Philatelic Library Newsletters

I write the “Philatelic Library News” column for the Philatelic Literature Review, and one of the major sources of information for that column is the online newsletters of the philatelic libraries. Three of the newsletters are especially noteworthy. They are: Scribblings, the bi-monthly newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library in Denver, Colorado; Book Reports, the bi-monthly newsletter of the Northwest Philatelic Library in Portland, Oregon; and Stamp Tracks, the quarterly newsletter of the Postal History Foundation and the Slusser Memorial Library in Tucson, Arizona. Access to current and archived issues of the newsletters are available freely to anyone over the Internet. These newsletters are quite good and contain substantive articles about a variety of philatelic topics in addition to news about the libraries.

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  1. Thank you, Larry, for letting us know about these. I had not realized they were online.

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