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Imagine being able to enter the thought process of a top exhibitor. James Peter “Jamie” Gough, whose exhibit The UPU and Its Impact on Global Postal Services just won the Grand at AmeriStamp in Atlanta, has written a book telling how he turned a shoebox collection of covers, selected because they were “very interesting as to the ‘why’ – in addition to having to be unusual (not having seen one before) and pretty” into a world-class exhibit.

Despite its rather formal title, The Ever-Changing Paradigm of Philatelic Exhibiting is actually much like having a conversation with Jamie. Beginning with the importance of developing a coherent storyline, he shares advice on many aspects of exhibiting from title page design to layout and mounting, as well as his experiences in philatelic judging. Rather than rules and prescriptions, Jamie provides guidance that will ignite your thought process and help you to view your own collections and exhibits with a fresh perspective. While imparting valuable tips to veteran, as well as novice, exhibitors, he also offers those who are want to exhibit for the first time a comfortable entry. Aided by Jamie’s book, those who attend stamp shows without spending much time among the frames will find exhibiting less overwhelming and more understandable.

Available from Postiljonen for 20€ plus shipping, the book is the first in their Philatelic Summit Papers series based on papers to be presented at the 2nd International Philatelic Summit in Malmö in April. The Ever-Changing Paradigm of Philatelic Exhibiting is the best exhibiting book published in several decades.

2 thoughts on “The Best New Exhibiting Book”

  1. I’m curious if this book is focused more on the FIP level shows vs the national level shows common in the United States. Is this book appropriate to improve exhibits at the national or even local level American shows?

    Does it superscede the APS “Manual of Philatelic Judging”, issue 6, for example?

    Paul L. Morton
    APS Member 132010

    1. Jamie’s book does not supersede the Manual of Philatelic Judging or the Philatelic Exhibitors Handbook. Rather it offers a fresh approach to exhibiting. Whether at a local stamp show or at the FIP level, the exhibitor must tell a coherent story that will engage the audience. Thus exhibitors at all levels will benefit from considering their exhibits in light of the suggestions offered in this book about developing a storyline and designing their exhibit pages to support their story.

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