four publications which are shown above. There are some fairly broad parameters for the award with the judges of the show making the final decision on the recipient. More about the award can be found in this press release. It should also be noted that for a number of years the American Philatelic Congress has been giving a philatelic award that is accompanied by the latest issue of their annual Congress Book.

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  1. Congratulations, Larry! I saw your exhibits at RMSS, and found them fascinating. The one you refer to above was the exhibit I voted for as my favorite of the show. It could be that I share some of your personal bias about libraries.

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