New arrivals at the APRL, January 2012

APRL acquisitions, December 16, 2011-January 15, 2012. To request loans, copies, or scans, or to search our catalog, visit the APRL website.

The Travers PapersAlexander, Thomas J., George W. Brett, and W. Wilson Hulme II (comp.); Barbara R. Mueller (ed.). United States postal history and postage stamps official records (Washington, D.C.: James E. Lee in cooperation with the Smithsonian National Postal Museum, 2011-): <2> v.

Almeida, Noel. Overseas mailers FDCs of Australia(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Dandenong, Vic.: Australian Sports Stamps, 2011): 79 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm.

AMG Collectors Club. AMG inventory and want list; Constitution ([United States]: AMG Collectors Club, [2011]): [8] p.; 28 cm. [Shelved with the journal]

Boyles, James G., Richard A. Colberg, and Thomas C. Mazza (comp.). Postal markings on stampless mail from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania([Pennsylvania]: Pennsylvania Postal History Society, 2011): 130 p.: ill.; 26 cm.Burkhardt, Carsten and Wolfram Podien. Die Kopfeserie 1948-1954: Handbuch und Spezialkatalog (Berlin: Arbeitsgemeinschaft “DDR-Spezial”, 2011): 188 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm.

Chalmers, Patrick. The originator of the adhesive postage stamp ([Wimbledon]: [Patrick Chalmers], [1888]): 3 p.; 27 cm.

Overseas Mailers FDCs of Australia

Connett, Eugene V., III. Patriotic covers, Colonel E.E. Ellsworth, New York Fire Zouaves: a fully illustrated catalogue including the authentic story of Ellsworth’s life and death ([n.l.]: [n.p.], [1956]): p. 14-40: ill.; 25 cm.

Edenbridge Philatelic Lit. Catalogue of philatelic literature (Eden, NC, U.S.A.: Edenbridge Philatelic Lit, [1998]-): 22 cm. [Price Lists]

Forbes, Allan and Ralph M. Eastman. Other Yankee ship sailing cards: presenting more reproductions of the colorful cards announcing ship sailings to California and other Pacific ports in the days when the California Gold Rush led to the development of fast sailing clippers and able and courageous men to sail them (Boston, Mass.: Issued by the State Street Trust Co., c1949): xii, 111 p.: ill.; 23 cm.

Forbes, Allan and Ralph M. Eastman. Yankee ship sailing cards: presenting reproductions of some of the colorful cards announcing ship sailings in the days when Boston ships and Boston men were known in every port of the Seven Seas (Boston, Mass.: Issued by the State Street Trust Co., c1948): 80 p.: ill.; 23 cm.

Die Kopfeserie 1948-1954Frazer, Robert W. Forts of the West: military forts and presidios and posts commonly called forts west of the Mississippi River to 1898 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, c1965): xxxvii, 246 p.: ill., maps; 23 cm.

Fürst, Thomas and Günter Formery. Die Welt des Ansichtskartensammelns (Schwalmtal [Germany]: Phil*Creativ Verlag & Agentur, 2011): 172 p.: col. ill.; 21 cm.

German Collectors Group (1973-1977) [journal].

Germany. Bundesministerium fur das Post- und Fernmeldewesen. Numerisches Verzeichnis der Postleitzahlen: im Verwaltungsbereich der Deutschen Bundespost gegliedert nach Leiteinheiten ([Germany]: Bundesministerium fur das Post- und Fernmeldewesen, 1962): 167 leaves; 30 cm. [GOV DOC GERMANY]

Gillis, David E. Fiji’s Times Express stamps: the three issued paper types and other FTE topics (London: Pacific Islands Study Circle, 2011): vii, 159 p. (loose-leaf): col. ill.; 32 cm.

Golden, Catherine J. Posting it, the Victorian revolution in letter writing (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, c2009, 2010 printing): xvi, 299 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

Other Yankee Ship Sailing CardsH H Sales, Ltd. The Horsforth collection philatelic literature postal sale (Bradford, West Yorkshire, England: H H Sales, 2000): 21 cm. [PRICE LISTS]

Hertz, A. Jay. United States expresses, a study of Wells, Fargo and their covers ([n.l.]: American Philatelic Congress, c1957): p. 171-188: ill.; 26 cm.

Hints to collectors “What every philatelist should know” (New York City, N.Y.: Globus Stamp Co., 1950): 8 p.; 19 cm.

Holbrook, J. Ten years among the mail bags: or, Notes from the diary of a special agent of the Post-Office Department (New York: Loomis National Library Association, 1888): 432 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [G3701 .M219 H724t 1888]

Holland Catalogus van de Postzegels van Nederland en Overzeesche Bezittingen no. 4, 1945): 43 p.; 20 cm.

Hornadge, Bill. Stamp investment guidelines (Dubbo, N.S.W. [Australia]: Review Publications Pty. Ltd., 1979): 79 p.: ill.; 21 cm. [HE6184 .I62 H813s 1979]

Janson, Esbjorn. Svenska cinderellas bibliografi: stampelvasende, charta sigillata, stampelmarken (Gotenborg [Sweden]: Esbjorn Janson, 2011 Sept.): ill.; 22 cm.

Die Welt des AnsichtskartensammelnsJanson, Esbjorn. Svenska cinderellas lexikon (Gotenborg [Sweden]: Esbjorn Janson, 2011 March): ill.; 22 cm.

Judaica Thematic Society newsletter (Liverpool [England]: Judaica Thematic Society, 2005-): ill.; 28 cm.

Kaufmann, Leo. The first stamps of Israel (Israel: Ministry of Transport and Communications, Dept. of Posts, Telegraph and Telephones, Philatelic Services (Co-operative Printing Press “Hapoel Hatzair” Ltd.), [1948]): 23 p.: ill.; 15 cm.

Lang, Walter B. The first overland mail: Butterfield trail, St. Louis to San Francisco, 1858-1861 ([n.l.]: [n.p.], c1940): 163 p.: ill.; 23 cm.

Lewins, William. Her Majesty’s mails: a history of the Post-Office and an industrial account of its present condition (London [England]: Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, 1865): xii, 339 p.: port.; 19 cm.

Melville, Fred. J. Chats on postage stamps (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1911, 1925 printing): 362 p.: ill., front. (port.), plates; 21 cm. [HE6213 .M531c [3rd print.] 1925 CLOSED STACKS]

Migliavacca, Giorgio. An introduction to the stamps of Ethiopia: from the Queen of Sheba, to Ras Tafari, to the Third Millennium (St. Thomas, VI:, c2011): 48 p.: ill.; 22 cm.

Fiji's Times Express StampsNorthwest Territory Celebration Commission. Final report of the Northwest Territory Celebration Commission: which was created by Act of Congress to observe the 150th anniversary of the passage of the Ordinance of 1787 and establishment of American civil government in Northwest Territory ([Ohio?]: Multilithed in U.S.A. by Federal Writers’ Project, WPA in Ohio, 1938): 68 p.: ill.; 23 cm.

Oliva, Leo E. Soldiers on the Santa Fe trail (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, c1967): xi, 226 p.: ill., maps; 23 cm.

Palo Albums. Palo Albums, color stamp albums for every country in the world (Park Ridge, IL.: Palo Albums, Inc., [2011]): 28 cm. [PRICE LISTS]

Peace, Brian. Mail robberies by bushrangers in Australia, 1833-1908 (Leeds, UK: Brian Peace, 2011): vii, 209 p.: ill.; 30 cm.

Plate Block Stamp Company. The Plate Block Stamp Company catalog: highest quality U.S. plate blocks at low prices (Leawood, Kansas: Plate Block Stamp Co., <1990>-): 23 cm. [PRICE LISTS]

Rand McNally and Company. Illustrated atlas of the world. (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1985): 1 atlas (viii, 240, 144 p.): col. ill., col. maps; 38 cm. [G1021 .R186 1985]

Posting ItRaulf, Fritz. Spezial-Katalog der deutschen Kolonialstempel (Basel: Fritz Raulf, 1944): 44 leaves: ill.; 30 cm.

Riddle, Kenyon. Records and maps of the old Santa Fe Trail (Raton, New Mexico: Kenyon Riddle (Printed by the Raton Daily Range), c1949): 104 p., [7] p. of plates: ill.; 24 cm. + 5 folded maps + mileage gauge

Ritzer, Ron. Philatelic literature (Short Hills, NJ: Ron Ritzer, 1994-): 28 cm. [PRICE LISTS]

Rivera Carrasquillo, Cesar W. Historia postal de Puerto Rico (Hato Rey, Puerto Rico: Sociedad Filatelica de Puerto Rico, [1977]): 80 p.: ill.; 22 cm.

Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library. Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library book collection as of June 30, 1998 (Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library, [1998]): 61 p.; 22 x 28 cm.

Rogers, Frederick W. Philatelic mail, stamps and postal stationery of the Samian principality 1832-1912 [exhibit].

Stamps of EthiopiaRothfuchs, C.F. U.S. & foreign stamps & stamped envelopes for sale by C.F. Rothfuchs (Washington, D.C., U.S.A.: C.F. Rothfuchs, 1893): 8 p.; 20 cm. [PRICE LISTS]

Scharpen, Rainer von. Firmenlochungen Bayern = Timbres perfores de Baviere = Perfins of Bavaria (Mainz [Germany]: Rainer von Scharpen (Remshalden: Pressel Verlag und Digitaldruck), 2010): xxxiv, 520 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm.

Schott, Joseph L. Rails across Panama: the story of the building of the Panama Railroad, 1849-1855 (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, [1967]): 224 p.: ill.; 22 cm.

Simenhoff, L. First supplement to the Standard catalogue of the postage stamps of the Union of South Africa ([South Africa]: [Pretoria Philatelic Society?], 1932): 10 p.; 20 cm. [G8500 .A1 P544s 1932]

Simenhoff, L. The standard priced catalogue of postage and air mail stamps and entires of the Union of South Africa ([South Africa]: Pretoria Philatelic Society (Pretoria, South Africa: Printed by Allardice & Harley (Prop.) Ltd.), [1930]): 96 p.: ill.; 20 cm. [G8500 .A1 P544s 1930]

The standard airpost catalog. Section one, C.A.M., Alaska, F.A.M. (Elsie, Michigan: American Philatelic Exchange, 1935): 79 p.: ill.; 19 cm.

Mail Robberies by Bush Rangers in AustraliaStanley Gibbons, Inc. Price list of U.S., U.S. possessions and British North American stamps: with full particulars of the “Oriel” and other albums, philatelic accessories and also Gibbons U.S. library for sale by Stanley Gibbons, Inc. (New York City: Stanley Gibbons, Inc., 1937): 36 p.; 23 cm. [PRICE LISTS]

Theodor Buhl & Co. Wholesale price list of foreign and colonial postage stamps, envelopes, post cards, philatelic publications, etc., for sale by Theodor Buhl & Co. (London, England: Theodor Buhl & Co., 1892): 16 p.; 26 cm. [PRICE LISTS]

Through the years, 1792-1992: [Sidney Center, N.Y.] (Sidney Center, NY: Maywood Historical Group of Sidney Center, Inc., [1992]): v, 315 p.: ill.; 22 cm.

Truman, Ben C. History of the World’s Fair: being a complete and authentic description of the Columbian Exposition from its inception (Philadelphia, Pa.: Standard Publishing Co., c1893): 610 p.: ill.; 27 cm.

Firmenlochungen BayernTurner, Sydney R. The Waterlow printings of the Paquete locals of La Guaira 1864-1870. Part three.: n.p.; the author, 1914): 15 p., plates 8-12: ill.; 25 cm. [Expertizing]

Winther, Oscar Osburn. Express and stagecoach days in California: from the Gold Rush to the Civil War (Stanford University, Calif.: Stanford University Press, c1936): xi, 197 p.: ill., folded maps; 20 cm. [G4361 .E968 W789e 1936]

Zelenietz, Marty. Return to the land: the challenge of rebuilding Israel, exploring history through stamps (Northfield, Ohio: Educational Fund, Society of Israel Philatelists, Inc., 2011): vi, 66 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. + teacher’s guide ([4] p.; 22 cm.)

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