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Postal BulletinThe Postal Bulletin (first published as The Daily Bulletin of Orders Affecting the Postal Service) is a vital source of information for the researcher looking for information on U.S. Post Office Department (and later USPS) operations and policies. Its use has been limited, though, due to insufficient indexing and the necessity of finding a library holding the bulletins in print or microfilm.

Now, all of the Postal Bulletins from 1880 to 1971 are available and searchable online at www.uspostalbulletins.com.

This monumental project is led by Tony Wawrukiewicz and supported by the Military Postal History Society, Mobile Post Office Society, Postal History Society, Universal Ship Cancellation Society, United States Stamp Society, and individuals.

You can read more about the project, included step by step search instructions, in an article by Wawrukiewicz in the May 2012 U.S. Specialist. 

2 thoughts on “U.S. Postal Bulletin online”

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    When I go to http://www.uspostalbulletins.com there is only a general introduction. There are no search options or any link to a search options page.

    I use Windows 7 64bit with Explorer 9 which is automatically updated.

  2. One has to click on the PDF Search hyperlink on the gray toolbar on the top of the web page to enter the search engine (all the bulletins are in pdf format).

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