The Postal History Foundation's New Website

The Postal History Foundation in Tucson, AZ has just updated and redesigned its website at . The redesign was made possible by funding from the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records Division, and with the help of Cero Wood Graphic Design Inc.. The new website contains up-to-date news on Foundation events, links to philatelic resources and an archive of the Foundation’s Stamp Tracks newsletter. It also has pages for the Foundation’s Museum, Education and Library departments as well as links to philatelic sales which benefit the Foundation. I was, of course, especially interested in the Slusser Library section of the website. That section has a link to the Library’s online catalog which is integrated with the catalog of the Pima County Public Library and is also part of the Philatelic Union Catalog of the American Philatelic Research Library. It also links to the digital collections which the library has developed in conjunction with the Arizona Memory Project. It’s a great website and well worth taking a look at. The Postal History Foundation would appreciate any comments about the site.