S.P.A. 1916 convention program

S.P.A. 1916 convention programAnother find from the donation we received last week was a program from the first convention of the S.P.A., then the Southern Philatelic Association and later the Society of Philatelic Americans.

The Washington (D.C.) Philatelic Society became a branch of the S.P.A. for one year in order to host the convention, according to a history of the WPS written by Dr. Herbert Trenchard.

The APRL has a collection of stamp show programs, including U.S., foreign, and international shows.  Some of these (like COMPEX) are useful to researchers for the articles they contain. Others, like this program, are more useful for the insight they provide into the history of organized philately. These programs are not included in our online catalog, but our staff are happy to check our holdings for you.