Exhibits online

Did you know that the APRL has a collection of exhibit copies?

We have almost 700 exhibit reproductions in the library. Of these, 50 are digital scans, and the remainder are paper copies.As we receive permission, we are posting exhibits that we have in digital format on our website for members to view.

Paper exhibit copies can be checked out of the library just like books. Many are reproduced in full color, while others are black and white.

To search our exhibit holdings, go to the online catalog and enter “exhibit” in the Record Type box. You can then add title, subject, or author (exhibitor) keywords to your search. When we have information about awards the exhibit has won, we add that information to the catalog record.

Interested in donating a copy of your exhibit to the library?

It’s easy! You can either mail us a paper copy of your exhibit, or send us an electronic copy. You can even send both paper and digital versions, which allows the library and our researchers the most flexibility.

Most scanned exhibits are too large to send as email attachments, so we recommend burning the files to CD-ROM and mailing the disk to us, or using a file sharing service (such as Dropbox, which is free and comes with step-by-step instructions).

If you are willing to have your exhibit posted on the web, print and sign our license form and send it to us along with your exhibit.

Why donate a copy of your exhibit?

Donating your exhibit helps new exhibitors improve their exhibits and allows researchers to learn from your work. It also preserves your work for future generations of philatelists.

Need to update a donated exhibit?

No problem. Simply send us a revised copy and we’ll add it to the collection.